What A Tangled Web We Weave

Chapter 11

It was at that moment the bat that was swung at his head that a blur swiftly intercepted the impending impact. Harry's arm, that was covering his head, a reflex of seeing the objects movement toward it, slowly lowered to reveal Edward there growling at his own wife. The male vampire clutched Bella's shirt in hand and had lifted her slightly off the ground. The bat that was meant strike him, and possibly do some real damage to him, was lying in pieces all around them. The mood was tense. Everyone was silent and the only noise you heard was Harry's labored breathing.

"Bella, why would you try to kill Harry? He has done nothing to you!" Edward all but shouted in her face, his face still feral.

"Why? You are slower than I thought dear husband and father to my child! We had a happy marriage and then the moment that slut comes back to town; it is like Renesme and I don't exist! Like all of what we had and what we went through did not matter!" Bella sobbed nonexistent tears.

Harry felt sorry for her for the first time since he met her. At first he hated her, then he was just plain disgusted and offended that he was pushed aside for this ungrateful piece of trash; but now, he pitied her. He understood what she was going through.

"Edward, listen to her. I don't like the bitch but hearing her side reminds me of another story. One where it was you and me and no one else in the world could separate our love. The day Bella Swan came into our lives all of that love disappeared. You didn't even look at me half the time. Then you broke my heart for a girl you just met because of what? Because her blood sang to you? Complete bullshit! You loved and hated that you could not read her mind just how you could not read mine, except this time she did not have an easy answer as to why as I did. She was this enigma that had to be solved and damn anyone else that got in the way. Well you got what you wanted Edward, you damned me, just like you are her now! Don't think that I don't know that you are only trying so hard because now you have competition. You hate when the attention is off you, and when you realized mine was solely focused on Dean, you could not stand it. You know what your problem is?" Harry asked after his long winded speech that left the other two frozen in the same position watching him (no not cause of magic).

"What?" came a harsh whisper.

"You are a control freak! Yes I have said it! For nearly a hundred years you stayed on your own, not because you didn't find the right one, but because it was comfortable. Then you meet me, someone you can't read and that doesn't fit in with your little world. No, I was a 'wild card'. So what you did was get close to me, find everything you could about me and set to make me yours. Finally when we were together and happy, it did not matter one bit that you couldn't read my mind. Now you knew every expression, every like or dislike, and you used that to read me. You were now content, everything was back the way it was, and there was no wild card in site until Miss Swan came to town with her own mind blocking trick. Then it was like another game to you, another obstacle you needed to go through. So you dumped me in order to get close to her. I was out of the picture and you slowly but surely made the other wild card disappear as well." Harry ranted the whole time, his British accent really coming into play, while pacing. Trust me he thought about the situation a lot.

Even though she was still clutched in her husbands grasp, she no longer held the slight fear in her eyes anymore. She glared fully at him with hatred that can only be given by a woman scorn. "Hell hath no fury…" and what not came to mind. "You know what? Potter's story is surprisingly not shocking and it makes a whole lot of sense! I shouldn't be mad at him at all! No I should be mad at you for trying to screw us both over!" She then tore herself out of the grip that held her and ran back to her daughter as fast as she could.

"Wow," Edward muttered offhandedly. He then looked around the room, looking everywhere but at his Ex. Harry finally sighed.

"Look, Edward you're truly not that bad. If I thought for one moment that all of the stuff you did to me was a conscious act than I would have killed you already. I know, that what you did was not something you would do again, at least not knowingly, but I have a feeling that you will watch your step the next time someone comes into your life," Harry said as sat on the bench that stood outside the cabin.

"There will be no one else! You and Bella were it and I have lost you both." He said mourning. Harry rolled his eyes.

"OK first of all Bella hasn't left you, she is just pissed off. Second of all, you are a damn ass vampire! Hell, if Bella leaves you, so what? You have till the end of the Earth to find someone else. You might not find them tomorrow or even next week, or one hundred years from now, but you still have time to find them. Don't give up because two relationships failed. Us, humans, pick ourselves up (most of the time) and carry on with our very short lives. We don't just stop looking. You shouldn't either."

By this point Edward was sitting next to the raven haired beauty on the bench, staring off in to the wide open space. "You think I will get a third chance?" he asked quietly.

"Edward, you go on and on about how you are doomed to go to hell, but honey I have been there. Trust me I have seen inside hell, and you know what? You have done nothing that would have you put down there."

"Why were you there?"

"Because I love Sam, he is my brother, and when he died, Dean was so devastated and I couldn't live knowing that my own husband would be distant because Sammy was not there. I made a deal with a demon for Sam's life. About a few months later, Dean got a demon to transfer the debt to him. So I came back and he went in my stead. Then Castiel saved Dean by bringing him back from the dead in order to help with the looming apocalypse."

"I've missed you," Edward said, not even bothering to turn his head to look at Harry.

"Me too, I may have moved on, but I always thought of you and some times, especially right after, I thought of what we could have had. Now I accept what happened."

"I think I do too, but I don't know. I don't think everything has hit me yet. We're over, though, aren't we?" the vampire asked, finally looking over at his ex.

"Yeah, we are. But hey we both have someone to love. The only good thing about our relationship ending was Dean, and you got Renesme out of our break. We're going to do fine."

"I know, at least I hope so." They were now looking at one another, both coming to an understanding. Harry got up, leaned over, and gave him a kiss on the cheek, smiling at him softly, before walking away. Edward leaned back till he was lying down, and he stared up at the dark sky which was littered with bright stars.


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