Chapter 1

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I had secrets. Many of them. One I had to guard with my life or it will get taken away. Literally. I was a servant to the King of Italy, Damon Salvatore. Not only was Damon king, but he was also a vampire. Witches and servants were enemies for life and if I was found out as witch, I would be killed. I was doing this for the money to help my sick grandmother and the payments for the house and food. The Doctors aren't sure what she had but they say it was killing her. She could die at any moment. I'm very surprised Damon hasn't sensed I'm not entirely human or something. I broke out of my thoughts when Damon called my from his library room.

I quickly stopped sweeping the floor and ran to the room and stood at a respectful distance from him and bowed my head.

"Yes, my lord?" I asked.

"Is Princess Katherine's arrival ready for this evening?"

My heart flinched. "Yes, my lord. Dinner and everything."

He looked up from his book and at me. "Good. We don't want a bad image from the country of France, do we?"

I shook my head, my eyes still on the floor. "Of course not, my lord."

"Princess Katherine lost her parents in a fire and her grandparents don't want anything to do with her so she decided to take refuge with me. Her reason? She trusts me because she feels she will feel safe and comfortable in my home. Funny thing because she we've never met each other and she has taken this decision based on the good comments her people has said about me."

My heart was aching in pain. You see, I also had another secret: I was in love with my lord. I was in love with my vampire lord should I say. I know it's wrong to feel this way but he's been so nice to me in his home and always compliments me on my hard work before I go home every night. I was truly, deeply, in love with him. Too bad he'll never know.

I nodded when he stopped talking. "I understand, my lord."

He chuckled. "You're funny, little Bonnie."

That made me look up. "I'm sorry, my lord?"

"You're always so serious and polite. You don't have to look down at the floor, you know?"

"I know, my lord, but I would like to give respect the king of my country deserves."

He cocked his head and studied me closely. "You've always been noble and a very hard worker. I don't think I have another helper like you in my home and I thank you for that."

I bowed my head again. "Thank you for your kind words, my lord. I don't think a simple servant like myself deserves it."

He didn't say anything for a moment. I could feel his gaze on the top of my head.

"You put yourself down, Bonnie. I thank you're special. Your grandmother is lucky to have you."

I couldn't help but smile a little. "Thank you, my lord. I'm luck to have her as my grandmother."

A long moment passed between us before he broke it. "Thank you, Bonnie, that would be all."

I tipsy and leave the room. When I return to my post, I let out a long breath slowly and continued to sweeping the floor. Everything has to look perfect for Princess Katherine. I couldn't help but think that bitterly.

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