Chapter One: Discovery

James Potter usually didn't spend his weekends in the library at his school, Hogwarts Schools of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When the day was clear and warm, he wandered the school grounds with his three best friends (the Mauraders, they called themselves), or he was flying his broom on the Quidditch field, his favorite past-time.

But there he was, wandering the aisles of books, his fingers running against the seams of the books but his eyes darting in the direction of one of the nearly empty tables. Nearly empty, except for the red-headed occupant sitting in one of the chairs.

Lily Evans could feel James staring at her, but she ignored him, as she always did. She knew he was not going to leave until he got her response. He had been asking her out since the beginning of fifth year, and last night, just before she went to bed, he again attempted his luck. Tired from all of her homework and wanting to get to bed as soon as possible, she replied, "Let me think it over" instead of the usual "no." James was ecstatic, and had been following her, waiting, since.

Lily knew that if she replied no, James would fall back to his casual routine of asking her out everyday. If she said yes...she shuddered at the idea of going on a date with James, which will be a guaranteed disaster. She couldn't win either way.

James drew closer, watching her. Lily, feeling his piercing stare, grew more annoyed.

"James, I told you that I was going to think it over," she huffed, turning to face him. He sat in the chair next to her, smiling.

"I know, but it's been nearly twelve hours and I'm still waiting." He smiled his signature cocky smile.

Have to admire his persistence, Lily thought. She contemplated the idea. Lets say that she did say yes: if the date went horrid, he would probably chase after someone else. She ignored the possibility of the date going well. It certainly won't happen.

"Ok," she said. She looked up at his elated expression. "Why not? Let's go out."

James could hardly believe his ears. She said yes. Lily Evans, the most beautiful and the most intelligent witch in the entire school, actually said yes. To him, James Potter. It is too great to be true.

"Great," he said a little too loudly. "There's a Hogsmeade trip next week. We could spend the day together."

"Okay then," Lily replied. She went back to her work. When she noticed that James hadn't left, she turned to him. "Aren't you going to leave?"

He smiled. "Why?"

"Because you're James Potter," Lily retorted. "I thought you would be outside enjoying the sun and other such." James' smile widened.

"The beauty of the world outside is nothing compared to the beauty in your eyes," James recited. Lily rolled her eyes and desperately tried to her smile.

"Well, if you're going to stay, why not do something productive and do your homework?"

James looked insulted by the suggestion. "I thought admiring you would count." Lily fought back another smile.

"Read a book," she said. James pouted but got up and began wandering the aisles. Lily resumed her work. After a short while, she suspected that James had left the library, but when he heard him gasp, she thought differently. She turned and found him gaping at the cover of one of the books he grabbed from the shelves.

"Is something wrong?" she said, fighting a smile. His surprised expression was hilarious.

When James didn't reply, or look away from the book, she sighed, got up and walked to him. "Potter, what is it?"

James didn't answer but merely handed her the book. Lily looked at the title and picture, and her eyes widened.

"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," she read. But it was the picture that startled her. The boy on the cover looked exactly like James! The same messy hair, the same features, the same everything!

"Harry Potter," she read again. "A relative of yours?"

James shook his head. "All of my family come together during the holidays, I would know if there was someone named Harry."

"But this boy looks exactly like you," she pushed. "Must be someone else, then."

"My family's the only Potter family in the entire wizarding world."

"Perhaps a Muggle?"

"That looks like me? Impossible. It's too much of a coincidence. Besides, if it is a Muggle, why is it in the library?" Lily, for the first time, didn't have an answer. She opened it to the first page, read it, and then let out a gasp whose echo bounced against the walls of the library.

"What? What is it?" Lily didn't answer but, like James, handed the book and pointed to the words.

James read, and his eyes widened. "This books been published in 1997! That's impossible!"

Lily couldn't believe it, either. Surely, it was a misprint, but then again...what if it wasn't?

"Do you think this book is from the future?" James contemplated. As farfetched as that suggestion was, Lily couldn't argue against it either.

Madam Pince, the school librarian, turned up just then, her face twisted in a scowl. "This is a library, not a Quidditch field! Lower your voices so that other students can continue with their work in peace." Her face was frightening enough that neither James or Lily was brave enough to contradict her by pointing out that they were the only students in the library.

When she stalked away, James whispered, "We have to find Sirius and Remus and tell them about this!"

Lily didn't feel like arguing. She nodded but then added, "We should get Alice, Molly, Arthur and Frank as well." Lily knew that she would not be able to get Alice or Molly away from their long-time boyfriends, and to get one was to get the other.

They checked out the book promptly, promised to unite under the trees near the lake, and separated to find their friends. Within a half-hour, the large group of friends were settled beneath the shadow of the trees, all except Peter, whom was away for the Easter holidays.

Sirius and Remus gaped at the cover. Molly and Alice gaped at the knowledge that the book was published in 1997. Arthur and Frank raised gaped at the knowledge that this book may portray the future.

"Well, shall we read it?" James probed. Everyone nodded.

James opened up the book to the first chapter, the Boy Who Lived