What hit me this morning? Why do I feel so tall today? Why is everyone acting so strangely around me? I don't remember putting a scarf on today. Did Francis just call me Ivan? (Yeah, I suck at summaries…)

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Flash! Bump! Thump! Arthur Kirkland lay sprawled out on the ground, flat on his back as he stared wide-eyed at the ceiling of the hallway. He was on his way to another meeting that Alfred had suddenly decided to hold last minute when something hit him, square on the head and hard, really hard. It hadn't knocked him out or anything, but it made the Englishman see stars and bright spots for a moment before he shook the feeling off.

"Bloody hell that hurt…" Arthur mumbled quietly to himself as he sat up and glanced around to see what hit him. From the feeling of the small bruise now on his head, he could judge that something must have hit him but it didn't appear that there was anything around that could have hit him; or anyone around that could have thrown something at him either. He shrugged it off and closed his eyes, feeling a headache coming on, as he stood up and started walking down the hallway again. There wouldn't be anyone walking around here anyway…I'm running late this morning so everyone else must already be inside the conference room…huh, I feel strangely taller today…must be my imagination…

It bothered him that he hadn't found what had hit him, but Arthur decided to not let something trivial like that ruin his day. He hurried briskly towards the conference room's door before pulling it open and striding inside to take the empty seat next to Francis. It seemed that the meeting hadn't started luckily for the English nation; guess he wasn't that late after all.

"Haha, good morning!" Of course Alfred would be the first to greet him in the morning, like always anyway. Arthur snapped his head around in the other direction sharply to face the American and smiled slightly. It might have been his imagination but he could've sworn he saw Alfred cringe a little just in that moment.

"Da, good morning~" Whoa, my voice. Don't tell me I'm getting another cold. Damn it, that better not be-- My God! Did I just say 'da'? I bloody sound like Ivan, he must be affecting me…

"Oh, you are changing things up today? Normally you sit next to Yao, isn't that right?"

What is the git talking about? I never sit next to Yao…I think Francis is finally going senile, haha… "Hm? What are you talking about? I always sit next to you during meetings." Arthur frowned slightly as he watched Francis turn away from him. He thought he heard him mutter something along the lines of "whatever you say", but decided it was too early in the morning to get in another argument with the French man.

As Arthur turned to face his attention forward again, he noticed that they were still missing one person. Alfred was obviously here, and so was Yao and Francis, but it seemed like they were still missing Ivan. It was unusual for any of them to ever be late to these meetings, but then again maybe Ivan hadn't gotten the notice about the meeting, not that he didn't mind his absence. The Russian gave them all an uneasy feeling. In fact, Alfred had just called Arthur up earlier this morning when he was still sleeping. Heaven knows why the idiot American was up at 5:00 in the morning (or whatever time it was over in America), but apparently he deemed it a good time to call up his British friend and arrange a last minute meeting with the Allies; assuming they all also got similar calls this morning as well.

"Well, we should probably get this meeting started soon. No helping that we're missing one person, I guess he was just feeling lazy this morning!" Alfred exclaimed as he turned his back to the other allies and began to write the usual on the board. It didn't seem like anyone noticed that Arthur hadn't put up the usual drawings of the axis powers on the board; it had slipped his mind that morning so he hadn't bothered to try and come early.

"Oui, it is no use waiting for someone who probably won't show up…However, it is strange that he is a no-show. That's really not like him at all and certainly not good for his image. Perhaps he was too preoccupied with his morning tea to care about the meeting."

Morning tea? I didn't know the bloke drank anything other than vodka. That really doesn't sound like Ivan at all, more like me in fact; not that I would ever be tardy.

The hour passed by rather quickly and before he knew it the meeting was adjourned and Arthur was saying good bye to the other nations. He was glad it was finally over and done with so now he could go home and get back to his unfinished embroidery.

"I feel like that was a pretty good meeting, don't you think so Ivan?"

Arthur turned his attention to the French man behind him and was about to agree when something clicked in his head. Did Francis just call me Ivan? No, it must be my imagination but…there's no way he would mix up 'Arthur' and 'Ivan'…What's he playing at?

"I'm sorry; did you just call me Ivan?"

"Naturellment. Your name is Ivan, non? What else would I call you, Bob?"

It didn't seem to Arthur that Francis was kidding about this, but of course he wasn't Ivan. He and the Russian nation looked nothing alike. In fact, the two looked so different (especially their height difference) that even from a distance it would be impossible to confuse the two of them.

"Francis, you're really starting to piss me off. Of course my name isn't Ivan, I'm Arthur, remember you git?"

"Désolé. I-I don't see what you a-are talking about. Obviously you are Ivan…scarf, height, face...it all fits…u-unless you want to be called Arthur, I d-don't have a problem with that, hahaha…."

"What the hell are you talking about!? I'm not wearing a…scarf…?" Arthur allowed his gaze to drop and glance over his body but he didn't see what he had expected to see. He didn't remember putting a scarf on that morning and he certainly didn't remember putting on such a strange outfit. In fact, it looked exactly like what Ivan usually…

"Wha…wha…WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DID YOU DO, YOU BASTARD!!?!? What happened to my clothes!? What did you do!!? WHAT DID YOU DO!!?"

By now Arthur had tangled his hands in the front of Francis' shirt/cape thing and the latter looked like he was about to faint at any moment. He was shaking his head frantically from side to side and putting up his hands to defend himself from anything Arthur might be inclined to do to him next. The Englishman would have found it quite hilarious had it not been that he was too angry to notice. Yeah, you should be nervous.

"GYAAAH!!! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I really don't know anything so please leave me alone!!! I don't wanna die!!"

The French man had managed to untangle himself from the other and was quickly down the hall as Arthur half-heartedly followed behind, but by then Francis was already halfway home. What the heck, I wasn't done talking…Well, I better see if anything else strange happened to my appearance…

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