Dear Diary,

Today I left the hospital, the drive to Itachi's home was long and silent.

I'm still not sure why his being so nice to me, but I'm afraid to let him anywhere near me..

Sasuke didn't come to say goodbye, or at least visit me, part of me was hoping that he would..

Part of me hates him, and the other part of me is still madly in love with him..

Staying with Itachi in Tokoyo, was going to be different, like starting all over.

I hope I can learn to let go, and learn to love someone else.

Because even though I'm still madly in love with Sasuke, I know it can never be the same again between us..

So I know, that it's time to let go..

I'm hoping I can at least remember how to smile again, and not fake it..

I 'm not going to tare myself up anymore.

Not for Sasuke,

Not for anyone..

I've had enough.

Say goodbye to the weakling, I left her in Kohona, when I return, it's because I'm strong enough.

Because I learned how to stand up for myself, I have to learn to fight my own battle's.

Not let someone else do that for me.

Goodbye for now.

~ Hinata H.~