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I do not own twilight!!! The brilliant Ms. Meyers does and I respect her for it

Summary: what happens when Emmett finds himself wanting to spend more time in Volterra then normal…?

Chapter 1: The Curious

Emmett POV

I knew this was something rare, we were going to Volterra as a family. We were invited just apparently like all the other families and random covens and nomads all over the world, but for what? We were in our private jet that Carlisle had bought a few years previous with our cousins the Denali's on our way to Italy.

"I wonder what has the rulers of our race to this 'ball' of sorts" Esme, my adoptive mother said. Oh before I press on let me introduce my family. I am Emmett Cullen 6'2'' dark curly haired vampire giant (laughs) don't judge me. My family the "Cullens" aren't your normal vampire were what you call "vegetarians" we eat animals not humans. Our motto is "humans are friends not food" and we live by that by mingling among them going to school and such. We have parents Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his mate Esme Cullen they are our "adoptive" parents as we tell people who get curious then my older brother Edward Cullen and his wife Rosalie Hale, then there's my younger sister Alice Cullen and her mate Jasper Hale. Now I know it looks weird that we live together and were brother and sisters to the world and were actually mates but were not blood related so all you who think incest get it out of your mind. Now back to the story at hand.

"Oh, well as soon as I saw the invitation I knew, I knew it was something important" Alice my bubbly younger sister says sitting in her seat. Well Alice my energetic sister is a psychic she sees the future so she sees your decisions before you even really think about them.

"Alice, please tell me darling you didn't" Jasper said in his southern drawl. My brother was looking at his wife he knew that his wife got carried away with her shopping and her coordinating things and I knew he hated wearing Tuxedos.

"Jasper, it's a BALL" she looked at him and didn't scream but yelled in a normal voice because our vampire hearing is way to much for us and she would've broken the jets windows out.

"Good grief" I groaned as I helped Jasper out and he whispered a silent thank you.

"What is wrong with you boys and dressing descent for an invent especially when its in front of royalty" my sister interjected and I knew that we lost went Esme helped her out

"Really, I do agree" I looked toward my mother and made a face and she laughed. I was the funny one in the family of course the one that was the jokester since I was also the one who was single.

"Well I do appreciate that Alice takes her time to make sure we all have descent outfits for special occasions don't you agree hunny" Rosalie purred I gagged I hated when she talked like this to Edward. He looked to her and nodded and kissed her lips gingerly and I gagged again and just then Jasper laughed feeling my emotions and I looked up and winked.

"Yes, Jasper I agree too she must carry his dick in her purse" I smirked at mine and my brothers inside joke. Just as I had finished my words Edward growled and my mother again interjected

"Emmett, Jasper, Edward behave we are in the air and don't make me have to turn this plane around" her voice was stern and serious and truly motherly. As that happened Dad and Eleazar the father of the Denali sisters looked from there conversation and smiled and Carlisle looked to Esme and smirked

"Kids, please, behave before you make us turn around" and with that they continued there conversation.

We were half way through our flight when there was talking again to our family I was playing my Nintendo DS going through the games defeating each level with new records as I finished the game I looked around to see Carlisle talking still with Eleazar they must be catching up we rarely since moving to Forks, Washington go up to see them in Alaska. And Esme was talking with Carmen, Eleazar's wife and mate they'd been together for ages and were the "adopted parents" of the Denali sisters. Then the Denali sisters Tanya, Kate, and Irina sitting there gossiping among themselves probably about which one was going to get the lucky honor of me asking them to the ball of course. I was thinking and chuckled and thought no one. Then I looked past them to Edward and Rosalie purring and cooing at each other closer than they should be infront of parents whispering and wrapped up in themselves not to care that I was watching as I flowed my eyes past I saw Alice and Jasper in the same kind of embrace except they weren't cooing and purring at each other they were just talking and kinda holding a gaze they were so odd but you couldn't help but love both of them I settled into my chair and switched my game. When I heard Tanya come over and sits next to me

"Emmett, so this ball who you going with?" she looked toward me and smiled her strawberry red hair and her beautiful face and she scoots closer and I tense up

"Tanya, I am going by myself" I said sincerely seeing her face look down and I saw her sisters faces look down out of the corner of my eye and I tried not to laugh I knew that she was trying so that if she failed that they might try but as soon as I said no one there dead hearts dropped

"Are you completely sure Emmett?" she pressed on thinking that I may have changed my mind with her pout. And I nodded my head and reassured her

"Yes, Tanya im completely sure" her hand came up and touched my face and brought it to hers and whispers

"Well, Emmett if you ever change your mind you know how to reach me and know where im at" she winked and returned back to her sisters and they were utterly mad at there older sister for what she just did, but they couldn't keep mad at her forever. They've all tried there hand at me or trying to get me and there is no way in hell im letting those three anywhere near me I'd rather castrate myself then get involved with any Denali. I laughed as I thought about that and looked toward Edward as I heard his snicker and whisper in roses ear and she giggled and looked toward me and mouthed 'good one'.

We got to Italy and our limo's were waiting the Denali's respectively had there own limo the girls were pouting when I slipped into our limo they still had there hopes that I would give into one of them. I slide into the limo and immediately wished I was front with the driver and sighed hoping one day I would find my own love. Seeing Rosalie and Edward holding each other close. Seeing Alice and Jasper whispering loving things to each other and tried not to gag. And then I look next to me and see Carlisle and Esme curled up into each other and the only thing I thought about is that were almost to the castle.

We arrived to the guard looking like valet people and I kinda snickered at the idea of seeing Felix and Demitri in outfits like they were in and when the door opened I stepped out to look at Afton and smiled

"Hello Afton!" I smiled giving him my hand in a firm shake he smiled and shook back

"Hey Em, long time man" he said as the rest of my family slid out behind me.

"Yea, seriously, how's your lady is it Chelsea?" I said remember her name

"Im wonderful Emmett, still single I take it, well there are going to be plenty of young amazing women here for the ball" she winked just then the Denali pulled up and glided out of there limos and I whispered before they got out

"As long as there not blondes" I said and they laughed everyone knew for a few decades that the Denali women all had it out for my fine self (yes Im admitting im a hot sex on a stick)

"I will assure you there are defiantly a lot of brunettes here" she smiled and kissed my cheek.

I took off to see if Demitri was around I wanted to go play Xbox with my favorite guard friend. As I walked past the various chambers and toward Demitri's room I smelled this alluring smell it was like freesia and strawberries and it was just mouthwatering I had to find out who this was coming from, as soon as I did I was saw Demitri.

"Yo! Em Dawg! How you be?" Demitri said tapping fist with me I tapped back smiling

"Im find Dem Dawg, ready to have your ass handed to you!" my words sounded as if I was asking to kick his ass and he looked at me and smirked

"Your on" he said and we raced toward his room and grabbed the controllers and proceeded to kick each others ass at halo 3 we played 4 rounds by the time I heard Carlisle call me from down the corridor and I looked toward Demitri and he heard his named called by Jane

"Oh, your masters calling you shouldn't you go run with your tail between your legs" I laughed as Demitri looked embarrassed that he had to be yelled by Jane

"Oh shut up at least my daddy's not yelling for me go run to your mom and dad lil boy" he shot back and I flipped him off he just laughed.

As I left Demitri's huge chamber and was recapping the 3 victories I had over him I was instantly hit with that freesia aroma again and I was tempted to ignore the fact that Carlisle had called me to follow it. I needed to know who was behind that scent it was so alluring and mouthwatering and def tempting to my own body. As soon as I reached my families presents I knew something was going on with this stay here.

"Okay im here.." I announced my presents and I saw everyone was already ready to go some where.

"get ready were going to hunt, I was informed that if we are going to be "hunting" on the Volterra property and especially with our "diet" we should be doing it outside of the perimeter of the castle and it will be an all night affair and I know our dear ladies have to get ready for the ball in the morning" my father looked to me I went and grabbed my cell phone and went to follow my family and walked out the castles doors with them we ran toward the end of Volterra's city limits and away from the city to where we could hide and we spread out in search of food I quickly found a bear. He was sitting playing with his food and my mind switch gears

I studied him for a few crouched in the shadows I crawled up into a tree and started to study from above and just as he was enthralled with his food I jumped down and snapped his neck sinking my teeth into his fur feeling the warmth of the blood quickly draining the bear and groans feeling my thirst completely satisfied and starts to uproot a tree as I do I drag the bear to the trees spot and dig a bit more for the bear to fit and say a quick silent prayer that the bear spirit went peacefully I believe that the animals did help us redeemed us but at the same time I hoped that there was some way soon to help us in the synthetics or something so that we could stop harming precious earth creatures such as the bear that satiates my hunger. Just went I was thinking about the possibilities of synthetics in the future or near future I get a text message


Hey, were heading back its almost dawn and we don't have capes its going to be sunny



Ok, im close by, ill be there in 2mins let me finish and ill be there


I closed my phone said goodbye to my dinner and placed the tree back into the ground and went back to my family and sighed internally one day I wont be the lone man that doesn't have a mate to go off hunting with one day I will have that person to go hunting with to have silly little games to play like all my other family members do and find there mates hunting skills as sensual I wish I had that I wish a lot of things but it just seemed to never happen. As I walk back to my family I see them all standing there looking at me sad faces and wondering how long before I stop hiding how I feel about being alone. I always hide how I feel I always keep that an internal conversation but of course mind reader Edward always knows and jasper can always feel me for miles away and sometimes it hinders his and Alice's relationship because he'll have depressive phases because of me and Edward has to go on vacation with Rosalie a lot because of me. And I feel bad that I can't even keep my family together because of my depression.

As we finally reach the castle we start to see the sun and we quickly make sure the door to the castle is shut and we sigh all of us for making it back just in time we were just making our way into the corridors when the girls excused themselves we just looked at one another and said

"pampering girl style" we all laughed which meant Alice, Rose, and Esme spent the whole day with massages, facials and pedicures and manicures and getting there hair and makeup done and then slipping there dresses on those girls are pretty why do they need to go through all the process of that but since the Denali sisters and Carmen are with them I figure they would be Allowing them to join as well. I internally sighed again thinking about the Denali women and I knew that Edward had heard it and looked toward me as did Jasper

"Emmett, dude, you don't have to take any of those women like Chelsea said yesterday there will be new single women here maybe your mate will show up tonight" Jasper said nudging me we walked toward our own area of chambers and went into our respective rooms and I collapsed on my bed and as soon as I did I was bombarded by a mass of reddish hair in my face

"I've been waiting for you" she peppered my face with kisses and I wasn't fully aware of what was happening until I gained my focus to see Tanya slipping her hands into my shirt and her lips trailing down my neck my mind finally grabbing a hold of the situation grabbed her hips and tossed her off me nicely and I growled

"Tanya, Get out of My room" I pleaded I didn't want a Denali sister they were attractive ill admit they are very very beautiful but they are not my type. Her lips turned into a cute pout and she began to show venom tears that will never fall. I opened my chamber doors and whispered

"Out Now Please" I stressed the words. She grabbed her robe wrapped it around her body and huffed and walked out of the room mumbling incoherently. I immediately closed my door to text Jasper.


Dude, T.D. just came into my room and tried to rape me



Are you serious she did that… woah that's low even for her



No kidding and here I thought they were done fighting over each other for me and using there nymph skills to get me



They will never be over you dude get use to that



I know it's a sad thing that they can't get over me



Yea I know, hey ill catch Ya later I gotta run



Yea me too later.


As soon as I sent the last text message I stripped of my clothes and went to take a shower I let the hot water work over my muscles and I let my mind go over that scent that has tempted me I let my mind bring back the scent and when it did it made my body react in ways that my body has barely reacted before. I thought my dead heart might just beat after all as soon as my body had calmed down I turned the water off and grabbed a towel wrapping it around my body and went to brush my teeth and I sat on the edge of my bed and turned on the television and watched sport center hoping there would be some good things coming out of the Olympics this year since they were in Vancouver since of course this ball had to be right on the first week of the Olympics I was pouting because I had tickets that I had to sell. As I watched a few of the highlights it was already 4:30 and we were expected as a family to meet up at 5 and since the women were going to be late we started getting ready early and trying to tie my bow tie when I heard a knock at the door

"Come in" I said and was in the mirror still as I saw my dad come in and he smiled

"Here Emmett, son, let me help" he turned me and finished my tie and I smiled and thanked him and he looked at me and continued "Im sorry that you had to give up your tickets for the Olympics but this must be important because no one that got invitations declined this is something big son I am very very sorry." He sat in a chair as I sat on my bed and looked at him

"its fine, I understand the obligations to the royalty we have to be present when they do something like this they must be announcing something or just wanting a reunion" I smiled trying to picture what could possibly be so important. I was looking at my dad with the same wonder in his eyes and I spoke up

"Dad have you smelled a fragrance of freesia around with a strawberry mix in it?" I looked eager to hear if he had and he shook his head no

"Im sorry son I have not smelled such a scent it must've caught you and entranced you so much" he said and I smiled and nodded and he slapped my back as he got up and went toward the door

"we'll be meeting in my room in 5 so finish getting ready son" he closed the door and I went to fix my curly hair and grinned at myself in the mirror yes I knew I was cocky and conceited but come on I, Emmett Cullen, am one hot man right now.

I walked toward the ball room behind my family watching as my dad escorted my mother in her gorgeous soft blue ball gown I guess Alice picked these out. Next was Edward with his wife Rosalie in her signature red but new gown of course her and Alice again. Then last my Sister Alice escorted with her husband she wearing a beautiful black ball gown and behind me I could hear the Denali's behind me and I turned quickly to see Eleazar and Carmen with her in an Elegant yellow slim ball gown she smiled motherly at me and I smiled back. Behind them the sisters were walking arm in arm Tanya in a Green gown and she was gorgeous I had to admit and should've said yes now that im feeling so alone but still I don't want someone who has had more sex then half of the women in the world. I laughed in my head silently and saw Edward trying not to laugh then I saw her sister Katrina aka Kate in a soft pink she was always the beautifulest of her sisters I could admit that. And Irina in a yellow dress short not like Carmen's dress was but still very cute and I was happy that our families were together. We walked into the ball room being announced couples at a time until me I was announced alone and some of the guard laughed and shot me looks and I glared at them I walked in and began to mingle saying "Hi" to various guard members and covens that were friends with my family.

"Garrett" I said as another devilish looking man came up and we pounded fist I knew that if my dad saw that he'd disapprove at a public respectable function to fist pump but hey this is my buddy

"Emmett dude, what's going on?" his California nature seeped through and I smiled I missed hanging out with him

"Nothing man still a bachelor what about you still bachin it" using our term for being a bachelor. We were both hot looking women loved us but none of us caught our interest. He nodded and he smirked a waiter purely human came buy and offered us a glass of blood I declined as did Garrett when me and him first met he was interested in our way of life and ever since has kept up. "Still vegging" I continued to bug him

"duh" he said I missed our surf lingo language I swear Carlisle and Esme never got use to having me and him around but they liked it when I had friends over to keep me busy but Edward and Jasper swear I was gay but no I did chicks.

We were talking when the Denali's walked past me and Garrett and he stopped half way through talking about his time up in San Francisco and learning about the history of California and trying to intern for a government official. When I looked at him I saw what I saw in my brothers. Oh dear, he found his mate

"who is that beauty in the pink" I sighed thanking god he didn't fall for the either two I'd be happy with him with Kate because she's normal she doesn't try as hard as the other two and she gave up some time ago realizing it wasn't there

"that my friend is Katrina, Kate, preferably she's awesome and you'd be hard pressed to find a chick who is more awesome than her" I said trying to play up Kate to him which isn't hard to do she is a tom boy like Tanya she just has more than Tanya when it comes to the tom boy category. I smiled when he left my side to talk to her and then I became alone again. I turned to find my brothers and sisters mingling around together talking I walked toward them and just stood there waiting to walk in on there conversation.

"What do you think this is all about?" Alice bringing up this conversation again

"Dad said it must be important because everyone accepted the invitation" I chimed in they turned to look at me in shock

"He did say that" Edward looked at me and I nodded replaying the conversation in my head making sure to leave out the scent. "Interesting" Edward said and I smiled and nodded it was at that moment when we finally saw Master Caius and Master Marcus take there seats.