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Your New Home:

I am Isabella Swan. Currently my life pretty much sucks just plain sucks. I used to think that I had a pretty good life. I lived with my two loving parents Renee and Charlie Swan, they truly truly loved one another, I cant believe I took it for granted, I took everything for granted really. My life was perfect… to perfect. When I was a little girl we used to take trips all the time to the secluded beaches of the coast of Seattle as a family. My father Charlie carrying me on his shoulders while my mom looked for sea shells, too use for her art. That was before we moved to the southern California. Sadly to say that was the beginning of the end for our close nit family.

My parents had both gotten jobs in L.A. My mother as an Art teacher and my father at a well established writing firm. Let me tell you it was a long commute from our Mission Viejo home. But to make up for the long commute my dad bought us a big four bedroom two story house in a nice neighborhood. I had my bedroom and bathroom, that I had decorated in a nice light blue and green. (picture of house on profile along with characters) It felt nice and calming I loved it, the room screamed me from the blankets to the lamp it was perfect for me.

My life was great. I lived the kind of life people wanted to live. We were well of but definitely not millionaires. Until that one day in February, it was a Friday everyone was trying to get home from work to spend a nice three day weekend with their families.

I was sitting at home watching some T.V. with my best friend Jacob waiting for my parents to get home from the writing firm they worked at. I had met Jake when I had first moved here. He was the one of the only people who was actually nice to me. Everybody else was either a jerk or stuck up. We spent that first hour together just talking about our lives and our interests. It was so easy to talk with Jake we fit like two pieces of a puzzle in every way. Before we I knew it we were spending almost every wakeing moment together. We would meet for breakfeast at Starbucks and then either drive or skateboard to our school and back together.

We were currently sitting around watching the office in my families living room couch.

"Hahaha this show is so funny! I think I love you for introducing me to the office"

"That's what she said."

"That was not funny Jake"

"It was and you know it"

"Just shut it and let me watch the show"

"Fine Fine"

One hour later in the middle of the new episode we heard the echo of the phone through the large two story house.

"Ugh can you get it I am loving this new episode"

"No way I am your guest. You get it" Jake scoffed

Jake was incredibly fit but is one of the laziest people I know.

I realized that in order to get what I wanted I had to unleash the puppy dog face. My goof ball of a best friend Jake always fell for it. He looked so comfortable sprawled across my couch I almost felt bad for using my secret weapon, almost.

"Come on Jake pretty please" I said while using my big chocalate doe eyes to my advantage

"No way Bells…You will not win with the face this time I have speacil mind that give me the will power not to fall for the puppy dog look"

"Ya like that has worked so well in the past" I said sarcastically

I knew it was working. Give it another three seconds 3….2…. 1…

"Oh fine but you owe me Bellarina" Jake said trying to be stern but failing miserably

"Whatever you big goof"

And with that he scurried of into the family room to get the phone. I thought he would be back to hand the phone over the phone like he always does. Finally after a few minutes I decided to go save him from the interigating person on the other line.

I called his name numerous times, but no one answered. I looked around the whole house, I frantically went back downstairs toward the kitchen. I finally heard him talking quietly in the pantry. It wasn't like Jacob to talk quietly let alone hide in my pantry with the phone. I decided to quietly easedrop on the conversation, I figured it was ok since it was my phone. But right as I reached the door to the pantry it swung open revealing a teary-eyed Jacob. The whole calmotion knocked me of me feet on to the cold marble floor covering the kitchen area.

" What the Hell?!" exclaimed Jacob "Oh Bella its you. Oh My Gosh are you alright I didn't see you there" he chuckled his light laugh croaky and weak like he had been crying unlike the usuall big laugh that usually filled these huge rooms

I didn't answer because the fall had knocked the wind out of me

"Bells" I didn't answer "Bella" he said slightly louder

I still didn't answer

"Oh no Bella I cant lose you too!" "God this is just to much. Just to much"

For some reason his words made me worried like they had a hidden meaning. And what in Gods name did he mean he couldn't lose me too. Oh my Gosh maybe he lost someone I mean who could be that close to him. Well he and Charlie did a lot together ever since Jake's dad ended up in wheelchair last year. But that couldn't be it. Could it? I didn't have time to ponder it because in one swift motion I was lifted of the hard marble and into Jake's warm arms. I instinctively leened into him. He began to carry me up the large staircase. Once he had entered my room he gently placed me on my soft comforter.

"What do you mean you cant lose me too?" I said as I stirred softly to get a good look at him. When I did his face went from relieved to surprised to heartbroken to reluctent. It was so much to take in after my fall that I almost couldn't read his face.


"Jacob please tell me you know I will get it out of you one way or another" I said slightly more awake now

"Bella everything will be better when you wake just try to get some rest now" Jacob said softly

"Jake tell me now" I said sitting up. I didn't know what he was keeping from me but something told me that I needed to know whether I would like it or not. Every fiber of my being told me that I needed to know now not later but right now

"Bella before I tell you have to butterfly me" Jake and I had made up a speacil pinky promise that were called butterflies. These promises ment that no matter what we had to keep our promise. "that you will remember that I will be there for you. You Bella every step of the way"

"Ok Jake I butterfly you" I said with calmness that even surprised me

Jacob exhaled loudly before looking deeply into my eyes and spoke but not before stating "Bella I warned you and am here for you"

I waited

"Bella I don't really know how to say this but…your parents they were in an accident coming home from work together" I starred at him not moving

"I am so sorry Bella"

That was the last thing I heard before I blocked out

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