You Belong To Me

sorry that its been so long my avid fans I love you to pieces I've been busy with my other works and having the most painful writers block in existence ! Right now I send out my most sincerest apologies to my fans so I hope you forgive me – Amy

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"Alice what are we doing here" she smiled and she pushed me inside

"Now, brother, I can't tell you that, if I were to tell you that It would defeat the purpose" she smiled she sat by the necklaces staring at something or having a vision I couldn't tell. I started to look around and it wasn't until I saw something

It was there, something so perfect, so her that I just had to get it…

Chapter 9 : Emmett's Finally Growing Up

Emmett's POV

"perfect" I whispered I could see Alice out of the corner of my eye almost giggling it looked like. I looked to the jeweler and pointed out what I wanted it was a beautiful bracelet that had a beautiful sapphire. I pulled out my credit card and handed it over to the jeweler and nodded I looked around some more and found the perfect necklace to match it would drop down right before her cleavage and it would rest with a sapphire encircled in diamonds. I quickly bought that as well engraving on the back of it eternity love Emmy as he bagged the purchases I looked to Alice who looked like she was making mental notes for Jasper's credit cards all I can think for the moment is I feel sorry for the dude.

We headed out of the store back into the car and headed back toward the castle and I figured that I would surprise her with them. As I got out of the car I heard Alice squeal

"Emmett, you sly romantic brother you are she'll love it" I blinked what? How does she know what im going to do before I do oh right she's a psycho oh psychic. Duh.

"Alice you need to stop doing that shit seriously sometimes your going to squeal and someones going to jump and hit there head" I laughed and walked toward the door Alice was there before I could think about anything and taking my things I bought smiling evilly

"I'm going to store these for you dear brother while you go see your beloved Queen" she made a cute kissy face I waved her off and headed toward the familiar hallway that had that irresistible scent that drove my insides wild. That's when I heard her speaking beyond her door

"Yes, I like him" her voice floated to me I smirked as I stood there evasedropping on her majesty's call or talking. "i think I love him, yes I know we met the other night, yes I know I know you don't have to keep repeating that." she said as her voice rose to a loud point where probably people in the next hallway over could hear "well if your going to be that way then I dont want to talk to you" then I heard something I didn't expect I heard something get chucked out the window, I didn't know whether to proceed in seeing her or run the opposite direction.

"Emmett you can come in" I gulped as her voice sounded a bit less than what it was. I entered the room and looked around then noticed a cell phone shape hole in her window and I rubbed the back of my neck

"Hello Gorgeous Alice promised me back in one piece!" I grinned showing my infamous dimples. I could see that she was thinking.

"Well then I should thank her for keeping a good eye on you, what did you do while you were out?" she eyed me curiously.

"Nothing, just a surprise for later" I had decided I would take her on a proper date something worthy of her. It's obvious we can't eat, so I was thinking dancing a walk around the city then gift her the exquisite pieces of jewelry that were most fitting for her. She rose her brow at my words

"I don't do surprises Emmett" her voice confident in her statement

"Well then, Queen Isabella would you do me the honor of joining me on a date" I said in my most sincerest voice bowing looking up at her. Her smile widened and she giggled

"of course sir, i'd be delighted where would we be going" she questioned my events planned

"oh, I thought you'd enjoy some dancing at a local night club and perhaps a walk around the town afterward or a quick hunt?" I gave my dimples again and looked to her.

"sounds perfect pick me up at 8" her hands touched my chest as she began to push me toward the door with a slight kiss to my lips she shut the door in my face I just stood there stunned blinking it was at that time I felt two tiny arms pulling me toward my room

"Time to make you into something presentable" Alice chirped and it was off to start the night.