Road To Redemption

Summary: A drabble that looks at Sam's faith from childhood up until now, (S5). Spoilers for The Song Remains The Same. Written for Dontknowmyname's birthday. Beta'd by Bayre.

Sam had always found solace in prayer as a child. In his youth, Pastor Jim taught him the importance of a relationship with God and an impressionable five year old Sam had grasped that ideal with both hands.

It gave Sam hope and a little bit of solace in the crazy world of the Winchester family.

Even though as a young child Sam didn't know that his father hunted evil, he knew that there was definitely something different about them. Having a nightly talk with God helped him work out his uneasy feelings about being different. In fact his prayers sometimes included talks with his mom.

Prayers really became important when Sam discovered what his family really did. Hunting, the family business. Many nights he prayed for the safety of his father and brother. It gave him something to do that seemed helpful even if he couldn't really be out on a hunt yet.

But as life took him on its course and he tried normal and failed. His prayers wavered but never stopped. He couldn't quite give up hope even as his life was dissolving around him with the loss of Jess and his father.

The loss of Dean well, it finished off any last vestiges he had held of his faith. His prayers had never been answered and never would. He was alone with the evil in the world and Sam had to make the best of it.

When Angels entered their lives, hope returned until he met them. The way Uriel and Castiel looked at him and the reluctance that Castiel showed to even touch him, hurt him deep. Took away the new start, the new hope, that had sprung up with the appearance of Dean. He was damned, so he turned back to where he belonged. Working with a demon.

It shouldn't have surprised him when Ruby turned on him. However, it did. He had thought that she was the answer, the road to redemption but instead she was the road to hell.

Now, left to muddle through, to try to make things right, Sam felt lost.....

...until an Angel looked at him with hope. An Angel fought his own kind to save Sam.

Castiel brought him back his hope, his path on the road to redemption when he said "Sam is my friend."


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