I do not Naruto.

~*~*~ Hinata's view~*~*~

Three weeks ago, if you would've asked me if I was okay with my life, I would've told you I wouldn't change a thing.

But the key words in that previous sentence is three weeks ago, three weeks ago.

I had friends still, My father was begining acknowledge me.... I had a boyfriend.

His name was Sasuke, yes the infamous Uchiha Sasuke.

He said he loved me, and my world was perfect, until everything began to fall apart.

But I can't give everything away can I?
What would a story be without an order?

My story must be told properly , it must have a beginning , a middle and an end.

In that order.

No picking ahead to try to get an idea of how this ends, no that wouldn't work, because then you would miss all of the little things.

~*~*~ Three weeks ago~*~*~

Breathe for tomorrow , because there's no more hope left for today....

Breathe for love tomorrow.... Because maybe there's another way...

I hit the off button on my alarm clock, I glared at the lit up screen that held the evil numbers that meant it was time to get up and get ready for school.

I groaned as I pulled my feet out from under the covers, I hit the on switch on my stereo, instantly it started blaring slip knot.

I went over to my closet and pulled back the door, I flipped through band tees, striped hoodies and sweaters and t shirts, safety pin skirts, lace cami's and skinny jeans.

The occasional t.r.i.p.p design would come up....

I pulled out a dress from the back....

It was a pixxie style dress, with unequal ends a v neck and spagetti straps, it had a tight bodice and flowed at the waist....

And I grabbed my favorite pair of converses.

I quickly changed and sat at my vanity table.... I plugged in my straightener, and I rummaged through my eyeliner case.....

Pinks, purples, blues,greens, grays, silvers, whites...... Black .

I plucked out my favorite black eyeliner....

Slowly, carefully, I applied it to my bottom eye, I dug in a drawer for mascara and put some on.....

I smeared the corners of my slanted eyes with white eyeshadow...

And looked at myself in the mirror.... Yeah it will have to do I thought,, I carefully straightened my hair before yanking the cord out of the wall.

I grabbed my black veil brides backpack of my night table and prayed I wasn't forgeting anything.

I stuffed my cell into a side pocket and pulled t over an arm,

Today was definably a lazy day.

~*~*~ At school ~*~*~.

First period past in a blur, and before I knew it I was in the cafeteria for lunch, I searched for my usual spot, I always sat with Sasuke, but today a boy who looked like him , but had long hair ...... Was in my spot....

I put my backpack on the seat next to him.

" Your in my spot."

He looked at me with those onyx eyes, and that's when something happened.... I felt something.....

but what?