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Hot Encounter

Eiji had never so scared in his life. Ever.

Except maybe for that time when he'd watched Oishi sacrifice his wrist against O-chibi (Tezuka in the manga). But even that had just been concern for his partner's health.

Oh, and then there were also all those times where he'd gotten on the wrong end of Inui's dastardly juices. Those had definitely been scary.

But even Inui's juice had nothing on the monstrosity before Eiji.

Gulping, Eiji asked in a small voice, "Fuji… Do I have to eat that?"

On the table was a large, steaming feast. Oh, it certainly looked all right. Looked. But the food was so spicy, Eiji's eyes were watering just from the scent. Gulping, he carefully inspected each dish as Fuji replied "Oh, don't worry, you don't have to eat it if you don't want." At that, Eiji sighed with relief, only to gasp in horror when Fuji added, "If it's not spicy enough, I can always make something else…"

Eiji was regretting his decision to come to Fuji's house now. But it had been the first time they'd talked in a while, so he didn't want to back out. But, just to be safe, he'd brought Oishi along as well. Eiji had been excited to think of seeing Fuji's family again.

But then, Fuji had revealed that he was home alone. His parents had gone out, his sister was on a date, and Yuuta was still at St. Rudolphs (Fuji's face became even more smiley, if possible), thus leaving him alone to entertain his guests.

Of course, that included preparing dinner for them. Hence the loosely-labeled "food" in front of them.

Oishi finally recovered from the shocked, detached state he had been in ever since he and Eiji had arrived and first gotten a whiff of their meal. Hastily, putting a reassuring arm around Eiji, who was close to tears, Oishi said, "Um, that's quite all right, Fuji, this is perfectly fine." "Well, if you're sure, then that's ok, I suppose." Fuji smiled at the Golden Pair, and they sweatdropped in response.

Surprisingly, as soon as the three of them sat down for dinner, Fuji stood up again. "Ah, gomen, but I just received a call." Pulling out his cellphone as he left the room, Fuji called back, "Feel free to start without me. If you get to it, dessert's in the fridge."

Oishi and Eiji glanced at each other, then away. Carefully, with all the caution of a nuclear plant worker, Eiji poked at a plate of meat, wincing when the slight movement caused the sauce's scent to become even stronger. Eyes watering again, he looked up at Oishi, who looked resigned to his fate. "I suppose we have to eat at least some of it. After all, Fuji would be sad if we didn't."

Oishi, after much thought, chose something that wasn't completely covered in hot peppers, and carefully tasted it. Within seconds, he had disappeared from the table, having sprinted into the kitchen for water. Eiji followed soon after, having tasted a dish as well.

They tried, they really did. Neither of them wanted to upset Fuji, and they also wanted to appreciate the hard work Fuji had put into making this. But in the end, both of them could barely stomach a few bites of each dish. The food was incredibly spicy, exotic and filled with strange tastes- but the main problem was that this food was just so damn spicy.

Eiji and Oishi ended up sneezing all over the place, unable to stop. Finally, they wiped their watering eyes, looked sadly at the great feast still before them, and decided to move on to dessert. Dessert couldn't possibly be spicy, right?

In the fridge, as promised, was an opaque container, labeled "Dessert". Eiji pulled it out triumphantly, and brought it back to the table. Setting it down, he pulled off the plastic lid with a flourish.

"AAAHHHHH!" Eiji let out a great yell as the container revealed a gigantic slug, glistening wetly and quivering slightly. Terrified by the thing, Eiji leapt 7 feet into the air and onto Oishi.

Oishi had been feeling rather hot for a while already- from about the moment when Fuji had left him alone with Eiji. The spicy food hadn't helped matters any, only making him feel even hotter. Seeing Eiji's flushed face as he attempted to swallow the spicy food had added to the problem; now, Eiji was hanging on to him for support, legs wrapped around his waist, arms flung around his neck. Oishi was uncomfortably aware of how very close together they were.

Eiji was far from unaffected as well. He'd leapt onto Oishi out of reflexes- he absolutely hated slugs, he really did. They were just so slimy, and disgusting, and… slimy. But then, after he'd tangled himself around Oishi, he'd realized what he had done, and thought dimly that he should probably get off. Yet even after that, he hadn't been able to pull away. It felt so good, being so close to Oishi. He wanted to get even closer.

It seemed that the two of them had the thought at the same time. Their eyes met, smoldering with passion. In unison, they brought their heads together, locking their lips.

Oishi was very, very good at this, Eiji thought dimly. His lips molded perfectly with Eiji's, and he seemed to know exactly how to make Eiji wild. When Eiji sighed softly in ecstasy, Oishi took the chance and slid his tongue inside, surprising Eiji. Their moans reverberated deep in their throats as their kiss continued on into eternity.

Or at least, Eiji wished it had. It felt so good, after all. But eventually, Oishi broke away from the kiss. Eiji had never felt so deprived in his life. Desperately, he sought out Oishi's lips again. But Oishi just said raggedly, "I… I don't think we should do this, Eiji… I…" Eiji shook his head vehemently. "But Oishi, you can't just leave me hanging after kissing me like that! Come on!"

Carefully, Oishi scrutinized his partner's face. He really loved Eiji, truly he did. But he was scared of hurting his little redhead… "Eiji… you…" Knowing what his partner would say, Eiji shut him up the only way he knew how- he kissed him again.

Again, Oishi broke away. But this time, it was only to carefully move into the living room, still carrying Eiji slung around his torso. A sofa would likely be more comfortable than standing against a wall.

Carefully, Oishi lowered Eiji onto the sofa. From there, he bent down and kissed Eiji thoroughly again while taking off his shirt. Eiji followed his lead, wriggling out of his shirt as they continued to kiss. Slowly, Oishi pulled himself onto the couch, covering Eiji with his own body, lips never losing contact with his. The contact of skin was amazingly erotic. Eiji let out a moan as his nipples rubbed against Oishi's chest, making them peak into hard nubs. Unable to resist, Oishi's hand slid down, toying with Eiji's nipples, making him cry out yet again. As Oishi's finger began to trace little circles around Eiji's nipple, Eiji's moans became unending, continuing without pause as he ran his hands up and down Oishi's muscled back. Faintly, Oishi thought of how Eiji sounded like a content kitten, purring with delight as someone stroked him the right way.

Unable to hold it in any more, Eiji clawed at Oishi's back, desperately needing more. Breaking the contact of the kiss, Eiji gasped, "Oishi, I want you inside of me." Even he winced slightly at the blunt way of putting things, but what was said was said. He just hoped that Oishi would listen, just this once…

That one statement inflamed Oishi. He was already in a state of great lust, and hearing that Eiji wanted him just as much made him even more desperate. Eiji wriggled under him, making him gasp yet again. "Ah… Eiji…" He made the mistake of looking down, and suddenly his mouth was bone dry. Somehow, with that slight movement, Eiji had slid out of his pants. He was now completely naked under Oishi, and even now working at the buckle of Oishi's belt. The pressure in his pants was growing, becoming more than he could bear. Quickly, he worked off his pants, and reveled in the delight of being fully naked on top of Eiji.

But, the statement that Eiji had made still stood. Eiji really wanted Oishi inside of him. Groaning with need, he thrust his hips upwards, feeling the heat of Oishi's cock against his. Desperately, he flipped himself over. "Oishi, please… I can't wait anymore… I really want you…" He really couldn't believe he was saying these things, but… well, when he really needed something, who cared what he said, nyah?

Oishi was still trying to hold himself back. He knew that it was the first time for both of them. From what Inui had said (making Oishi blush about 50 times during the conversation), it always hurt the first time, or at least it would for Eiji. He would never willingly hurt Eiji, especially not just for his own sake. He would go slowly, try to make it a little easier on his partner…

"Oishi, just do it already!"

Eiji never gave up, did he? With a final moan, Oishi let go, and plunged. Even in his state of increased fervor, he still didn't miss Eiji's scream. "Eiji! Are you ok?" Concerned, terrified he had seriously hurt Eiji, Oishi held perfectly still, even holding his breath as he waited for Eiji's reply.


"Eiji? Eiji, if it hurts, you have to tell me! I'm so sorry, I really am, I…"

"Nyah, Oishi, you're not going to leave me hanging again, are you?"

"…I didn't mean to hurt- wait, what?"

"Come on, keep going! It feels good~"

"I… are you sure?"


Before Oishi could respond, Eiji's muscles had clenched around him. Oishi lost control completely, and started to drive in and out of Eiji with abandon. Their combined moans rang through the empty house, along with the steady rhythm of flesh meeting flesh. Together, they sought completion, reaching for something that always seemed to be just out of their reach, until finally, they grabbed onto it in the same instant.

Their scream of release echoed strangely, sounding like a single voice crying out. Exhausted, Oishi collapsed on top of Eiji, who didn't protest except to shift slightly to a more comfortable position. Panting and gasping, the two of them just rested on the sofa, still enjoying the feel of each other's bodies.

Suddenly, Oishi bolted upright, making Eiji complain a bit about the cold air suddenly whooshing across his back. "Mou, Oishi, it's cold!" Oishi shook his head frantically. "Never mind that, where the heck is Fuji???" Eiji froze. "Uh oh… We totally forgot about him, didn't we… Nyah, Oishi, we have to get dressed!" Nodding mutely, they hastily pulled their clothes on.

Biting his lip, Oishi went into the dining room. Eiji wouldn't follow him, being far too scared of the slug. However, Oishi's shout of pure rage brought Eiji running. Even his fear of slugs couldn't keep him away from his doubles partner (and now lover) for long. "Oishi! What's wrong?"

Pointing, Oishi barely managed to keep himself under control. "It's just jello. Fuji must have tricked us…" Staring at the slug, it was in fact just a glob of jello shaped roughly like a slug. A lightbulb went off in Oishi's head. "Now that I think about it, doesn't it say somewhere that spicy food is an aphrodisiac?" Eiji just stared. "A what?"

Oishi wasn't quite listening at this point as he continued putting the pieces together. "He made the spicy food to get us in the mood, then used the slug-like jello to scare you onto me, and hoped that we would continue the rest…" Eiji suddenly spoke up. "Wait, I just thought of something. "Hmm?" "Fuji's phone doesn't have vibrate. He's got a really old model, from his dad I think…" Oishi lost it. "WHAT?????"

Fuji grinned to himself, sitting in some ramen shop a few blocks away from his house. He supposed if Eiji and Oishi knew how loud they'd been moaning… Sighing happily, Fuji stretched out in his seat. That book on cuisine had been really helpful in implementing this plan. After finding out that spicy food was an aphrodisiac, Fuji had begun plotting. But, he needed a test subject… hoping that Eiji wouldn't mind too much, Fuji had decided to use the Golden Pair. Evidently, the experiment had worked… his sadistic smile crept over his face yet again as he plotted how he would get Tezuka into a similar situation… Wait. Maybe Tezuka already knew about spicy food. Frowning, Fuji started a new plan in case the spicy food didn't work. He would have to test this one on someone else… after all, the Golden Pair would be wary of him for quite a while after this.

Arriving back at his house, he saw Oishi and Eiji sitting at the table calmly eating jello. "Hey, Fuji. Welcome back." Oishi said carefully. Eiji just glared suspiciously at Fuji, finally bursting out, "Fuji, you planned all of this, didn't you?" Fuji just smiled. "Eiji, did you know you're wearing Oishi's shirt?"

"Aww crap! Oishi, why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't notice! Why didn't you tell me I was wearing your shirt, then?"

"Mou, Oishi, that's unfair!"

Fuji just smiled at the cute couple bickering lightly over their dessert. He was glad he'd been able to help them along a bit… while furthering his own plans.

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