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To Love…: A Laven.

"Good Night Lavi." Was the last thing Lavi heard before he shut the hotel door. The voice sounded like pleading, as if the young boy really meant "come back soon."

"Good Night…Allen."

This was his third encounter with Allen Walker. His clothes were put on all wrong and his red hair was mussed up and tangled. He put on his coat and headed back to his apartment in downtown Tokyo.

Allen sat in the messy sheets—he was naked, and cold. He was still poised leaning in the direction of the door Lavi had closed. His vacant silver eyes were fixed on the doorknob. His eyes closed as silent tears flooded from them. He pulled the sheets around him closer to his body.

iWill I ever see you again Lavi?/i


A few minutes later, Lavi closed the door to his spacious apartment and collapsed on the couch. There he laid until morning—when he had to return to work.


A knock on the door.




Allen hurriedly pulled on his silky night robe as he stood on his pale, skinny, long legs. He had earned himself a title in the world of Prostitution. He was always called the Kitty for his convincing false innocence and "curiosity". Not to mention his tendency to purr.

"I'll be right there sweety." He called in a sweet voice. He made sure the bed was all ready to go, the sheets were warm and freshly laundered and there was a faint intoxicating scent of lilac in the air. He opened the door and smiled mischievously.

"Welcome back." He purred, pulling the man into his room.

The two sat on Allen's bed. The older one was sitting on the edge, and Allen was straddling his hips just like a small child.

"Did you have something to say?" he whispered into an ear. His finger traced up and down the man's clothed chest.

The man shivered before speaking.

"This may be the last time we meet. My wife knows." He whispered back; gently stroking Allen's pure white hair.

"Then I suppose," Allen began, nipping at the ear gently.

"We'll have to make this…memorable." He finished, instantly pushing the man onto his plush bed, still straddling those thin hips. He tore at the buttons of the man's shirt; letting part of his own silky robe fall seductively off of his shoulder. It was a trick he had learned a year ago, it always drove them crazy. Almost as if on cue, Allen was tackled onto the bed.

A small mewl left his pert pink lips as his hazy silver eyes began to close.

At least he'd have money for breakfast tomorrow.

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