What a Tangled Web We Weave

Summary: HP/Twilight/SPN Harry and Edward were in love once but when Bella Swan came into the picture, their love was shattered. Harry left, and years later he and Edward are reunited but some things are different. (Extended Summary: Harry meets Dean and Sam Winchester, after the horrible break with Edward, and becomes a hunter. He falls in love with Dean, and then one hunt back to Forks, WA, becomes something much more complicated. )

Set in: Breaking Dawn, season 5 of Supernatural, and, in Harry Potter, it's right after Hogwarts and the final battle (book 7), and then when he is 27 years old.

Pairings: Harry P./Edward C. Edward C./Bella S. Harry P./Dean W. Sam W./Castiel

Authors Notes (A/N): OK so I am in love with all three of these stories. Lately I have been reading a bunch of crossover from HP/SPN and HP/Twilight, and even some Twilight/SPN, I figure what the hell and decided to make a triple crossover and I am really excited about this. It should be kind of different from most of the other crossovers, but then you will see some of the same stuff. Sorry but when people have a good thing going, why try to change? LOL anyway hope you like it. And here is my goal for this year (I know it is late and it is Feb. but whatever), I am going to try to write a chapter once a week till this thing is done!!!!! Now I will probably need some encouraging and sometimes some inspiration, so feedback would be awesome!!! I will take suggestions and try to incorporate them in the story but can't promise anything if I don't feel as though it fits. THANKS and enjoy!!!!!


"What?!" yelled a surprised Harry Potter to his boyfriend, Edward Cullen. They had been dating for over a year after meeting at the school they currently went to, Forks High, and both had proclaimed their love to each other. So it had come to a complete surprise that Edward just said he wanted to break things off because he says he has feelings for the new girl, Bella Swan. Harry knew that something had caught his lover's attention, but he thought it was because he could not hear the girl's thoughts and the fact the she was his singer. Simple curiosity was apparently not going through Edward's thick skull. Tears ran down Harry's face as he came to terms that his Edward did not love him anymore.

"Look, Harry, it is more complicated than that. I did not mean for it to happen this way. I am just confused right now; I spent my whole life and undead life, alone. Then you come along and I fell for you, and now there is this girl and she is driving me insane. I need time to think and I don't want…" Edward said, stopping because he just couldn't finished the sentence.

Harry understood though and that was what hurt the most.

"I get it, I do, but, unlike you, I don't have the time to hesitate in our relationship. I don't doubt that I am in love with you, but you seem too and that's…well that's disappointing. Look, I think you are right, if you are hesitating 'us' then we shouldn't be together. It only seems right." Harry said in a calm voice, almost emotionless; the complete opposite to how he was inside. Inside, he was screaming and crying and breaking all at once.

"Har, I am not talking about a complete break, I just wanted to have time to think about this situation. I want to be together, I just don't want it to be when I am having these feelings for someone else."

Edward said desperately.

"I know you don't want it to be over, but I am telling you, we are over. For the rest of our relationship, if you end up choosing me, I will be questioning everything. You just planted a seed of doubt in me, and no matter what you do from now, nothing will get rid of it. I can't be with you when I am always in fear that you will leave me. Maybe not with Bella, but there could be someone else." Now Harry could barely stand, it was too hard, so he took the moment of shock from his ex boyfriend and apparated out.

He left Edward, who stood in that exact spot for 18 hours straight, staring at the same spot that Harry disappeared from. It was not until his family found him that he moved, and that was only to fall to the ground and scream.

Time Break

Harry Potter dropped out of Forks high school and moved to God knows where, leaving no notes, no goodbye. He just left. It took the Cullens a month to get a reaction out of Edward. It was another month to get him to go back to school. After that Edward slowly got to know more about the elusive Bella Swan.

It was a year after that Harry went to a bar, called the Road House, where he met Ellen, Joe and Ash. He began working there, and stayed for 5 years before a Dean and Sam Winchester showed up because of a simple voicemail. After that he went along with them.

A year later, he and Dean started a romantic relationship and fell in love.

It was another 3 years that this story actually starts.