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Chapter 12: The End (?)

... Because every Mary Sue Mew story (sadly) has to end...

It was a beautiful spring day in the park, where the Mew Mews, aliens, Keiichiro and Ryou sat. They were celebrating Candy's victory, and had finally gotten to eat that cake Keiichiro had baked for Mew Candy's 2-month anniversary.

But this time, Keiichiro had baked an extra special cake because Candy had been able to save the world using the Power of Love!

Life had returned to the way it was, and the aliens were able to remain with the Mew Mews. Ichigo had gotten together with Kish because Candy had revealed that Masaya had secretly been cheating on her with Moe. Ichigo had been heartbroken, but she had discovered that she could love again after sharing a single kiss with Kish. (Why Ichigo suddenly fell for Kish we will never know.)

Because Ichigo got with Kish, Lettuce got with Pai and Tart remained with Pudding. Yaaaay!

Of course, all of the male characters were still in love with Candy but understood that her heart belonged to Ryou and Ryou only...

Especially after his love had revived Mew Candy!

Speaking of Candy, today her hair was down and curly. She had on a white flowing dress, sparkly white heels and a garland of white daisies in her hair. She looked absolutely beautiful like always! Her eyes were a lovely shade of lilac, because she was so deeply in love with Ryou.

Using her animal powers, as mentioned in the first chapter, Candy had called out to all of her animal friends who gathered around the Mew Mews to create the perfect woodland setting. Everyone was having a celebration picnic in the park.

"Without you, Candy, I don't know what we ever would have done," Zakuro blushed.

"No, really," Candy protested, "it was nothing."

"Nothing, na no da?" Pudding shouted, surprised. "But you saved the world!"

"You're my idol, Candy onee-sama," Mint said.

"Oh, you two," Candy giggled.

"I wish I could be just like you though," Lettuce sighed.

Candy shook her head. "Lettuce, you are beautiful. You have Pai, remember?"

Lettuce giggled, blushing. "That's true."

Ichigo came over to hug Candy. "We never could have done it without you. Here's to the Ultimate Mew!" She cheered, and everyone hugged Candy in a big, group hug.

Everything was perfect!

"Candy," Ryou said.

"Yes, Ryou-kun?"

"I am so glad that you became a Mew Mew. Without you on the team, evil Deep Blue may have conquered the world."

"It was strange how Deep Blue was actually Masaya, wasn't it?" Mew Candy commented. "I'll never forget how he turned into Masaya just an hour after I had cured him of his evilness!"

"Yeah, that was really weird," Ryou agreed. He was about to say more when a swarm of fans ran over to Candy.

"Mew Candy!" They cried. "There's danger in downtown Tokyo!"

"What?! Then we will rid this town of all danger! Mew Mews, let's go!"







The Mew Mews, with the aliens and the White Warrior behind, ran over to downtown Tokyo. Keiichiro and Candy's animal friends stayed behind at the park to prepare for the picnic.

"Never fear! This must be a leftover Chimera Anima!" Mew Candy said, winking. "We'll save the day! CANDY LOVE SUPREME ATTACK!" The Chimera Anima, which was a giant moth, was defeated easily and Masha ate the para para. After Mew Candy finished signing autographs for her fans (she was the most popular Mew Mew by far,) everyone returned to where they were having their celebration picnic.

"All in a day's work!" Mew Candy giggled.

Ryou smiled. "Candy, I just have one thing to ask you..."

"What is it Ryou-kun?" Candy asked, smiling.

"Candy, will you marry me?"

"Oh, Ryou-kun! Yes!" Candy giggled, wrapping her arms around Ryou. He put the ring on the finger, and lifted her up in the air to twirl her around. The Mew Mews, aliens and Keiichiro cheered as they saw the happy couple together. Ryou kissed Candy.

"Candy, I will always love you!" Ryou told her happily.

"I know, Ryou, I know!" Candy giggled. "I will love you forever and ever!"

The two resumed kissing passionately while the Mew Mews, aliens and Keiichiro continued to cheer.

"We love Mew Candy, the Ultimate Mew! We love Mew Candy, the Ultimate Mew!" The perfectness seemed like it would last forever, as long as the world had Mew Candy!

But something strange and sinister watched over the happy group, where Ryou and Candy stood kissing in the center....

"Haha!" It laughed. "I shall rule the world yet... Mew Candy and the Mew Mews will never survive after me!"

... Because every Mary Sue Mew story (sadly) has to end ...

UNTIL THE SEQUEL!1!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!1!!!1!!1!!111111111!1!!!!