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It had been almost three months since Dean had first met Castiel, but he still couldn't believe that the angels wanted him alive. The fact that Sam was drinking demon blood and was back with Ruby also wouldn't stop plaguing his mind. The only thing that was a constant was Lex, and even she was beginning to worry him.

They hadn't slept together since the night he got back from hell and they weren't even sleeping in the same bed. She was distant, tired, and always looking at him like he was about to die at any moment. He kept hoping that one day she'd just wake up and realize that he was here to stay but he realized it was time to have a talk.

"So, some guy spat out razor blades?" Dean asked Sam, all of them in the Impala headed for the next town.

"Yeah, ate some candy and then dead. Kind of like the old wives tale to keep kids from eating candy from strangers," he said boredly, sitting in back and slightly dozing off against the window.

"What would Halloween be without candy from strangers?" Lex asked him, looking more awake today and finally smiling like she used to.

"Hell knows we wouldn't have gotten any candy if we couldn't take it from strangers," Dean told her, recalling all the times they trick or treated in different towns.

"I haven't dressed up in so long....I miss the party at the diner in Salem. Though, I haven't made that one in almost ten years either," she noted, scooting a bit closer to him as they heard Sam begin to snore in the back.

"Yeah, we had some fun back in high school going to that one," he reached a hand out while keeping his eyes on the road and waited until she took it and placed it on her lap.

"We sure did," she let out a long sigh and he could feel her retreating back into herself again but vowed that he wouldn't let that happen this time.

"Lex, what's going on with you? What's got you so low all the time?" He rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb , looking at her once before concentrating on driving.

"I'm fine Dean, nothing's wrong," she lied, letting go of his hand but he left it on her thigh.

"Dammit Lexie, you are not. I can't even get you to sleep next to me and I know that wasn't a problem before Hell...what is it?"

"I can't help you..." she said under her breath, as if she didn't want to say it at all.

"What are you talking about?"

"I can't help you forget. I tried for a long time but nothing helped. I can't stand being in a bed when you thrash about and moan in pain...I can't help." He could hear the pain in her voice as she admitted that she didn't think she was of any use. He couldn't stand it.

"Alexis Jones, you've been more than helpful...without you I wouldn't have even tried to get out of hell. You were the only thing that kept me going as long as I did down there besides Sammy, and if it was only him I dunno if I'd have hung on."


"No, you listen," he cut her off, pulling into a motel parking lot finally but not bothering to wake Sam up, "I want you in my bed every night until I die. I want to see you smile more than is even possible. I want to hear you sing really badly to my favorite songs, and shit Lex, I want you to be you."

He looked at her like she meant the world to him because she did, and she needed to learn to accept it. Realizing that he hadn't helped matters out by keeping more quiet than usual after Castiel showed up, but he didn't want her moping around about something she couldn't control. He wasn't expecting her to be some cure-all for his nightmares, he just wanted her to be there when he woke up to take his mind off of it.

"I'm going to go get a room, I'll be right back," she told him, squeezing his hand before getting out of the car.

Throwing himself into the back of the seat, he let out a frustrated groan before reaching back and shaking one of Sam's knees. His little brother woke with a start before realizing that he was still in the car and no one was trying to kill him. Chuckling to himelf, they got the stuff out of their car as Lex came back holding the key in her hand. She threw it to Sam and he went ahead of them before Lex did something he hadn't seen coming.

Grabbing the collar of his shirt she bent him over until she got a good hold on him and kissed him. She was putting all her emotions into it and he could feel it all the way down into his toes. Dropping the bags in his hands, he wrapped his arms around her and reciprocated just as much. The feeling the kiss was giving him felt like the life was being put back into him. He now had the feeling as if he had finally gotten over a horrible disease or something, the relief just washed over his shoulders.

"What was that for?" He asked, both of them stopping to breath and Lex gave him a true smile bright with her teeth.

"I just wanted to remind you that I love you, that's all. Also, never lecture me again...I hate being talked down to by such a dimwit," she teased, picking up her bag before he slapped her in the butt as she walked away.

"I may love you but I will not be called a dimwit! I am the smartest man in the freaking world!" He shouted at her, both of them laughing as they walked into the room and Sam just stared at them like they were insane.

"If you're the smartest man in the world then I will pray for mankind to make it another year," she laughed as he glared at her, Sam smiling now with them as he went to take a shower.

"Glad to see your smile again, I was getting afraid you couldn't do it anymore," he said to Lex, squeezing her shoulder before he closed the door.

"I was too."

The next night Dean was in the middle of nowhere after Castiel had left him there with warning that they had work to do. Sam had gone back to the hotel where the jackass of an angel Uriel was talking to him and Lex had gone off for some reason or another.

Sitting alone in the park he began to wonder why God had chosen him to do whatever the hell he wanted to do. He still didn't know what was going on, other than trying to keep Satan from coming back. With another seal open though, that outlook for that wasn't looking so good either. The only positive to come out of the last day was that Lex had slept in his bed last night and he didn't have one nightmare.

"Why are you looking so gloom?" He heard someone say, not realizing it was Lex until he looked up and saw her walking towards him. He smiled to himself when he saw her dressed up in a very short blue dress with a white apron, white stockings, and black heels.

"Who are you supposed to be? Slutty Alice in Wonderland?" He laughed, Lex glaring at him as she set down a few bags.

"Is it that bad? I was going for cute, it was the only thing they had that didn't have a slit up to my crotch or a dip to my belly button," she groaned, sitting next to him on the bench. He looked over and saw a black headband holding her hair back. He realized that the long brown hair was curled but was still almost down to her hips.

"I think you look hot, but I'm still not sure what you're doing. And hey, are you going to cut your hair anytime soon?" He pulled on the strands and she looked over at him and he felt like his heart sped up. Her blue eyes were lined dark and she was wearing an eyeshadow that matched her dress. He had never seen her eyes look so blue.

"First off, there is a costume party at a local bar here and I figured we could use some cheering up. Secondly, I hadn't really thought about it. You think it's getting out of hand?"

"Nah, I like it long. So, shall we go pick up Sammy then?"

They walked into the bar all dressed up and ready for a fun night away from everything else. Dean was currently dressed up as a cop, which all of them found hilariously ironic, and Sam was dressed up in a toga. The costumes had been thin pickings when they got around to it but they all ended up looking pretty good.

Dean kept his arms around Alexis as they walked into the bar and were greeted by a happy full bar that all said hello to them when they closed the door. Feeling warm and at home, he took his jacket off of Lex's shoulders and hung it on a hook before they walked up to bar.

"You off duty, sir?" The bartender asked, dressed up like a pirate complete with a real parrot walking on his shoulder. Looking at the animal though, Dean figured it had to be some kind of pet to be that well trained.

"Yep, just caught myself another killer. Me and my lady would like a couple beers if you please," Lex laughed next to him, Sam wandering over to the jukebox to get some music going. After the bartender asked for Lex's ID, not believing she was of age, they grabbed their beers and turned to go.

"Have a good night you two," he told them both, winking with the one eye not covered by the patch as they went to start a game of pool.

He and Lex got together with two townies to play and Sam sat by and watched. One of the guys was huge, dressed up like a sumo wrestler that didn't leave much to the imagination which didn't settle well with his mind. The other was a doctor, Dean noticing when they walked in that he was "listening" to some girls heart but really knew he was just copping a feel.

"You wanna break 'em darling?" The doc said, Lex smiling and nodding as she grabbed a pool stick and lined up her shot. Dean took in the view of her bending over nicely as he took a sip of beer and noticed the other men doing it as well. If he didn't know any better, he'd slug them both right then and there. Though, getting kicked out wasn't high on his list for the nights events.

"You're turn, Tiny," she told the huge sumo, the guy grinning at her before getting set up himself.

"You know, I think the last time we played she wiped the floor with us. Maybe we'll make some money tonight," Sam said as they stood back, watching the giant man shoot.

"Damn straight we will, and then mama's going to by herself some new clothes," Lex grinned, taking a long drink as Dean walked up to go.

Taking his shot, he sunk three balls and felt pretty good about himself as his girlfriend came to stand next to him. After he missed his next shot, the doctor got ready to go and sidled up next to Lex with his greasy head.

"So, you still looking for someone to fall in your rabbit hole, Alice?" The guy said, Dean's blood boiling as he reached for his gun. It probably hadn't been the best idea to put a real gun in the fake holster, but he stopped when he felt Lex's hand on his back.

"Very funny," she smiled, getting ready after he missed his shot and lining hers up again.

"Baby, I'm dying to see you naked," he ran his hand up the back of her thigh when she bent over and she had him on his back with the pool cue to his neck so fast Dean could barely take a step forward.

"And I'd probably die laughing if I saw you naked. Now, if you want to finish giving me and my boyfriend all your money, I'm willing to still play. If you keep being a little worm, we're done."

Sam and Dean high fived each other as the fake doctor looked around at the bar full of people who obviously knew him laughing. Nodding like it was okay to release him from her death grip, she stood up and then shot two balls in a row into the corner pocket before walking back to Dean.

"I love you," he laughed in her ear, resting his mouth next to it before kissing her temple.

A few hours later, they had won two games against two different sets of men and Sam was off talking to Ruby. As much as Dean hated her and the person she was trying to turn Sam into, he couldn't stop him from doing it. It took too much effort and he never got anywhere.

"You wanna head back?" Lex asked him, finishing off her second beer and he finishing off his fourth. Nodding his head, he walked over to Sam and his demon.

"Me and Lex are going to call it a night, you gonna be out late?" He asked curiously, trying to not let himself blow his top at Ruby. It was useless.

"Yeah, probably. I'll give you a heads-up if I come back early," Sam said, waving over at Lex as she put on Dean's coat at the door.

"Okay, be careful and you two kids have fun. Wear a condom!" He smiled at them and noticed Ruby was wearing a devil costume and rolled his eyes as he walked back to his girlfriend.

Walking back out to the car, they slid in and then blasted the heat after noticing the night air dropped low that late October evening. Lex put her legs up under her and her hands against the heater to try and warm herself.

As he drove back, he noticed that they kept looking at each other and then turning away like it was their first time going to a hotel room together. Dean couldn't remember the last time he felt like a lovesick teenager. When they pulled up, he got out quick enough to open her door and smiled when she laughed at him and they walked back to the room.

"Thinking being a gentleman is going to get you laid?" She asked, her face looking just as pretty as he could ever remember it.

"It's just a wish," he smirked, pulling the jacket off of her he stared down at the tiny blue dress as she untied the white apron and took it off.

"I look like a freaking high school student in this outfit. I'm not suprised I got carded," she said, looking at herself in the mirror. About to take the headband off, he grabbed her wrist and led her over to a chair.

Sitting her down, he got on his knees in front of her and looked down at the thigh high stockings with greedy eyes. Laying a kiss above the one on her left leg, he rolled it down her leg and kissed all down the way. Doing it with her other leg, he looked up and saw Lex was breathing faster and her cheeks were flushed a beautiful red.

"So, Miss, have you been naughty tonight," Dean asked, fixing his cop hat and taking his gun off from around his waist to set it on the table.

"Dean, come on..." she whined, getting up to take his shirt off before he sat her back down.

"Well? Have you?"

"Oh yes officer, I deserve a spanking," she drawled, rolling her eyes as he held a straight face and picked her up in his arms.

"You're no fun," he pouted, sitting in the chair himself before she straddled him in it. He felt for the zipper on her back and pulled it down before pulling the outfit over her head and revealing a suprise.

"Is this fun enough for you Officer Winchester?" She giggled, her usual undergarments replaced by sexy lingerie he hadn't realized she bought.

"Where did this come from?" He asked, his whole body hot just looking at her on top of him as she put his hat on and then began undressing him.

"What? A girl can't feel a little sexy every once in a while?" She was blushing now, feeling embarrased by her choice and got up slowly from his lap before he lifted her to sit on the top of the table so her face was level with his.

Bending in to kiss her neck, he could feel all the blood in his body run hot as her long nails lightly scratched across his shoulders as she held him close. His hands went down her sides until he had a good grip on her butt and then moved their hips together between the layers of clothes.

"Lexie," he groaned, his hands massaging her skin as she reached for his pants.

"I want you Winchester," she breathed across his lips. Dean was almost done in just by her words but he held it back and kissed her roughly.

"I need you."

Hearing a knock on the door, Sam walked in around four in the morning and Dean was sitting up in bed still. Looking next to him, Lex was sprawled out naked next to him and their clothes were scattered on the floor. She was covered up to the hips with only her back showing as Sam smiled over at him.

"You two back on track now?" Sam asked, undressing down to his boxers before sitting on the opposite bed.

"Yeah, I think we are," Dean smiled widely, his hand holding Lex's that was laying in his lap.

"What is this?" Sam asked, picking up fire engine red bra that had black lace on all the edges. Sam raised his eyebrows before throwing it at his brother.

"I got a Halloween present. A new tradition I'm thinking about starting," he laughed, his brother rolling his eyes before falling back on the bed.

"I'm really happy for you Dean, but I rather not see Lexie's underpants all over the place. Not something I neccessarily want in my mind."

Laughing, he threw the bra on the table across the room and then cuddled up next to Lex. She rolled over and settled into him while he pulled the covers up over their shoulders. Praying to God or Castiel or whoever would hear him, he prayed for no more nightmares that night for anyone in their room. He just wanted a good calm evening, because he knew what was coming next wasn't going to permit these stolen moments for much longer.