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Author's Note: World cup. That's all that's been on my mind for the past week or two. While I was watching all the games I couldn't help but think of Hetalia the whole time. I'm happy Arthur and Alfred made it through the first round. But Feliciano LOST! The Italians lost, that shocked me…

The foursome needed to take a helicopter in order to reach Sealand, and luckily for them Alfred had some experience flying helicopters. "It's not hard. You just steer and make sure you don't crash into anything! I could do it with my eyes closed really! Or in my sleep. Or upside dow-"

"ALFRED! Don't let go of the- Are you sure you know how to fly this thing!"

"Of course, Iggy! See? We're almost there."

"Ugh…I'm not feeling too good…"

The American landed the helicopter safely on the landing pad, and the group filed out as they took a look at their surroundings. There wasn't very much on the small metal structure, much to the other's surprise. Arthur had visited Peter on many occasions so he was used to seeing the desolate micro nation. It was hard to believe anyone could live in such a place apart from any real civilization. "Mon Dieu, I think my house is bigger than this place."

"There isn't anything here!" Alfred frowned as he climbed down the ladder from the landing pad. "Where are all the movie theatres, arcades, McDonalds…anything! I knew this place was small…but this is just ridiculous! No wonder it's not a nation."

"Hey! Would you quit badmouthing my house! Sealand is the greatest nation in the world and someday I will dominate over everyone else! So you better be nice to me now." Peter stepped out of the small building and waltzed over to the group, a smile plastered on his face. "Surprise seeing you all here. Hey, Jerk Arthur. Did you bring me any chocolate?" For as long as Arthur could remember, the younger nation had always had a liking for chocolate bars. Not having any source of the sweet on his tiny metal island, he always insisted his older brother send him some to put in storage for future consumption.

"No, I did not! Why would I bother? Wait a second…you called me Arthur!" The Englishman's eyes widened in surprise and shock. There wasn't any way Peter could have known about the switch. So did that mean his brother really did have something to do with this whole thing?

"Yeah, way to point out the obvious. So what?"

"That means you are working together with Ivan." There was a hint of worry in Toris' voice as he spoke. Ivan was a formidable foe, his allies not much less so.

"Hm…kinda, yeah." The small blonde shrugged nonchalantly.

"Ah Ha! So you admit you're in cahoots with Braginski!" Alfred took a step forward and pointed a finger at the smaller nation, a hint of eagerness resonating in his voice. "I knew it from the very beginning! Haha! So you can switch those two back right?"

"What gave you that idea? I'm only a 12 year old kid you know! Solve your own problems. I'm going back inside..." Peter turned to retreat back into the building but was stopped short by a hand.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second kid." The blonde grabbed the back of Peter's shirt and yanked him back. "I still got a whole lotta questions for ya. For starters…what do ya know about this whole thing between Arthur and Braginski?"

Peter wriggled free of the other's grip and shrugged again. "Not very much, but more than you idiots I bet! I don't mind telling you what I know. I'm just in it for the laughs anyway and boy has this whole thing been hilarious! O'course, I've only been monitoring you guys so…"

"Dammit Peter, can you just explain things to us from start to finish! The faster you tell us what you know, the faster I can get back to my body."

"Tch, that spoils all my fun. I guess I can just monitor someone else after, although finding who...Wait a sec, ok? I'll go get it." Peter disappeared quickly back into the building from where he had emerged and the older nations were left to ponder what exactly 'it' was. Arthur let out a loud sigh to himself as he climbed down the ladder followed by Toris and Francis. This whole thing was giving him a headache but he knew he had to be patient. Peter probably didn't mean any real harm in any case and probably couldn't understand what had been happening the past few days. He had thought the micro nation knew better than to get involved with Ivan, but then again the blonde could be pretty reckless.

A few moments later, Peter re-emerged holding a large what seemed to be a cardboard box with wires poking out of it. 'Property of Sealand' had been sloppily written on the side in sharpie. The interior of the box looked like a mesh of metal, flashing lights, and tape. All in all a rather sloppy looking creation.

"It looks stupid." Alfred and Arthur concluded in unison, causing Peter to scowl before placing the large contraption on the ground in front of them.

"I created this magnificent machine, an invention you lesser nations could never even dream of creating. You press the red button and it can switch anyone into each other's bodies. Pretty cool huh?"

The group looked at the box inquisitively, wondering whether or not to laugh or be in complete awe of the strange machine. It certainly didn't look like it could do anything like switch people around into other's bodies, but they couldn't be sure of anything unless they tried it.

"C'est impossible. Something like this couldn't possibly do that. You are too young to build something so clever."

"I agree…this does seem quite unlikely. However, we have no other explanation…and Ivan did have need to contact Peter, or so we can assume."

"Say whatever you want, but it really does work. If there are people near the machine it will switch those people up. But if there is no one around it will switch random people. I don't know how many, but a few I'm guessing."

"Yada yada yada, I don't give a damn about explanations. Why don't we just try it out and see for ourselves?" Alfred picked the box up and examined it closer, spotting the red button Peter had mentioned at the bottom of the box. "The red button right?"

"Yeah, but if you're trying it then I'm getting out of here. Laters." Peter gave a salute and trotted to the edge of the structure where a long ladder led down to a boat below.

"Hold on Peter. You can't just up and leave! I still have more questions…how much does Ivan know!" Arthur shouted out to the other, but by then Peter had already started to climb down the ladder. "Oh, bloody- never mind. Are you sure it's a good idea to try this thing out?"

Alfred shrugged and tightened his grip on the box. "Don't you wanna see if this works? It could be your only way back into your real body ya know. Just saying." The American would have also liked to ask Peter a few more things, but it looked as though they had wasted their last chance to do so.

"However, if this truly works than that means we will all be switched up, oui?"

"I'm willing to try if you all are. It can't be all that bad can it? We'll all switch back eventually right?" Toris smiled slightly in encouragement and the other three nodded in agreement, albeit all a little nervously.

"Alright! Then here we go!" Alfred grinned and slammed his hand down on the red button as a flash of bright light was released from within the cardboard box. The four nations fell flat on their backs and remained motionless as the light slowly subsided. The box fell to the floor with a thud as it slipped from the American's hands and for a moment everything was completely silent. The silence soon also subsided however as the foursome came to, a dull pain pulsing in each of their heads.

"Crap, that hurt. Wait, who am I? Let's see I'm…I'm…oh, I'm Francis!" Alfred rubbed the back of his head with a grin where he had fallen, taking a look at the other three, his eyes resting on his original body. "Shit, this is so weird. Who's in me?"

"Not me, mon ami. I got dumped in Toris' body I believe." Francis sat up and watched his companions, his hands roaming his new body in order to confirm his new identity. "Ah, C'est très étrange."

"Bloody hell, now I can remember how much it hurt the first time…" From what he could recall, the Englishman had seen a sudden flash of light and had fallen over when the switch had first occurred. He had assumed someone had hit him in the head judging from the bruise he had obtained, but now realized the pain came from where he had hit his head falling down and from the headache. Arthur scowled and rubbed the side of his head where he had hit the floor, accidentally knocking the glasses off of his face. "Huh…?"

"Hey Iggy! You're in me now!"

"I can't see a…Good lord Alfred, you're blind! How can you do anything with such terrible sight!" Arthur waved his hand in front of his face and squinted, trying to see at least something. "I can't see two inches in front of me…I think I actually feel sorry for you…"

"Because you need your glasses, Angleterre." Francis picked up the discarded glasses and placed them back onto Arthur's face. "Better?"

"Much better." The Englishman adjusted the glasses on the bridge of his nose and then turned his attention to Toris who was still lying down, both hands covering his face. "Is something the matter?"

"I don't want to look. Now that I'm in his body. Even this voice is…do you understand how utterly mortifying this is for me?" Toris sounded close to tears as his voice wavered slightly.

"C'mon, it's not like you have to actually look at yourself for very long. Here…I'll press the button again and then maybe you'll get a better body, or your own." Alfred moved to grab the box again as he searched for the button inside.

"Attendez, I want to enjoy this feeling for a moment. You don't get to do this every day, you know." The former blonde stood up and walked a few paces around their small circle. "I can't believe the machine works…"

"No waiting! We know this thing works so let's get everyone back into their bodies now. Alfred, press the button again."

"Sure thing, Iggy." With another press of the button, the foursome collapsed in a heap once again as the flash of light began to fade. This time Arthur was the first to stir.

"Are we…are we back to normal now?" Arthur groggily opened his eyes and moved to sat up, but found a weight on top of him. He couldn't see who it was from the locks of blonde wavy hair obscuring his view, but he had a feeling he knew who he was in. "Who is on my back…? Good God! I think I'm in that French wanker!"

"Angleterre! Why are you complaining! You should be honored, to now possess such a perfect physique. While I'm stuck in the Russian's body! No wonder you were complaining so much about it…I think Ivan has split ends…" Francis combed one hand through his hair as he sat up.

"Iggy, you're so comfy! Haha, see? I'm in Toris' body now!" Alfred chuckled and rolled off of Arthur below him, flashing a grin at the pissed off Englishman. "So then Toris is in my body!"

"Erm…yes, I am. Apparently this may take a few tries to get us back into our…original bodies…" The Lithuanian man fidgeted slightly as he watched Alfred roll around on the floor in his body. "Shall we give it another go?"

"If this machine is completely random, it will be difficult to switch everyone back all at once."

"Yeah, and it's probably going to be even more difficult to switch myself and Ivan considering if you all are around as well." Arthur frowned slightly as he pulled a rose out of his pocket. So that was where he kept them all.

"How will we even get Ivan near this machine? I do hope he doesn't know about it…"

"Haha, I'll just have to come up with another awesome plan then!"

"You're off your rocker if you think I'm going to follow another one of your plans. I say we ju- What is that noise?"

~Thick clouds cover my Окно, cutting off the light~

"I think it's Ivan's phone…let's see…"

~A fleeting nightmare, covered with a Шарф I begin to move –beep-


"Big brother, I finally found you! Your darling Natalya knows where you ran off to and is coming to get you, big brother. Then we can go ba-"

Francis dropped the phone and it fell with a clatter onto the ground. He knew that name: Natalya, and that voice...They belonged to Ivan's psychotic stalker sister. Ivan's sister knew where they were, and right now he was stuck in the Russian's body.

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