Kradison Plus Three (part one)

So with Valentine's Day and the kradison concert this weekend I thought there had to be some drama…

Drake sighs audibly as Adam pulls into the valet parking strip of a notorious New York dance club. Their first Valentine 's Day as a couple and Adam wants to hang out with his naïve American Idol friends. Adam was in such a spectacular mood after his Kradison concert the previous day he didn't even pick up on Drake's darkening mood.

"Hey there!" Adam greeted the valet, tossing him the keys as he strut out of the vehicle. Drake watched Adam effortlessly walk around to his door in platform boots and open it ushering him out.

"Ready to make this a night no amount of booze will let us forget?" Adam winked at Drake clearly stoked. Drake shrugged.

They pushed their way past a crowd of people studded with scattered lurking paparazzi and were directed through the VIP entrance.

Leighton Meester was going in in front of them with some group of friends.

"Adam! I watched some vids from yesterday on youtube, you guys did wonderful" she gushed, clearly swept up in Adam Lambert fever.

"Thanks hun…I try" Adam said, clearly touched by her compliment.

"Tweet me when you can guest on Gossip Girl…ok?" Leighton waved to Adam and smiled at Drake before heading inside.

"She's such a sweetheart" Adam told Drake after she disappeared inside.

Personally, Drake did not like constantly running into Adam Lambert worshippers and stalkers, but he was down for anything that meant quality time with his boyfriend. Until he saw Tommy that is. Drake stiffened.

"What's he doing here?!" Drake demanded.

"Who?" Adam asked casually. His sparkling blue eyes were drinking in the loud music, tons of people dancing and drinking and being crazy all around them.

"Yo Adam over here" Kris called from where he was entwined with Katy at a cozy table. Katy resembled a valentines day Barbie decked out in a bright strawberry strapless dress, matching strappy heels, and manicured nails. Next to her, Allison made eye contact with them. In a knee length black lace dress and her multi-layered fuchsia hair fanning everywhere she looked almost seductive Drake mused.

What? Drake mentally slapped himself and pryed his eyes off her as his gaze worked back over to Tommy, who was staring at him arrogantly with one arm slung around Allison.

"Him. Tommy!" Drake clarified, glaring at Tommy.

"Oh, I invited him" Adam explained, grabbing Drake by the hand and pulling him towards the group.

"He brought Ally" he elaborated, as they navigated around people.

Couldn't Kris have done that – or no one? Drake wondered to himself.

"Adam, wait! I-I want a drink" Drake stalled.

"Yeah, okay so do I, but let's order with everyone" Adam laughed, interpreting Drake's apprehension as impatience.

"What's up?" Adam asked, punching Kris playfully once they arrived at the table.

"Ow! Adam" Kris complained.

"Sorry!" Adam rolled his eyes.

"That's gonna leave a mark" Kris wailed.

"Hi fashionably late! We started without you" Katy stated flirtatiously from where her and Kris were sipping a pink drink with two straws.

"No problem, I'll catch up" Adam responded smoothly, bending down to give Allison a light kiss on the forehead.

Allison blushed, appearing electrified by Adam's presence. Drake noticed and shot Adam a significant look, but Adam wasn't paying any attention to her reaction because Tommy suddenly lept up and crushed Adam in a huge hug.

"Finally, love!" Tommy greeted dramatically.

Love? Drake was nauseated. In his opinion Allison and Kris were barely tolerable, but Tommy who was openly bisexual and seemed to be equally enamored with both Adam and Allison was too much.

"Here man, have a seat – next to me of course" Tommy insisted pulling out the chair next to him and flopping back down next to Allison.

"Thanks dude!" Adam accepted the seat yanking Drake down.

Drake fell into Adam's lap; Allison giggled and both Katy and Adam succumbed to her contagious laughter.

"Careful Adam these chairs have weight limits" Tommy sneers from his seat wedged between Adison.

"Are you implying I'm getting a little fat?" Adam asks still laughing.

Tommy's eyes widened and he shook his head. "You're perfect! It's Drake. He should get his own seat" Tommy said leering at Drake.

"No –come on – I'm keeping him close. Too many hot boys out here tonight" Adam insisted.

"Right, better cover Ally's eyes" Kris joked.

"Nothing I haven't seen" Allison quipped.

"Uh oh!" Adam said suppressing a laugh.

"Sure, but Gossip Girl don't count" Kris commented.

"Hey! I like Gossip Girl" Katy interrupted pulling Kris's sleeve.

"Oh yeah?" Kris asked, kissing her slowly.

"Me too!" Adam said nudging Drake, "We just saw Leighton Meester."

"Good for you Adam."

"And" Adam prodded blowing Kris a kiss.

"And I don't judge you for it."

"Don't worry guys, I'll protect Allison" Tommy declared cockily pulling her chair closer to him and running his fingers over her bare shoulder possessively.

"Gee thanks" Allison responded unsteadily.

"You can thank me later" Tommy drawled smiling derisively.

Within five minutes, Adam had received three complimentary drinks from "admirers" not including the round of red bull vodkas sent to their whole table. A clique of C-list soap actresses showed up begging for a "pic" with him and a couple dressed in drag told him they loved the concert and Krillison was great too.

"Damn glitter bitch you're on fire tonight!" Tommy enthused as the actresses retreated from the table to a spot deep on the dance floor.

"I think that I like it!" Adam said sounding flattered, but one look at Drake's stoic expression reminded him Drake wasn't very fond of the limelight. "It's actually a little intimidating too" he added shaking his head modestly.

Tommy cast a look at Adam that said he knew Adam better than that, but shockingly just toasted Adam for the drinks and let it drop.

"Hey! I gotta game that would be so fun! It's one I used to play with my sorority sisters…" Katy suggested leaning in.

"Here we go" Kris complained.

"Shush Kris" Katy said, placing a dainty finger to her lips as if Kris was a three year old being disciplined.

"It's called personal bests" she began intently. "So we go around and everyone gets a chance to say what they personally think someone else's best quality is – or whatever" she giggled at herself, already feeling pretty tipsy.

"I'm in" Allison said.

"Sounds scandalous" Tommy said intrigued.

Adam smirked.

"So let's see…Kris do me first so people get the idea" Katy prompted.

"No way am I giving a demonstration on doing my wife" Kris teased her.

Adam and Tommy exchanged smirks and Allison covered her eyes. Drake reached for his drink feeling like he was back in junior high, trapped in some truth or dare nightmare.

"Fine! Kris is too lame to play" Katy snapped sounding furious.

"No no" Kris said lifting his hands in a gesture of surrender, "uhm its just a challenge cuz there are so many – uh" he faltered.

"What?" Katy coaxed hopefully.

"Okay, Katy – best abs" he knew she'd been working on them for her New Year's resolution.

"Abs?" Katy echoed, crinkling her perfect nose in contempt. "What about my dress, my hair, my smile, my ability to stand being married to a dork like you...My abs? Nobody can even see what your talkin about" Katy complained on and on.

"Well they can certainly see why I hate this game" Kris shot back.

"Well, I was going to say you have the cutest butt – that's a good answer – but now just forget it" Katy pouted.

"Come on don't make this into a thing!" Kris pleaded nuzzling his face against Katy's.

"Kris does have a cute butt" Adam chimed in.

"Yep, definitely!" Allison agreed.

"Ehh" Tommy hedged.

All of a sudden Kris felt five pairs of eyes on his butt.

Katy smiled appeased. "Fine" she sniffed getting back into the spirit of the game. "Tommy – go".

"I choose" Tommy paused for effect "Adam for best kisser" he answered quickly nodding towards Adam as if the impromptu AMA kiss was actually a deep, meaningful display of affection.

"Awww" Katy gushed. "Why couldn't you have said that about me Kris?" she whined.

"I-I don't kiss and tell?" he ventured.

Katy narrowed her sea green eyes, not buying it.

Kris shook his head in exasperation. "Next, next!" he prodded shifting uncomfortably.

"Adam – best lover" Drake says immediately, obviously wanting to one-up Tommy.

"Takes one to know one" Adam beamed, wanting to show Drake how much he meant to him.

"Yeah, only not in this case" Tommy quipped bursting into hysterical laughter.

Drake's jaw tightened with rage.

Adam sensed the tension, but figured they were just getting a little carried away. "Okay, I get Allison…the way you look tonight – best I've seen" Adam said gazing at her sweetly.

Allison was speechless, Katy was speechless, Kris and Drake gawked at Adam like he had just crossed some kind of line.

"What? I can see that" Tommy spoke up breaking the awkward silence.

"And that goes double for Adam" he said with his Casanova charm.

Everybody laughed.

"Come on" Adam objected, "I just rolled out of bed about an hour ago, fixed my hair, and went to get Drake."

"Me too!" Allison agreed emphatically. "I just rolled out of bed, you know… I didn't shower or nothing" she said over-exaggerating.

"She got that from you" Kris pointed an accusing finger at Adam.

"That's how we roll" Adam nodded approvingly.

"That's perfect! We can take a shower later on – together" Tommy suggested.

Adam wasn't altogether turned off by the prospect of experiencing the exciting, emotional side of his bass player in a hot, steamy shower, but he definitely wasn't into a Tommy on Allison sex scene. Tommy was a heartbreaker at heart and Allison was…an angel. His angel.

"What are you thinking?" Tommy probed as if he could read Adam's thoughts.

Adam swallowed his drink, lost in mental images – maybe these drinks were stronger than he realized.

"Been there done that" Drake revealed mostly for Tommy's benefit.

"That explains why he's stopped showering then" Tommy laughed rudely.

"Please tell me Allison doesn't have the same excuse" he continued in mock horror.

"I guess I'll leave that up to your overactive imagination" Drake spat.

Just then a new indie band was starting up and people were spilling onto the dance floor.

"Uh, Kris we should dance" Katy announced on a whim.

"Uh, right now?" Kris asked, inexplicably captivated for some odd reason by all the shower talk.

"No we can dance later, but in the meantime maybe I'll see if that hottie at the bar wants to dance" Katy answered coyly.

"Isn't that the same dude from before?" Allison asked. "He asked to buy her a drink when we were leaving the bathroom" Allison explained.

"I guess he kinda has been checking me out all night" Katy said casually like it just occurred to her that he might be into her.

"What?!" Kris turned and followed Allison's line of vision to see a tall, tan, blonde guy with longer hair and a tattoo sleeve slouched by the bar. "Please tell me your not serious!"

"Fine. I won't" Katy replied, getting up and walking in the stranger's direction.

Kris was appalled to see him actually checking Katy out as she approached, running a hand seductively through his greasy hair. He immediately darted after her.

"No! Katy stop!" he ordered grabbing her arm.

"Ding, ding, ding! Round one Kris vs random dude" Allison narrated from back at the table.

"Kris doesn't have a chance! Anybody want in on this?" Tommy said waving a bottle of grey goose mid-air.

"I don't need your permission so stop making a scene!" Katy hissed lifting her chin defiantly.

"I know" Kris muttered.

"Then wait your turn."

"Katy if you're trying to make me insanely jealous …then its working" Kris said looking helpless.

"Insanely?" Katy pressed smiling slightly.

"Insanely" he confirmed watching her eyes light up like fireworks. "But if your heart is set on dancing with some guy - who probably has rabies" Kris added pointedly. "I'll deal."

"Well" Katy stole a glance at the guy who was now running both hands through his hair, propping his elbows at the bar and licking his lips in Katy's direction.

"Probably just fleas" Kris whispered in her ear and Katy shivered.

"On second thought…I'd rather dance with you" she said flashing an award winning smile at Kris.

"Nooooo!" Tommy complained dramatically banging the table as Kris and Katy began dancing among other couples a good distance from the bar.

"Yes haha in your face" Allison pranced around Tommy making him dizzy.

"Fine. I'll share" Tommy grudgingly poured half his bottle of grey goose into Allison's empty vodka glass.

Drake was glad Tommy had lost the bet, he considered it a personal victory.

Adam watched Allison empty her glass too quickly and felt compelled to protect her from Tommy overindulging her in alcohol. "Let's dance Ally".

"Sure!" she replied in a heartbeat. A radiant smile lighting her face as Adam whisked her away.

"Later red!" Tommy calls while Drake scowls after them. Tommy's stupid bet had cost him even more quality time with Adam.

"Now there's a couple you can root for!" Tommy announced emphatically before ordering another drink.

Drake watched as Adam led Allison by the hand to a crowded spot on the dance floor, leaving a wake of excitement and flashes in their path.

The club was warm and sultry with music pounding through the sound system.

I like your little sexy style
Love it when youre gettin wild
Girl, in the club with me
Girl, you have to be in magazines
With your charm, cause yous a ghetto queen
Like bling-bling-bling

A bubble was starting to form around Adam and Allison who were bump n grinding to the music and seem enchanted to be in each other's arms.

The way you shakin that sexy (Oh)
shaped like an hourglass
And youre so-so fine
I wanna get you to myself, you and me
And nobody else can do the things we do
Baby, there is something that I need from you

As the song intensified Adam slips his arms completely around Allison's waist. Then she reaches up to cradle his face and neck pulsating beats accentuated their moves creating the image of ecstasy.

"What a performance!" Tommy comments slugging his drink.

"That's all it is" Drake confirmed inwardly tormented by their provocative choreography the same shit he hated about their Slow Ride performance. Every night of that tour was burned slow motion in his mind.

"Seems like a lot more than that" Tommy disagrees reveling in Drake's misery.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Not much …snake" Tommy was intent on getting a rise out of Drake. "The club scene is great for when your single on valentine's day – but you think a couple would want something more intimate"

"Well I don't give a hell about made-up holidays or your opinions on my relationship" Drake snapped coldly.

"Oh" Tommy paused to sip another drink that had presently arrived. "I didn't realize you were in a relationship. I was talking about Kris and Katy…I thought Adam told Rolling Stone you two were just randomly dating" Tommy smirks.

"My bad" he adds unapologetically.

"We are in a relationship – not that it's any of your business!" Drake says dryly.

"Is it exclusive?" Tommy looks doubtful.

"Why?! Are you trying to hit on me?" Drake demands turning the tables on Tommy.

"Not you…" Tommy responds suggestively. "Speaking of which" Tommy spoke up, clumsily standing so he intentionally spills the contents of his beverage all over Drake.

"For fucks sake Tommy!" Drake fumed.

"I'm a real man – I don't make excuses" Tommy slurs before stumbling away.

"Au revoir jackass" Drake called grabbing at a handful of napkins and predicting this would be a long sordid night.