A Need Fanfic

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Pixies. They're everywhere. In your schools, parks… sometimes they even find a way into your homes, hidden behind too deep eyes and poisonous smiles. Some people might think that I'm at an advantage because I know they're there. But in a plane crash, people know that the ground or water is there, that's it's dangerous. But what good does it do them? Give them time to accept the inevitable? Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better to be ignorant of what was happening. To just have your world yanked out from underneath you, rather than being able to watch everything you had ever known slowly crumble away, knowing that there wasn't a single thing you could do about it.


With a masculine yawn and a stretch I groggily open my eyes. My sleep drugged brain manages to notice several things at once. There's way too much weak Maine sunlight in my room, my alarm clock reads 10:00 am, and I feel like I have morning breath. Ew. I jackknife into a sitting position and give a little shriek. Footsteps thunder up the stairs and Gran bursts into my room, looking wild and ready for a fight.

"What? What is it?" Her eyes dart around the room before settling on me. "Are there pixies outside?" I lunge at her and grab a fistful of her practical flannel shirt.

"Why didn't you wake me up?!"

Her tense face relaxes into confusion, smoothing away the extra wrinkles her worry had brought with it.

"What for?"

"What for?!" I screech making her shrink away, from my morning breathe I assume. "I'm late for school! Omg why isn't my backpack together?" I let go of her shirt so I can properly freak out. "I'll get in so muc trouble! I'll get chewed out by Mrs. Nix who will tell me she can't constantly bend the rules, I'll-"


I froze mid mental rant at the terribly offensive sound.

"Mpph, hahaha!" Gran laughed. So many retorts ran through my head for this, but I choose to be civil and went for a classic.

"What. Are. You. Laughing. At?"

"You! Honey, it's the first day of spring break remember?" My eyes widen as this crucial info comes rushing back to me. Opps. Betty glances at me amused.

"Why don't you come down from breakfast? I figured you could use a good home cooked meal to fortify you for the day. You couldn't have forgotten that it's your turn to feed the pixies right?"

Pixies. Right. Crap I hate this.


"Good, so get dressed and come down so we can eat together for once." She turned and clomped out of the room.

"Ugh" I flopped back on to the bed and stared at the ceiling. Pixies. I hate feeding the pixies. Whenever I come, all I hear is those metal teeth gnashing together, whispering 'Zara free us, Princess save us'. Every now and then I'll hear a pixie screaming. Over and over. Their need has gotten so great that they're using each other to satisfy it. And every time I see my father's haunted silver eyes, I always wonder which one of us is truly a monster, and have I condemned them to a fate worse than death. I suddenly sit up and hop off of my bed. There's no time to dwell on that. At least I can say I'm not starving them to death. I grab a black and white hoodie, some skinny jeans, flats, and I hop in and out of the shower. I'm short on time, so I just throw my hair into a ponytail, get dressed and sprint down the stairs.

"Hey Betty!" I call as I hit the last step. Silence. "Betty?" I cautiously step into the kitchen and spy a note pinned to the fridge.

"Sorry hon, I got called in. Again. There was a nasty accident over by the bank. They think someone might have a broken collar bone. I made your breakfast, it's in the oven to keep warm."


P.S. Don't forget to pick up food for the pixies.

"Thanks Gram." I mutter "Thanks a lot" Immediately after I feel bad. Its not her fault she had to leave. That poor person with the broken collar bone was the one who really need her. I just wanted her company. I walked over to the oven and carefully slid my plate out. Oh waffle and eggs. I quickly downed at the kitchen table and began to write a list of groceries for the pixies. Bread, fruit, vegetables, meat… hey what the heck, some vegetable seeds, they can grow their own darn food. There. That wasn't so bad. All I have to do is buy it, chuck it over and wire and be done with it. I think I can do this. No, I know I can do this. Its like feeding vicious animals, so long as you don't stick your hand out over the fence, you'll be fine. Right.

I stuck my plate into the dish washer and stumbled out the door. As I hopped down the steps, I noticed how lonely Yoko looked without Nick's Mini Cooper next to her. Poor thing. I walked over and patted her hood.

"Don't worry Yoko, I wish they were here too. At least we have each other."

I walked around to the drivers side and climbed inside. Zooming down the street, (Yes zooming, the nice thing about being in this little town is that you don't have a ton of cops) I thought back to my father. The Pixie King. Why couldn't I be part were? Why pixie? Why part monster? Handling Yoko like a pro, I pulled into the grocery store parking lot, parking kinda far from the entrance. I could use the exercise. Why me? Why my mom? Why… ohhhh why did I feel tingly? The feeling swooped through me sucking away the air around me. My lips parted as my breathe left me in a whoosh then it was gone. Unnerved I clutched my steering wheel and looked around nervously. Had my father escaped? Was he here? I sprinted out the car towards the grocery store, afraid and unwilling to be alone. Just as I was about 10 feet from the front door, the feeling washed over me like a tsunami. I fell to the ground dry heaving. The feeling had never been this intense before. I slowly stood up. Everything was shaking, even the ground. Or was it me that was shaking like that? One arm wrapped around my stomach I reached up to smooth away my hair and I stopped horrified. Blue. My hands were blue.

Turning them over I stared at them with a morbid curiosity. Scratch. Take it off. Make it go away. Eremophobia, fear of who you are. Nails were clawing at my skin, frantically trying to make it disappear. "No." A voice sounded from somewhere. "NononoNO!" Suddenly two strong confidant hands were on my person, one around my waist the other fixing my hair., their touch sending the spidery feeling searing through me. They were steering me to the back of the grocery store and I was too fixated with my blueness and the spidery feeling to resist.

"Are you okay miss?" an alluring voice questioned. He stills my clawing hands with only one of his own. "You mustn't fret about little things like this." I looked up at his nonchalant dismissal of my skin and my eyes widened. His image was flickering like he was going in and out of focus. Squinting I tried to steady his appearance until he gave a deep chuckle. "Here I'll make it easier for you."

I stop walking. My mouth drops open.

"See?" he grinned down at me. Total shock. "We all feel a little blue sometimes princess." Azure skin. Sliver eyes. Cruel sharpened teeth. Medium length dark hair. Pixie. My legs give out from underneath me and the world begins to sway again. The only thing keeping me up is his possessive hold around my waist.

"So princesses." he drawls as he looks around to make sure were alone. "Do you want to tell me where your father is?"

His dull sliver eyes set into the blue face drill into me, reminding me that he's no human. That he can't be trusted. But am I even human? I just don't know, nothing makes sense any more.

"Why do you want to know?" I ask, dodging his question by launching one of my own.

"Because. Knowing will get me his pixies. His territory." His eyes become intense like a metallic flame. He leans down to my ear, his breath fanning across my face and neck. "His lovely daughter…" I weakly attempt to push him away, the prickly feeling making me feel off balance.


He leans away smiling like I was actually able to push him off of me. Everything is in his favor. He's a pixie, maybe even a king. I human(I think), weaker than usual, scared and alone. He's just toying with me, humoring me by bending to my will. I hate it. I want to be strong. 'You'd be strong as a pixie.' a deceitful though worms its way in. No. I'll never give in. Never be a monster for power. I focus on him again, taking in every detail. He's really handsome. Nick handsome, even with the inhuman features. But that doesn't change what he is.

"I won't tell you where he is. As bad as my father is, I won't let you hurt him."

He runs a finger across my cheek, drawing a thin line of blood. I flinch when he licks my blood off of his finger tips, watching carefully for my reaction. Toying with me again. Hunting.

"Are you sure Zara?' He draws out my name, a predatory smile creeping onto his face. "This is a dangerous game you're playing." He purrs. Pixiephobia, fear of pixies. Scotophobia, fear of darkness. Terarophobia, fear of monsters like him."


His smile dims and he sighs. "Fine. I'll let you win this time but," He pulls me close and puts his face in the crook of my neck. "Don't think you'll get away though. I'll come back for you and your damn werewolf." I stop panicking and stiffen. "As soon as I get rid of the other kings I'll come back." Kings? He makes it sound like there's multiples. But these thoughts are scrambled in a moment. He kisses my neck and lets me go. I stagger away panting and whispering. "You! You kissed me! Oh this can't be happening. This can't be…"

"Relax love. The kiss has to be on the lips." He lifts his arms to the sky. "Value your time with your wolf, his death grows near." He turns and smiles maliciously at me. "I'll rip out his organs with my bare hands" Then he sprang into the air and was gone.

I slowly sank to the ground, my hand clamped around my neck. Nick. He threatened Nick. Me. My humanity. I slowly removed my hands so I could stare at them again. I felt like every was spinning out of control, just as we were getting a handle on things. I was so weak. My hands were turning back to normal, but I was too far away to notice. I don't know how long I was behind the grocery store, but I was certain of 2 things. 1 I had to find Nick. 2, I had to crush that pixie. Crush him like he wanted to crush me. He was a threat to all everything that was important to me. And I was going to make sure that no one was ever going to hurt me again. Ever. Asthenophobia. Fear of weakness.

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