So, change of plans! This, sadly, is the end for "Time Heals". I felt like I couldn't do much with "Combat" because it's primary focus is on Owen, and I couldn't do much with "Captain Jack Harkness" either, because that's a Jack and Tosh centric episode.

However, I will be writing a sequel to this, and soon, hopefully!

In the meantime, while I'm working on that, I'm also open to prompts for one-shots it anyone would like me to write something. To keep my creative juices flowing and whatnot :].

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Chapter Twenty-One

"He left us. He just bloody left us!"

Ianto sat quietly on the couch, his hands gripped tightly together as the words flew passed Gwen's lips like venom, her footsteps heavy and angry as she paced. Next to him sat Tosh, her eyes wide and terrified - scared of how they were going to survive without their fearless leader. Owen stood in the corner, arms crossed defensively in front of him as though preparing for some battle to arise, his mouth pinched into a tight line. It was as if they'd suddenly all been struck blind, stumbling in the dark as soon as Jack's absence had made itself known.

Jaw tightening and teeth grinding together furiously for a moment, Ianto lifted his head up and wound his fingers tighter together, licking his lips. An agitated shift and then the Welshman was on his feet and sweeping passed Gwen without looking at her. He took the stairs of the Hub slowly, heading into Jack's office and leaning against the doorway as soon as he'd reached the top.

Ianto already knew what he'd find before he even looked.

The desk was its usual mess, papers strewn everywhere without care. The chair was pushed slightly back as if Jack had been sitting at the desk, regarding the file that lay open. The RAF coat was gone, and the stand was a little lopsided, as though its owner had left in a hurry. And the owner had indeed been in a hurry - they'd watched the CCTV footage and caught sight of Jack tearing away toward something, shouting words that couldn't be heard.

Taking a deep breath, Ianto shoved away from the door and headed further inside, looking around closely for a moment before his eyes fixed out on the Hub. More than just the coat and Jack was missing - the hand that the captain had always kept near him was gone as well, and judging from the footage, Jack had taken it with him for some unknown reason. With a small grunt, the Welshman slid a hand over his face and leaned back against the desk, resting his free hand against it to keep steady.

He was tired. Tired of being left behind. Tired of being hurt. Mainly, Ianto was just tired of falling in love with a person who didn't seem to fucking care. Time and time again, it happened. And it always seemed like Ianto was too stupid to stay away from people he knew would only hurt him in the end.

Lisa had used him. Controlled him. Manipulated him into someone he had never wanted to be.

Jack had made him feel alive again. He'd brought back everything Ianto had thought he'd lost. And then Jack had just disappeared - left Ianto behind like it was nothing. Like he was nothing.

Well, screw you very much too, Jack Fucking Harkness.

Heaving another deep breath and forcing himself away from the desk, Ianto moved out of the office. His hand rested for a moment on the doorknob, tightening until his knuckles turned white, and then with a great pull he swung the door shut and headed down the stairs, listening to the loud bang as pain and anger raced through him, feeling as though a bullet had been shot through his soul.

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