Over the next few month life was good to them.

Jake quickly got over his morning sickness though he was still jealous over the fact that no Na'vi have ever heard about this, but as he was still a hybrid he would have to live with it.

Tsu'tey finally took over caring for Jake, and the former human let him. He was often tired, but also restless and hornier than before.

Norm and Kel'ris had officially been bonded a month ago after Norm had absolved the trials and become a part of the tribe. Kel'ris had been overwhelmed that, after leaving his human body behind, Norm had become pregnant too!

Not knowing what to do the warrior had gone to his friend and leader for help. Tsu'tey had then told him about Eywa's plan to slowly change the Na'vi to enable them to be with their true mates.

Happy about this prospect the newly bonded pair hadn't been seen for several days, taking great pleasure in getting to know each other better and satisfying their desire for each other.

Now, five month after the battle against No'tak, Jake felt himself stuffed enough to burst at the seams. For days now he had felt the end of his pregnancy draw nearer, so that he wasn't surprised when one day during the meal he felt liquid run down his legs. Calmly standing up while holding his cramping abdomen he made his way over to Mo'at.

"I think it is time, Mo'at," he informed the shaman.

Looking at him and seeing the signs of an impending birth she quickly took his hand and sent her assistant out to go and get Tsu'tey. "Come, Jake, we have much to prepare."

Just as they had gotten settled on his back near the soul tree running footsteps alerted them to the approaching Tsu'tey. "Jake!"

Tsu'tey breathed deeply as he saw the calm look on his mate's face, "Are you alright?"

Jake nodded taking his mate's hand, "Yeah, sure. Just, you know, pretty nervous…"

Squeezing the hand in reassurance Tsu'tey leaned down to kiss Jake's forehead, "I can imagine, love. I am nervous and excited too."

When a cramp tore through him Jake wheezed, "Just do you know, you get to carry the next one!"

Wincing at the hard grasp on his hand, Tsu'tey nodded. To be truthful, he had liked what the pregnancy did to Jake. He was much more affectionate, loved to be around his mate, and practically craved his presence. Sometimes Tsu'tey felt jealous about the connection Jake shared with their child, and other times he felt jealous that the child had Jake undivided attention whenever it needed something. "Sure, love. If Eywa wishes for it I will be glad to do that."

Hearing Mo'at and the other Na'vi chanting, for they had arrived while Tsu'tey had distracted him, Jake felt warmth flood into him. Wincing at the tearing feeling in his stomach he looked down and saw a long cut appeared on his abdomen with Mo'at reaching inside him.

To be truthful, Jake had wondered the whole time how the birth would happen. Seeing the hands inside him Jake felt queasy but not as bad as he had feared. A sharp pull and a cry of loss from Jake later and the baby decided it wished to be free.

Not hearing a sound from the small bundle Jake was ready to leap up and would have, if not for his still open but fast healing stomach. Tightening his hold on Tsu'tey's hand, he saw Mo'at stroking over his baby's cheek before emitting a joyous sound, making the baby gurgle and squirm in her arm.

Quickly she set it down on Jake's chest, letting it feel the warmth and presence of the Na'vi it had grown within. Not able to take his eyes away from their little wonder Jake felt overwhelming love blossom within him. Slowly bringing up his free hand Jake cradled the small form against his chest.

Tsu'tey looked at his mate. Pride and love burst forth as he leaned down and gently kissed his mate before gently stroking over the baby's cheek.

Mo'at looked on in relief and pride. Eywa had bestowed them with a great gift and would hopefully watch over the small family. "I present you with the child of our leader Tsu'tey and his mate Jake Sully, the Toruk Makto, their daughter!"

The announcement was met with ecstatic cries form the rest of the tribe.

Jake and Tsu'tey blinked. A daughter! Looking at each other Tsu'tey nodded at the question in his mate's eyes, knowing immediately what the name their daughter would bear.

Standing up, Tsu'tey took a gentle hold of his daughter. Looking at the small twitching ears and big brown eyes, an indicator for her mixed heritage, Tsu'tey held her up for all to see, "Here is our new family member, inheritor of the leadership of the Omaticaya, Neyteira!"


AN: This is the End of Growing Faith. After some of you asked for it I decided to write a side-story about Norm and Kel'ris. But then this series will be officially finished, unless another plot bunny jumps me!