Chapter 10 of your new home

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I lay in my bed curious as to what the soft knock on my window was. I stilled for a moment scared and nervous as to what could have harbored the knock upon the window this late at night. My mind finally came to the conclusion to go check it out. I mean how bad could it really be.

I slowly pushed the thick layers of bed spread from my body and lowered my fragile feet onto the cold honey wood floors. My purple swear pants brushed the floor as I hesitantly walked toward the window wondering who was there. I opened the french windows immediately assaulted by the silky curtains flowing into my room by the airy night. My hands flew up to my shoulders were only a matching purple tank top covered my torso.

I then stood again puzzled as to why I had decided to investigate. It seemed that the chilly fresh air had awakened my senses. I puzzled this as I sat in the light blue cushioned chair with a gray throw blanket on it.

Curiosity soon got the best of me as I rose off the warm comfy armchair. I slowly inched toward the window. As I peered out the window I saw what looked to be a tan skin tone. Thinking my mind was playing tricks on my I rubbed my eyes until I heard the voice I never thought I would hear again call out to me in a loud whisper. "Bellarina stop staring at me like you have seen God and come down here!"

I couldn't help the ever growing smile on my face as I recognized my best friend Jacob. "Okay I will be right down." I shouted back to him. I quickly skipped into my closet and picked out a hoodie and some vans. I threw on the black and green Roxy hoodie along with the very cute (very expensive) light blue Hawaiian flowered van slip ons.

I then threw my hair up into a ponytail with my blue and black poke-a-dot scrunchie. Luckily there was a strong ladder originally used to guide the flowers to grow upward. But now it would be used as an accessory to my escape.

As I carefully sat on my window still and started to climb down. My mind clouded with fear as I lost my footing for a second. My now sweaty palms hanging on for dear life as my feet frantically swung around at there own accord to regain balance. I noticed Jake run towards the ladder out of the corner of my eye.

'It isn't that far of a drop I recited over and over in my head as I tried to convince myself.

"Its okay Bella I am right under you. Just let go I will catch you." Jake said trying to coax me

'You can do this Bella you can do this' I recited as I let myself drop.

I let out a horrifying scream as I dropped and landed in Jake's arms. The impact was so harsh that it sent us both to the ground. I let out another scream that was muffled my Jacob's hand as he grunted in pain.

"Bella are you trying to wake up the whole estate. Goodness now we don't have much time." Jake whispered as he handed me a small blue box covered in sea shells.

"Oh My Gosh Jake this is the box we made at the beach last summer while my parents went to Cancun , isn't it?" I said in aah of what he had done I had thought we lost it.

He laughed halfheartedly "Yes Bella this is the one. Now I want you to put it in the pocket of your hoodie and open it only when you are alone"

I did as he asked and not a moment later did we hear the commotion of people running all over the house in panic as the lights flew on.

Jake had us both up in a second.

"I love you Bella stay safe. Butterfly." He said as he gave me a big hug and sprinted toward his motorcycle

I watched as he got on and started to drove down the long pathway toward the gated that led to freedom

"Butterfly" I whispered to his retreating form.

Just then Emmett and Jasper came running out of the house with guns in there hands followed by an infuriated Carlisle. His navy blue eyes illuminated in anger.

"JASPER! Go run out and shoot that dog out of our property or I will get rid of him for good!" Carlisle barked out.

"NO!" I screamed out at Jasper as he ran along and started shooting down the long pathway. I jumped at the sound of a gunshot followed by the acceleration of Jake's motorcycle engine. I started to move towards Jasper screaming and crying at him to stop. Suddenly I was then flung back into a hard chest that could only belong to Emmett. He then picked me up bridal style and started walking back towards the house.

I was kicking and screaming loudly scared as to were he was going. I looked around his shoulder only to see Jasper still shooting and cursing at Jacob. I squirmed and started to kick Emmett. Desperately trying to free myself from his steel grip.

"Bella calm down." Emmett scolded as he would a child as he threw me over his back caveman style.

By the time he had walked over to Carlisle I was hysterical. Fresh tears poured down my cheeks onto Emmett's black polo Ralph Lauren t shirt. 'God Bella you are spending way to much time with Alice.' I thought snidely to myself

"Emmett. Take Isabella up stairs let Esme clean her up and have the girls drop her off by my office."

Carlisle calm voice was terrifying in this situation. I began to squirm once again in Emmett's arms.

Emmett noticing my fear hesitated. "Now Emmett!"

Emmett reluctantly fixed his hold on me pulling me back into a bridal style position and continued on carrying me through the larger than life doors into the house. My emotions were all over the place. 'God dammit Bella why did you have to be so incredibly stupid. Ugh You couldn't have just stayed in the house like a good little girl and resist temptation no you had to go and ruin everything' I mentally scolded myself.

Emmett didn't falter or stop until we reached what was supposedly a bathroom. He then very carefully set me down unto the floor. "It going to be okay Bella" He said as he pulled me in for a gentle hug "Its going to be okay." With one last kind glance he left me and disappeared down the seemingly never ending hallway.

My mind was clouded with emotions as Rose, Alice, and Esme ushered me into the bathroom. The warm water did wonders for my muscles but absolutely nothing for my nerves. All I could think about was the predicament I was in.

After being bathed and placed into some comfy pajamas by Esme. I was hugged mercilessly by Alice and Rose, and directed to sit in the waiting room that connected to Carlisle's study.

I closed my eyes and let my head fall back against the wall. The soft Persian carpet below my floor gave me comfort though the lack of the back on the chair wasn't allowing me to forget why I was here, and what I was here for. Though I was brought out of my thoughts by a harsh voice calling me through the carved mahogany double doors. "Isabella"