Title: Growing Faith

Author: Galadrielle

Fandom: Avatar

Series: sixth in my "Losing and Gaining"-series

Pairing: Tsu'tey/Jake Sully

Summary: Weeks after finally recovering Jake makes a terrifying discovery. How will he deal with it? What will his mate, Tsu'tey, do?

Warnings: slash, mpreg, romance, fluff, explicit sex

Rating: NC-17

AN: If you don't like slash or mpreg in particular you really shouldn't read this… Consider yourself warned!

Chapter 01

"Jake, we really should call on Mo'at. This is the third time already." Tsu'tey stroked soothingly over Jake Sully's back as the retching finally stopped.

Shaking his head Jake replied, "I just ate something wrong, Tsu. Don't worry so much!" Even though Jake had proved himself in the battle against his own kind, Tsu'tey, now the leader of the Omaticaya, seemed to think him weak and vulnerable, always trying to protect him from everything.

Seeing the stubbornness all humans seemed to possess, Tsu'tey couldn't resist asking, "Are you sure?" The hard glint in Jake's eyes let him know that his behavior wasn't appreciated.

After mating with each other things had been going really good between them. Norm described it as mooning over each other… They had been hunting together, slept within each others arms and made love as often as they could. Every moment together seemed to strengthen the bond that grew in the back of their minds. It was the strongest when they were united by their tsahaylu, but it lingered even when a great distance lay between them.

A week ago it had started. Jake had woken up, but instead of hearing his happy "Good Morning" and receiving a kiss, he had stumbled over to another tree and vomited. Tsu'tey had looked shocked before hurrying over to his mate, trying his best to help.

Now it had been the third time and Tsu'tey was getting really worried. When Jake denied the need to go and let himself be examined by Mo'at he had thought about forcing the issue. But he knew that this would cost him Jake and the trust they had managed to build between them.

If not for Neytiri's own stubbornness, even after joining Eywa, it would have taken them longer to discover their feelings for each other… if it would have ever happened. Just because Neytiri told him about Tsu'tey's feelings and their destiny did Jake trust him. Without this trust they wouldn't have much to base their relationship on.

Sure, they loved each other, but just as certainly were both too stubborn to concede anything, to lose face and pride.

"Yes, Tsu. I promise. If it happens again we'll go and see Mo'at, okay?"

Reluctantly agreeing Tsu'tey took hold of Jake's face and began washing it with a wet cloth.

Angry at being babied again Jake growled in his throat and almost tore the cloth from Tsu'tey's grip, "I can do this alone! I don't need you!"

Jake regretted his outburst immediately, seeing the hurt cross his mate's face, "Tsu…"

Standing up quickly Tsu'tey couldn't avoid the hurt flashing across his face, heart heavy with denial, "I understand. I will no longer try to be in your way."

When Tsu'tey started to leave Jake knew he had gone too far and quickly grabbed the warrior's wrist. "I'm sorry! Please Tsu I didn't mean it…"

Trying to shake of the humiliation he felt Tsu'tey kept his face turned away, "I do not understand you saying something like this, if you do not mean it. I do not understand you hating me for worrying. This is not about your pride or mine. It is about your health… And you are my mate, not just in good times but also in bad." Taking a deep breath Tsu'tey gently pried Jake's fingers from his own wrist. "When you are sure you want to be with me, not just because we were destined to be together, but because you want us to be, you will know where you can find me."

Seeing Tsu'tey readying himself to leave Jake paled as the consequences of those few harsh words became clear, "Tsu'tey…"

Turning a blank face to his mate Tsu'tey smiled gently at him, keeping his thoughts and feelings hidden, "Do not worry, Jake Sully. When the time is right Eywa will make sure that we find each other again. Should you need me, I will be there for you. You just have to call for me." Turning around Tsu'tey left Jake alone.

Shaking at the wrongness of this separating Jake tried to stay strong, he really did. But now finally alone, as he had wished for sometimes during the last week, Jake felt lonelier than after receiving the news of his brother's dead.

Tears that hadn't been shed before finally flowed down his cheeks as he sat back on the ground and stared after his vanishing mate.


AN: Thanks to all of you who like my series and wanted to read more of Jake and Tsu'tey. I know this is short but the next chapter will follow soon!