Title: You Too

Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter

Summary: Lassiter wakes up with a hangover and a text message from Shawn.

Notes: I own nothing.

When Lassiter woke up that Saturday morning, his mind was not on the anniversary of his divorce, though the flipside to that was hardly desirable. He groaned and rolled over on the hard floor, his forehead bumping against the cold porcelin of his toilet, which didn't help the drums banging inside his head calm down.

He was hung over. Delightful.

Lassiter waited ten more minutes before he tried sitting up, managing to drape his torso over the toilet seat while he waited for the world to stop spinning. Once he was settled and sure he wasn't going to vomit, Lassiter stood up, steadying himself against the sink counter while he filled a cap with mouthwash.

Obviously he had vomited last night. It made him wonder what else he had done. He didn't tend to do overtly stupid things while drunk, but one could never be too sure. He was still fully clothed, there was no new wedding band around his finger, and there didn't appear to be anyone else in the apartment.

He thought himself in the clear until he looked at his phone, finding a text message sent by Shawn sometime around midnight.

'u too :)'

'Oh god,' he couldn't help but think. 'What was I talking to Spencer about?' He flipped through screens on his cell until he arrived at his most recent sent message. His pounding headache only got worse upon seeing the words on the screen.

Maybe Shawn would take it all as a joke, maybe his mind was blowing it all out of proportion. But he couldn't help but feel anxious every time he glanced at the screen.

'luv you shawn'