It was an average day at Konoha Ninja High. Sakura Haruno and her other generic personality high school prep girls were sitting around the amazing Hyuuga pool, talking about the latest gossip.

"Oh-mah-gawd!" exclaimed Ino, "Sasuke-kuuuun is so dreamy!"

"OOOOOOOH I'd DIE to have that dress" Exclaimed the fashionista Tenten.

And thats pretty much the extent that the conversation went.

Anyway, the main character here is Sakura, because she seems to be the first female mentioned in this opening...

So, the conversation drifted from (IMPORTANT THING HERE) to boys, then to shopping, then to boys, back to school, shopping, make-up, boys again, and various tv shows. Then boys again.

"OMG, Hinata, like, you should totally seduce Naruto!" Ino yelled and Hinata blushed red.

"Kay." She said, unenthusiastically as she eyed herself in a conveniently placed mirror.

"Anyway! Sakura, theres like, a totally hot teacher who now conveniently teaches all you classes. And get this! He's an Uchiha to boot!" Started and finished Tenten.

Sakura thought this over in her head.

'Hmm, an Uchiha is good man cakes.'

'But wait! I thought I was struggling with being a lesbian?'

'Wait! No! Thats not the plot of this story... You're thinking that he's too old for you in this one.'

"Oh, right." She said aloud as everone was staring at her.

And then night faded, because its the end of the scene.


The next day, class was in session as Iruka-Teacher-Sensei-Dude introduced the class to Itachi.

"Yo, this is Itachi." he said.

Then he left, since his presence is no longer required.

"As you know, I am Uchiha Itachi. Also, as you all know, I am Japanese. We really should make up our minds on the location of the surname.." He said.

"Anyway, lets start with a pop quiz."

Then he handed everyone a test.


'OMG no! I didn't study!' Thought inner Sakura.

So Sakura hastily wrote down answers.

'Ha! looks like that'l do' She thought as she handed in her test.


Itachi looked over the tests.

"Hmm, Sakura Haruno, who is also Japanese, randomly filled out answers. Whats more, the bubbles she filled in spell "My Teacher Is Hot." I shall have to speak to her about this.


So he waited till the next day.

"And blah blah blah... " RIIIIING "That concludes todays lesson on generic math lesson for Calcumetry expressiongebra 101." Itachi said as the students gathered their backbacks.

"And miss Haruno, I'd like to see you, after class." Sakura sweat dropped at hearing that.

So, after class....

"Sakura, do you hate me?"

"Why, would you ask that?, Itachi-sensei?"

"Because I failed you on your test."

"Noooo, its just that... I know we havn't known each other long, or actually had any kind of connection or conversations but... I MUST HAVE YOUR BABIES!" and then she jumped him.

--Insert Sex-Scene Here--

Itachi and Sakura lied in bed.

'That was so wrong," Itachi muttered, "Good thing no one saw that."

"Oh Itachi, I love you soooo much. 'Cuase youre soooo amazing!"

Then the cops showed up and locked him up for statuatory rape. While sakura ended up having octo-kids. She was known as octo-pink, which sounds somewhat like a porn artist's screen name.


Really, that is kind of the basic plot for highschool fics, kind of... drives me insane.