Note: I do not own pokemon. This story is based on the game Pokemon Emerald version ONLY. If you do not know what happens in the game, then you won't understand most of this. This is a little story about what happens after you defeat Steven in Meteor Falls. The first chapter might be a bit confusing. Sonata is a made up character that replaces May…because I think May should be with Drew not Steven. xD

Steven's thoughts:

To Sonata…

I've decided to do a little soul-searching and train on the road. I don't plan to return home for some time. I have a favor to ask of you. I want you to take the pokeball on the desk. Inside it is a Beldum, my favorite pokemon. I'm counting on you. May our paths cross someday.

Steven Stone

Just how long ago did I write this letter? It's strange how I remember each and every word, despite the fact that years have gone by. Not to mention it's one of the worst letters I've ever written – each sentence is choppy and awkward. It was a funny situation actually; the original letter read "Dear Sonata" and "Love Steven Stone." But I thought about it for a few minutes and decided to erase those words and replace them with a straightforward "To Sonata" and a simple "Steven Stone" scribbled in at the end.

Love? Maybe that word is a little too strong, but I have to admit that I did, and I still do, have feelings for her. Something about her never disappearing smile and her energy caught my attention as soon as I met her in Granite Cave. And she was different from the other girls in her own way: while fashion and appearances were nothing to her, her pokemon were absolutely everything. Buy one skirt get one free? She would raise her eyebrows and instead walk in to the Pokemart next door to purchase pokefood with her little remaining money. Free makeup samples? She would take the makeup and paint her pokemon's faces for fun, and her pokemon would do the same by smudging lipstick and eyeshadow all over her cheeks.

Do I love her? Back then it was something more of a crush; that "butterflies-in-your-stomach" feeling would attack me once in a while. But now I just don't know. Many would disapprove if a relationship ever started; there was an age difference after all. She was just 15 years old when she defeated me that day in one of the most challenging battles I ever had. And to think I was 22 with over ten years of experience while Sonata barely had over a year of training.

"Flamethrower!" she shouted, and her Charizard let out a giant rope of flames from his mouth.

"Dodge it!" I quickly commanded, and my Metagross attempted to step aside. But her Charizard was much faster than my pokemon, and the attack struck one of Metagross' legs. My pokemon slightly stumbled onto the ground as Charizard flew closer.

"Alright! Finish it off with Heat Wave!"

"Metagross!" I yelled helplessly, seeing that there was no way it could move now. Sonata's Charizard was too close for Metagross to even attempt to block it. The orange dragon roared as he prepared to attack.

There was an intense heat and my Metagross was hit head on. I called it back into its pokeball and smiled. It was a long battle but she had defeated me, and all the while she had never stopped believing in her pokemon.

"Great job, Charizard!" she praised as she returned him to his pokeball.

"Wow." I said simply, seeing her grin at me proudly. "You've gotten strong."

"Thanks!" she replied cheerfully. "But I didn't know you were this powerful! You never told me you were a former champion either!" she accused me, poking my chest with her finger.

I could not believe I had lost the battle. But I was even more surprised that she knew where to find me. The letter I had left gave Sonata no clues to where I would be headed. She was smart enough, or maybe lucky enough, to figure out that I had gone to Meteor Falls in search of rare rocks and for training as well. I was slightly disappointed that she did not send out the Beldum I had left her. Perhaps she stored it in her PC?

After the battle we said our goodbyes. She told me she was going for the Battle Frontier and I wished her luck. I did not have a particular destination; my plan was to train harder than before. I was off on my own adventure, and so was Sonata.

It has been five years. And my feelings for her still remain.

(.scene change.)

"Hello?" Sonata answered, her voice overflowing with energy. She was sitting on the ground underneath the thick trees of Petalburg Woods. Her Charizard slept beside her, his wings folded over his back. The bits of scattered sunlight that shone through the leaves of the treetops reflected off of her pokenav.

"Hello? Sonata?"

She tilted her head and wondered who it could be. She quickly pulled back the pokenav and looked at the screen. "Steven Stone" appeared in bright blue letters.

"Um, Steven Stone?" she asked curiously.

"Yeah, it's me. It's been so long, how are you?" he asked happily, glad that she remembered him. He could barely hide his excitement as he continued to ask her multiple questions. "How did you do at the Battle Frontier? Are your pokemon well? Do you—"

"Sorry, but I have no idea who you are…" Sonata quickly interrupted. "Um, were you a friend of mine? A trainer I battled on the road?"

"I'm Steven, you just said my name a few seconds ago." He replied, wondering what in the world she was thinking.

"Yeah…that's what my pokenav says but I don't know…" she bit her lip, trying to remember who he could be. "I'm sorry but I really don't recognize your name or your voice. Did you work for Team Magma or Team Aqua?"

"…what?" he asked, extremely confused at Sonata's reaction. "It's me, it's Steven. Steven Stone."

"Who's Steven Stone?"