Son of the Author's note

Alright this is less of a note and more of an update: I have now posted the first chapter of Broken Chains Redux!

It is posted here as well as on AO3 and Tumblr. You can find links to these on my authors page.

Hopefully this time around I can actually keep up with the updates! AND SPEAKING OF UPDATES: I WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATING THIS FIC. ANY AND ALL FUTURE UPDATES WILL BE POSTED IN THE NOTES OF THE REDUX CHAPTERS. Because as much as I'm sure y'all love these little notes I've been leaving you guys on here, it's a touch misleading to be posting notes on here in the guise of chapters. So I want to avoid doing it again in the future. You dig? Cool.

Thank you guys so much for the continued support! Ya'll really are saints.

-LaFTA, Eridash, Ash, whatever I'm going by now I don't even know.