Title: Red Carnations
Series: Hetalia
Character/Pairing: Greece/Japan
Rating: too G to be on a kink meme
Author's note: springkink kink meme: Greece/Japan from Axis Powers Hetalia; absence makes the heart grow fonder. The title is picked solely for the flower's meaning (Admiration; I miss you)


Walking in the rain feels lonely with no one to share the space with him. There's no more faint spray of droplets to run over the sides of the umbrella and wet his shirt and pants.

The morning tea ceremony brings images of looking back, seeing that reassuring smile and hearing that looks calming. It was, though now he keeps wanting to look over his shoulder for reactions of someone who is no longer there.

He remembers Greece's confused expression, quirky and cute as he tried to use the chopsticks properly. Apologizing for the mess, while determined to get it right. He has never quite gotten it right, but was very unwilling to give up. Japan had even packed a black lacquered pair of chopsticks with him to practice on his trip home. He slipped it in under Greece's clothes, feeling like it should be a surprise.

He shakes his head to clear it. Greece hasn't been gone that long, and it isn't as if they aren't going to see each other ever again. In fact, there's a global meeting set for next week. Still, Japan's mind wanders. Passing the Cherry blossoms, still in bloom and the temples on the way only serve to make the memories that much more tangible. It takes him three more days of a confused haze until he does something about it.

(He thinks belatedly that he should have called ahead. With anyone else, he would have, but for once, he wanted this to be unexpected. And there is no worry of Greece ever being inconvenienced by him.)

Greece looks sleepy, and yet pleased when Japan shows up at his door. He has bedhead, and he keeps trying to pat the errant curls down. It's endearing. Japan has missed it more than he can put into words.

"Lamb and feta cheese are very hard to find in Japan," he says primly. "I missed their taste very much."

"I've been trying to get the hang of these chopsticks, but I can't seem to work them without your instruction," Greece says. He smiles, and motions Japan. He yawns and stretches, catlike and pads with his bare feet across to the kitchen. Greece cleans up the pieces of rice that have spilled on the floor and stuck to his shirt.

"Was the flight long? Are you hungry?"

"Not too long," Japan replies. "And yes...if it is not an inconvenience. I would be very pleased to have some of your food."

Greece quirks a half smile. "You know it never is."

Before they eat, Greece puts his hands together and joins him in saying Itadakimasu.

"Did I do well?"

"Slightly mispronounced," Japan responds.

"I think that's accent. You have a different way of pronouncing Greek things. It's cute."

Japan looks down at his rice, slightly flushed. When he looks up again, Greece is smiling at him, and holding a small piece of feta cheese out for him.

"Say ah..."

Japan does, and Greece slips it into his mouth. It has a different taste than he is used to, filled with new herbs that makes his tongue tingle.

"Good, eh?" Greece says.

"It's good," Japan replies.

"You're welcome to stay as long as you want. Even after the conference if you're not tired of me by then," Greece says. He leans on his palm which is balanced on the edge of the table. He looks sleepy.

"I will keep that in mind."

While it is far from his native land, Japan always feels like this country could be a second home.