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Today was the day. After about a month of careful planning and research (at the expense of the other regulars), Fuji was finally ready. Today was the day that he, Fuji Syusuke, would seduce Tezuka Kunimitsu. And all was in readiness, just waiting for the guest to arrive.

The doorbell rang, and Fuji hastily stood to get the door. He pulled it open, smiling as he did so. "Ah, Tezuka, thanks for coming today. I'm glad you were able to make it. Unfortunately, it seems none of the other regulars could come… sorry. It'll just be the two of us today." Tezuka nodded slowly, looking just a bit wary.

"Well, just because nobody else is here, doesn't mean we can't have a good afternoon. Come, let's eat dinner first. I cooked, since Mom, Dad, sis, and Yuuta all aren't home at the moment." Well, actually, he'd more or less driven them out, but that was a minor detail. "I hope you like spicy food, because I thought I'd make something from Szechuan. A very good recipe, I enjoyed it greatly when I went to China that one time." Talking lightly about nothing, Fuji brought out the plate and set it in front of Tezuka. "Enjoy!" he said cheerfully.

Well, it was a recipe from Szechuan. But Fuji had tweaked it just slightly. Only a bit. Well, maybe more than a bit. Oh, all right, he'd doubled the amount of hot peppers he was supposed to put in, but what harm could it do? The spicier, the better, right?

He sat down with a plate himself. He had a strange immunity to spicy foods, but even this was enough to make him gulp water- he'd tried a bit earlier. Gesturing at the plate, he said, "Well, dig in!"

Tezuka looked down with a strange expression. He'd never been scared of spicy food, but this was a bit much. Tezuka dug through a layer of peppers stacked 3 deep before he managed to get to the food. That was… just a bit worrisome. He took a tentative taste of the food, barely stopping himself from spitting it out immediately. Only long years of practice helped him prevent the tears in his eyes from spilling out- God, that was really, really spicy. Granted, if you toned down the spiciness about 10 times, the flavor was actually quite good… but it was hard to taste when you were panting and gasping for water. Not that Tezuka gasped for water. He calmly and serenely picked up his glass and drained it in one go. That was all. It certainly wasn't gasping for water.

Tezuka nearly fought through the whole plate, but couldn't finish it all in the end. He was already flushing and feeling rather warm- the spiciness was taking effect. He found himself staring at Fuji… no. He couldn't. From what he could tell, Fuji had no interest in him. It would be best not to even try.

Fuji watched Tezuka surreptitiously. That was strange. He didn't seem to be affected by the spicy food at all. According to Fuji's plan, if Tezuka could be affected by the spicy food, he would have jumped Fuji long ago. But there was no reaction from Tezuka, other than maybe just a little bit of redness in his cheeks. But that wasn't enough for Fuji. Evidently, the spicy food wasn't working at all. Time for phase 2.

Tezuka stared down at his plate. He felt quite bad, actually. Fuji must have put a lot of effort into preparing this meal, and he couldn't eat it all. Such a shame, really. Tezuka made a mental note to apologize at some other time, when it wouldn't be awkward.

He saw Fuji stand up, and followed suit. Smiling, Fuji said, "Why don't we go outside? It's such a nice day, it seems a shame to stay inside, doesn't it?" Tezuka agreed, and trailed Fuji as he went outside.

Just as they reached the back door, Fuji stopped. "Oh, I forgot to get drinks. You go on ahead, I'll bring something out." Fuji turned back, and Tezuka took a deep breath. Without Fuji's presence, he could finally take control of his raging libido… no, not working. He still found himself feeling really hot, and in desperate need of release. Shaking his head, Tezuka decided to head outside.

"Arrgh!" Ice-cold water drenched him out of nowhere. Biting off a string of curses, Tezuka stepped disgustedly away from the wet patch and attempted to wring out some of the water. Well, that was certainly a way to get his libido under control. Damn, but that water was freezing. Not his choice of stopping an erection, but whatever worked, he supposed.

After some time, Fuji decided Tezuka had waited long enough, and he walked through the back door. "I got the drinks… oh, Tezuka what happened?" Placing the drinks on a nearby table, he ran towards Tezuka, who said stonily, "I walked out the back door and got drenched." Fuji pretended innocence. "Oh, no, I forgot to warn you about that, the gutter on our roof is a little faulty, and sometimes it drenches us. I'm so sorry! Do you want to change clothes? I'm sure I could help you out…" Very, very firmly, Tezuka said "No." He didn't want to have to deal with Fuji while half naked. That wouldn't bode well for his "famous" self control.

On the other hand, he really did need a change of clothes. He was already shivering from the cold- if he didn't change soon, he'd catch a cold. "Uh, Fuji, do you have an extra set of clothes I could borrow? I'll change in the washroom." Fuji nodded, a bit disappointed. Yet another fail. Why weren't his plans working? He'd just have to pray that the last plan worked. It was the only one left to him.

Tezuka took the clothes offered by Fuji and went into the bathroom. Quickly, he stripped off his wet clothes and put on the borrowed clothes. He was feeling a bit dizzy- that wasn't good. He'd been in wet clothes for too long, he supposed. But he wouldn't let Fuji see that. He wasn't going to be so cruel as to become sick while at a party, even if it only was the two of them.

Fuji knocked on the door. "Tezuka, are you all right in there? I'm really sorry about this… I should have known better…" From inside the washroom, Tezuka's voice floated out. "It's fine, Fuji. It's not your fault. If anything, it's mine. I shouldn't have let my guard down." Fuji sighed.

Ok, now to implement the last plan. "Uh, Tezuka, you almost done?" "Yes." "All right, I'll take your wet clothes." Fuji opened the door, fully intending to "trip" immediately and fall right onto Tezuka.

Before he could "trip", however, he saw Tezuka starting to sway. "Tezuka!" he yelled, getting there just in time to catch him. "Tezuka! Are you all right?" There was no response- Tezuka seemed to have fainted. Fuji ran a hand over his forehead- it was burning. "Oh, no," Fuji whispered. Tezuka had gotten a fever… and it was all his fault.

Frantic, he called Tezuka's parents. They told him they were busy, and asked him to take care of Tezuka for them. Fuji then called his own parents for permission, and they agreed.

Carefully, Fuji brought Tezuka to his bedroom, thankful that they had Japanese-style futons instead of beds- that would be hell to get Tezuka onto. He wrapped Tezuka securely in blankets and took off his glasses, placing them on the bedside table.

Sighing, Fuji sat by Tezuka's bedside, stroking his fevered forehead. How could his beautiful plan have gone so wrong? And it had also resulted in Tezuka becoming sick… abashedly, Fuji sighed again.

He would have to start planning Tezuka's seduction from the very beginning now. His plans this time had gone wrong, terribly so. Fuji needed a new course of action. Perhaps a bit of alcohol…?

And then, Tezuka murmured something almost inaudible, a short phrase ending with "… Syusuke." Fuji's heart stopped, then painfully started up again.

It was then that he realized there wasn't really a need for the seduction. Perhaps there never had been.

And softly, Fuji leaned over and whispered his reply into Tezuka's ear.

"I love you too, Kunimitsu."

*** Owarii ***

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