Author's Note:Okay, this starts off in the Abyss right after Aylss destroys Break's Chain. This is what I think would happen if Vincent never dropped in, if the Tragedy of Sabrie didn't happen during Break's visit, but later on a bit, allowing Aylss to do what she pleases with him. I couldn't find anybody else who did this, so I decided 'what the heck, I'll try it!' ^^" Please don't hate me! Anyways, Reveiws are love, and on with the show!

Chapter One- Becoming Mad Hatter

Break's POV

As I watched Alyss and Cheshire dance in the rain of blood, my heart jolted. With a strangled gasp, I clutched uselessly at my chest. What… What's happening…?

"You feel it, don't you?" My gaze flitted around the chaos until it finally settled on one of the many possessed dolls of the warped room, "The Abyss, changing you."

I let out cry wringed between a choke and a whimper as the pain doubled at the doll's words, "Changing… me?" I croaked, trying to keep a steady gaze on the thing.

It giggled, "This is where it's strongest; at its core." It swept across the floor, twirling out a dance of its own, "The power of the Abyss… you can feel it soaking into you as I speak, can't you? Can't you?"

The pain began to blossom from not only my heart, but in my head as well in the form of a grinding headache. I tried to form another sentence, but I could only parrot what the chain had just said, "Soaking into me…?"

Alyss broke off from Cheshire, the crimson drizzle having settled. She circled around me, bemused smile stretched across her lips, "Oh yes," she giggled, "Soon you'll be a wonderful chain, like the rest of us. My doll."

Whatever haze that had held me before dissipated when a tide of fear swept through me, "Humans? Humans into chains? That's—that's—no, no…" My head snapped back and forth, shaking in a terribly mechanical way. I scrambled to my feet, gnashing my teeth against now persistent ache ravaging my body, "Impossible. Simply impossible."

Watching me, she laughed, "Aw, so cute. The human is trying to run away." The dolls snickered in agreement, and a shiver shot through me as I frantically backpedaled away from the Will of the Abyss.

But her cold eyes locked mine in their glacial chill, trapping me, "There's nowhere to run, silly. Can't see why you would want to; you should consider it an honor—" She briskly closed the space between us and had her nails dug deep in the collar of my cloak in no time at all, "—any other human would have been thrown to the trump cards. You are my special exception."

Her icy breath made my lips go numb as I fumbled for words, "No… I have… I have to…"

She sported a cruel smile, "Have to what? It's not like you have anyone else to protect anymore, right my doll?" She leaned up on her toes, pulling me down so our noses were barely an inch apart, "It'd be a shame to see such a noble knight go to waste, dear Kevin."

I could do nothing but stare. Every fiber of my being protested against her, against the stinging ache that struck up ten fold with her touch… but the smallest part of me knew she was right. I had nothing to go back to. I had failed my master… I had let them all die. Another wave of pain rocked through me, twisting my stomach in a bout of nausea as images of that day boiled up. The day I came back to the household, my master's daughter's small hand clutched frightfully in mine when we discovered I had arrived too late, that everyone was slain. I should have been there… I should have died with them…

Alyss pulled away, satisfied to see my submission. She was a head shorter than me, but she looked so composed when she held a finger to her lips, as if pondering something while her gaze was still locked with mine. Then her hand fell away from her mouth and reached forward, "But before I forget… or, before you turn, for that matter—"

It happened so quick, it took me a second to realize what she had done. One moment, I was in gaze deadlock with Alyss and the next I was staring at some bloody gore clutched in her—

That was when the pain hit.

I could barely hear her laugh over my scream. I fell to my knees as my hands clawed frantically at the bloody socket where my left eye used to be. Blood streamed down my cheeks, seeping into my mouth with the taste of iron, filling my nose with the scent of salt, and clouding my surviving eye with an oppressive red smog. Still sputtering and cursing, I mustered what I could into a glare at Alyss, who was now approaching Cheshire.

She tossed a merry-weather look back at me, "I'm so sorry, but your red eyes are a perfect fit for Cheshire." She handed my eye—my eye—to Cheshire, waving off his rushing stream of 'Thank you Miss Alyss's and 'You are so kind's.

She came back to me, standing there, studying my slumped form. Then she knelt down and took me by the shoulders, coaxing me to stand. At first I struggled against her burning touch, but eventually I grew weary and gave up, letting her herd me into a bed of cushions in the back corner of the small room. The pain that had been resonating through my body before had shifted into exhaustion, edging me to close my eyes—no, eye—for one last time and sleep forever.

But still, I poured as much fire as possible as she looked down at me, flashing a condescending smile like an artist studying her latest masterpiece. She sat down in front of me, reaching out and running icicle fingers down the good side of my face, "You hate me. Just like everybody else. Except him…" She trailed off, eyes distant, "But I'll make you love me, so you don't hate me. You'll realize how thankful you are that I spared you." Her voice was dreamy but hardly pleasant, bittersweet like a forgotten night terror.

The last thing I saw where those frozen eyes.

I could hardly feel it this time, the pain numbed by fatigue. I could hear her walking away and another wave of Cheshire's than yous… lifting my head slightly, I strained to hear her returning footsteps. A hysteric smile betrayed my lips when I felt the shift of pillows when she plopped down beside me.

I felt her hand on my cheek again, and I leaned into it. The energy from her touch that once burned now felt like necessity, like air I needed to breath. "You're a lot more cooperative blind. I'm glad." She mused, her other hand tracing over the hollow where my eyes used to be. Suddenly I was pulled deeper into the haze, and things began to disappear.

Alyss sighed, "What is your name, human?"

I struggled for enough breath to speak, "K-Kevin. Kevin Regnard."

She brushed her fingers over my lips, lingering on the corner, "How about now?"

I opened my mouth to answer—then it was gone. I stuttered, "I… I don't know."

"Good," she purred, smile obvious in her voice, "Now, who do you serve?"

"I'm the knight of the noble family… Sinclair." My voice faltered at the end. Even through the drugged haze, regret was still raw.

I could feel her hand slip down and over my chest, where the seal was, "Who?"

"I'm the knight of…" I trailed. There it was again, "I… don't… know…"

"Excellent." Alyss now had both hands over my seal, "Do you recall anything more?"

"I…" My words were caught in my mouth, vanishing from both my mind and my lips before they had a chance to escape. "No," I breathed, "I don't."

"Again, so cooperative." Alyss mused, "What are you?"

By then, everything had gone, "I don't know."

"Do you want me to tell you?" Electric shocks buzzed through my numb, numb chest when she straddled it, leaning over me and her lips tickling when she whispered in my ear, "What your name is, who you serve, what you are?"

I was so deep in the fog, I clutched to her every word as not to slip away, "…yes."

"Very well then." Alyss giggled, fingers cutting across the back of my neck and weaving into my hair, "You're my Mad Hatter, you serve me… as my shadow, my knight, my doll."

And with that, she disappeared, along with the cusions beneath me and the room around me, all shut away in one slamming dark lid of a casket. Black swirled around me, dancing across my pale and naked skin. Here I could see, watching wearily as shapes dodged in and out of the fog; shadows, red eyes, monsters prowling under the mist. Here I felt no pain, just chill, nestled between the shadows. Here I was alone, with her words ingraining themselves into my mind…

Her shadow…

Her knight…

Her doll…

My Alyss.