Chapter 5

At lunch that day Spike and Liam once again sat with Willow, Buffy, Cordelia and Xander, at the same table as they had the previous day.

"So, Liam, are you going to start doing Karate?" Buffy asked as she sat down beside the dark haired boy, having been let out of class late.

Liam nodded ,"Yeah, when are you going there next so I can go with you and put my name down."

"Not tonight, but tomorrow night I will be going. Tuesdays and Fridays are my non-Karate days."

"What about weekends?' Spike asked

"It depends if there is a grading or a tournament coming up." Buffy said, shrugging

"Sounds good. Can I go with you tomorrow?' Liam smiled

"Sure, bring something you can change into to school, something loose fitting, like shorts and a t-shirt is fine until you get a uniform." Buffy smiled, "I usually drop my school stuff of at home before I go there, is that okay. You can come with me."

"Alright, Thanks. I'm still getting used to the layout of the town" Liam grinned. Spike rolled his eyes.

"That makes two of us, Angel."

Liam nodded, but the others were confused.

"Angel?" Willow asked.

"My nickname, like Spike is William's. Mine is Angel." Liam explained.

"Angel. Hmm, I like it, it suits you." Buffy smiled. Spike rolled his eyes again towards Xander and Willow, who both had to cover their mouths to stifle their amusement

"So, is this like an English thing? The whole nick name thing? On the first day of high school do they line you up, and you have to choose a name for yourself that isn't anything like your real name?" Xander asked, and Spike laughed.

"No, it was just us and a few of our friends. Liam and I were the most inventive though when it came to our nicknames."

"So, how did you come up with Spike and Angel?" Willow asked.

"Well, back at home, years ago, I was dared to break into a railway yard near my school, and to take something, it didn't matter what. I grabbed a railroad spike. I gave it to one of my friends when I left England. I didn't think I would be able to bring it with me. You yanks are very sensitive about what is brought into your country."

Willow shrugged in response, "They probably figure that there are enough weapons on the streets without imported railway spikes being thrown into the mix."

Spike, Xander and Cordelia dissolved into laughter. And the noise pulled Angel and Buffy out of their own little world.

"What about you, Liam. How did you get the name Angel?"

"One of the girls that we were friends with made a comment one night that I had the face of an Angel, and the name kind of stuck." Angel explained. Buffy's face instantly softened.

"Awe, that so sweet."

"I think Liam here liked it for the irony, as he definitely wasn't overly angelic back in those days." Spike commented

"So says the man who broke into a railway yard and stole a railroad Spike." Xander said teasingly.

Spike shrugged, "I never pretended to be a alter boy."

"You don't strike me to be the alter boy kind." Cordelia commented.

Willow nodded, "Definitely not what I expect an alter boy to look like. More like the opposite of an alter boy, whatever that is."

The entire group laughed at Willow's comment, including Willow herself.

"I have to go and see my uncle for something," Angel excused himself, getting from his seat, having finished eating.

"Oh, can we come; I'd love to meet him?" Buffy enthusiastically asked.

"Besides, I want to see if theirs any new books in, now that there is actually a librarian." Willow chimed in. Angel shrugged, and the two girls got up. Spike got up to, wanting to be the one who introduced his father to Willow. Xander and Cordy, who had both finished eating as well, got up, deciding that they would go with the others. They got rid of their trays and their rubbish, and Spike and Willow led the way towards the library, Spike's hand gently and loosely holding Willow's. Angel and Buffy spotted the gesture, and Buffy smiled. Willow deserved someone who cared about her, she'd been devastated what Xander and Cordelia had started going out, and had only really accepted the couple, and moved on from her childhood crush on her best friend a few months ago. Buffy glanced sideways at Xander, who was watching Spike and Willow's gently clasped hands with narrowed eyes. She nudged him with her foot.

"She accepted Cordelia for you" she reminded him quietly.

"I know, but if he hurts her, I'm going to kick his arse. Willster is my best friend, she's like my sister. I don't want her to get hurt."

"I think it's nice that Willow's got herself a man. It means I won't feel so guilty when Xander and I go dancing at the Bronze, and she's like the third wheel." Cordy chimed in.

They reached the library, and Spike pushed the door open.

"Dad, you in here?" he called. They heard a muffled voice coming from up in the stacks, and then Giles poked his head out between two shelves, a feather duster clasped between his teeth, and a stack of books in his arms. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw the six teenagers standing in the library, and he hastily put the books down and took the feather duster from his mouth.

"Oh, hello, I was just cleaning up in the shelves."

"Obviously' Spike commented dryly, "Dad, these are our friends. This is Willow, that's Xander and Cordelia."

"And this is Buffy," Angel added grateful to Spike for letting him introduce the girl he was interested in.

"Oh, yes, the boys were telling me about you last night. It's a pleasure to meet you all." Giles hurried down the steps and shook hands with Willow, Xander, Cordelia and Buffy.

"Hi" Xander nodded

"Hello" Cordelia smiled

"Hey" Buffy greeted cheerfully.

"Hi, how have you found Sunnydale so far?" Willow asked.

"Very pleasant, actually. It's very different from London."

"Yeah, much smaller, and without the traffic" Buffy agreed

"And without the soccer mad people" Xander joked. Angel and the girls laughed, and Spike sighed.

"I swear I'm going to miss that sport more than anything else I left at home."

"I highly doubt that somehow, William." Giles said.

"Yeah, and there still matches on TV," Cordelia consoled.

Spike raised his scarred eyebrow at Cordelia, shooting the brunette a look that was as scathing as any Cordelia herself could deliver.

"I'm going to pretend you didn't say that about Soccer, Cheerleader."

"Okay" Cordelia mumbled, subdued by Spike's piercing gaze. Willow, Xander, and Buffy snorted at the Dark haired head cheerleader's reaction, but Cordy got her own back when she elbowed Xander sharply in the stomach, causing the boy to gasp out. Buffy and Willow dissolved into giggles.

"Was their something the two of you wanted to ask me, or did you just come to introduce me to your friends?" Giles asked. Spike grinned and cocked his head to one side.

"Why, are you trying to get rid of us so you can get back to your precious cleaning?"

"No, William, but it is almost time for you to go to class, and You don't want to be late."

"Yes dad" Spike rolled his eyes.

"I just wanted to ask if it would be okay if I went to karate with Buffy tomorrow night after school."

"Oh, yes, of course" Giles nodded.

"Great, see you after school then." Angel turned and led the way out of the library.

"Bye" Buffy said to Giles before turning and following Angel out.

"It was nice to meet you." Willow cheerfully called, before she, Spike, Xander and Cordelia followed Angel and Buffy out of the library.

Giles climbed back up the stairs, before looking back over his shoulder as the door swung shut. Smiling ruefully himself, her shook his head, and was about to turn back to the precious books, when he heard the library door open again. He walked back out of the stacks, expecting that one of the boys had forgotten something.

"What did you forget?" he asked, before he froze. It hadn't been one of the boys. A woman stood in the library foyer, carrying a folder under her arm. She had short dark hair, and the most beautiful eyes Rupert had ever seen. The Englishman coughed.

"I'm sorry, I though you were one of the students. I don't think we've been introduced. I'm Rupert Giles, the new librarian. It's a pleasure to meet you." Giles hurried down the stairs and approached the woman, offering her his hand, which she shook strongly.

'I'm Jenny Calender, the Computer programming teacher. It's nice to meet you too, Rupert Giles."

A.N. I know this chapter is short, but this just seemed like a good spot to end this chapter.