Olivia got dressed, wondering what happened to Alex. There was no note, no misplaced dishes, not even a sign that the blonde had ever been there. Olivia frowned and hung around her apartment as long as possible before heading to work.

"You look tired," Elliot commented as she walked in.

She did a u-turn on the way to her desk to go to the coffee pot. "I am."

"Long night?" Elliot smirked.

Olivia turned to look at him and upon seeing the smug look on his face, it seemed like he knew something she didn't. She was about to retort when she heard someone start yelling in the direction of the Captain's office.

"It's not my goddamned job to clean up your mess!" she heard the distinct voice of Alex Cabot yell at someone. "And I'll be damned if you take this case from me. You have absolutely no cause!"

Olivia's eyes widened at Elliot.

"She's been on a rampage all morning," Elliot shook his head with a smile, "Something about the feds trying to take one of her cases. She's in there with a federal prosecutor."

Olivia turned back to her coffee hoping that waking up in her apartment wasn't what started the rampage. The door to Don's office opened and closed. He had an amused look on his face. "I had to get out of there before I got hit was a stapler. Lawyers are vicious."
The female detective shuffled to her desk, coffee in hand, "Anything new?"

"Not right now," Cragen shook his head, "Munch and Fin are checking out a lead in the lower east side." He sat down at Munch's desk. "How is the paperwork for the Renaldo case coming? Cabot's going to want it when she gets out of there. Either to take back to her office or to throw off the federal prosecutor."

Elliot chuckled, "It's all done." He opened his drawer and pulled it out, handing it to Cragen. The captain got up and walked out the door, into the hallway.

"So," Elliot looked at Olivia, "A buddy of mine saw you last night."

Olivia's eyes went wide before she looked down at her coffee, "Oh yeah? Where?"

"Strip club," Elliot looked straight at her.

Already having figured as much, Olivia already had a default answer, "I was checking on the dancers and picking up Alex."

"She was at a strip club?"

"With her friends," Olivia shrugged.

The door flew open to Cragen's office. Alex stormed out followed by none other than Abbie Carmichael. "Alex you know I don't like this any more than you do."

"Then do something about it," Alex growled as she walked into the hallway with Abbie trailing behind her.

When they disappeared, Olivia turned to Cragen, "You didn't say it was Abbie."

"I didn't get a chance to," Cragen looked at his watch, "I have a Captains' meeting. You two are on your own for a little while. Think you can handle that?"

"Yeah," Elliot smirked, "I think we can keep our hands out of the cookie jar."

A couple hours later, Olivia rose from her chair, "I need to run to my apartment. I forgot my wallet this morning."

Elliot nodded, "I have to get to Elizabeth and Dickie's school for career day. I'll call you when I'm on my way back."

Olivia went to her apartment and yawned. She knew she was exhausted. Exercising all night with Alex wore her out. She set her alarm and laid down on her bed for a quick little nap.

However, she was unable to settle into any kind of sleep. She rolled over in her bed and picked up her phone. She dialed Alex's number a little before noon to see if she was okay.

"Cabot," Alex answered in a sing-song voice. Because of that Olivia knew she was happy and knew who was calling.

"Hey Alex," Olivia sighed contently hearing the playfulness in the blonde's voice.

"Did you just wake up?" Alex asked, the noise around her funneling into the phone.

"No," Olivia answered, "I was just wondering if you wanted to-"

Alex cut her off, "Hold on Liv. Someone wants to talk to you."

"Olivia Benson," her mother's voice came over the phone, "Are you just waking up?"

"No mom," Olivia smiled and shook her head, sitting up in her bed, "I've been up since seven and I've already been to work today. Where are you?"

"42nd street," her mom stated, "More specifically, Valentino's. You should come join us."

"Alright, I'll be right there."

"Bye honey."

Olivia grumbled, "Bye mom."

Serena handed Alex back her phone, "So where were we?"

Alex slid her phone into her attaché, "Mary Shelley."

"Oh yes. Very interesting woman…"

Olivia walked up to the table ten minutes later while Alex was mid-sentence, "Her pain was evident in the book. It was terrible depressing. My college roommate read it and was reduced to tears. Given she cried a lot, over everything anyway but the book was moving, given the right set of eyes to read it. I had to read it several times to understand it, and I'm sure that I still don't get it completely."

Olivia sat down and Alex smiled at her. Olivia urged Alex on with her hands, "Please continue."

"I think I was done," Alex answered and looked to Serena, "It may not be the best analysis, but I think law school ruined me in that department."

Serena smiled softly, "That was a beautiful analysis." She slowly rose, "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to powder my nose." She walked off into the back of the restaurant.

No sooner was she out of view then did Olivia feel Alex's lips on her own. The kiss was hungry and fevered, but soft at the same time. Olivia brought her hand up and tangled it in the long blonde hair.

When Alex pulled away she had a smug smile on her face, "I really love doing that."

"I love it when you do too," Olivia grinned and ran her fingers over Alex's cheek.

The blonde sunk back into her chair, "Do you want to come over tonight?"

Olivia thought for a moment, "How about I take you out to dinner and then we could see how it goes from there?"

Alex chuckled, "You're such a traditionalist. It's fantastic, but how about I take you out? I know this great restaurant you'll love."

The detective nodded, "Fine with me."

The ADA leaned forward and captured Olivia's lips again, but this time with a slow, sweet kiss. "It's a date."

I finally finished it. So that's the end. I'm thinking of starting to write Rizzoli & Isles, but that's after I get a better feel for Isles. Hope you all enjoyed.