I need a hero


I can't believe how stupid I was, Lord James Conroy, the malicious villain, had made me his slave.

He said he needed someone to take care of his manor house when he went away. But he made me dress in skimpy rags with low cut tops and made me clean the floors five times a day.

His friend, Sir Chad Dylan Cooper, came every Sunday afternoon.

"Munroe!" He bellowed, I quickly straightened myself out and hurried into the living room.

"Yes my Lord?" I curtsied.

"What have I told you about making me wait? Especially when I have company!?!"

"Not to, sir." I squeaked.

"Correct, into the hall please."

He said that with a cruel look in his eye, he turned to Sir Cooper. "Excuse me, Chad Dylan."

"Of course, James." He said with a suspicious look on his, fine-looking face. Especially his lustrous cobalt blue eyes.

My thoughts were distracted when my master pulled me into the hall. I knew his grip would leave a bruise afterwards on my wrist along with the rest of them.

He pushed me against the wall, his rough abusive hands clasping my shoulders, "If you keep this up Munroe, you will have your punishments again! Remember the last one?"

I shuddered at the memory, the punishment was after I spilled a drop of water on the carpet and it hurts too much to think about it as I wrap my arms around my torso.

"Yeah you should be afraid Munroe, because if you keep me waiting anymore there will be trouble!"

I nodded my head frantically.

"Good!" He sneered and he slapped me across the face. I clenched my eyes shut holding back the tears. I felt something warm and sticky slither down my cheek. I was bleeding. When I opened my eyes I glanced at the hand he slapped me with, he was wearing a huge jewelled ring, no wonder I was bleeding.

"Now, me and Sir Cooper request you bring some refreshments, don't mess things up!"

I hurried to the kitchen to make tea and lay out biscuits and scones.

(Author's note: For those outside the UK biscuits are cookies and I think scones are biscuits.)


When James took the servant girl out she looked scared to death.

I quietly snuck up to the door and listened, my mind full of suspicion.

"If you keep this Munroe, you will have your punishments again! Remember the last one?" I heard James shout. Was that the servant girl's last name? Munroe?

"Good!" I heard something that sounded like slapping, that sound made my jaw drop,

"Yeah you should be afraid Munroe, because if you keep me waiting anymore there will be trouble!"

A pause, "Now, me and Sir Cooper request you bring some refreshments, don't mess things up!"

I quickly sat back down and pretended that nothing happened.

The fiend who I thought was my friend came back in.

"Alison will bring the refreshments very soon." He said smiling which I saw right through.

"Smashing, tell me James, tell me about Alison."


After wiping away my tears and trying to clean my new wound, I picked up the heavy silver tray and headed back to the living room.

I heard them talking, "I'm surprised you'd want to take her in the first place Chad Dylan, though you do seem eager to have her."

I knew I'd be in trouble for keeping them waiting so I walked in and lay out the tray, pouring them both a cup. As I handed Sir Cooper his cup I had a proper look in his wonderful eyes, they seemed to sparkle in the light.

He smiled and thanked me which made me feel my cheeks glow with crimson.

I walked out the room, closing the door. I sat by eavesdropping on the two, wondering who they were talking about.

"So you'd want to take Alison for two thousand pieces of gold Chad Dylan?"

"Yes but though before I leave I would like to talk to her, is that okay?"

My master paused for a long while, "I suppose let me go talk to her."

I got up, grabbed a duster and pretended that I was cleaning at the far end of the room.

"Alison! Upstairs room, now!"
I quickly obeyed as he went up the stairs first.


"Alison! Upstairs room, now!" I was starting to hate James now.

I heard them go up the stairs. I did not like the feeling that was forming inside me one bit.

I got up and once they were out of ear shot I climbed up the stairs and searched for them.

It wasn't long until I head James' shouting close by, about a few doors away I heard screaming and more slapping and...Smashing, thrashing. I ran to the door it was coming from.

As I opened the door my mouth dropped.


I followed my master to the room, were weapons he punished me with were kept.

I was on the verge of tears as he closed the door.

He came towards me with that cruel look in his eye again. I saw something else much worse than cruelty, lust.

"Now Alison, my friend down stairs his wanting to take you for a handsome price so let me have some fun." He grinned as he took out a wooden cane from a stand.

My eyes grew wide as china plates, I was paralysed with fear. I could hardly blink as the fiend who had enslaved me held out a hand and grabbed me by the hair and sunk his lips to my neck. My mouth was a gaping hole, I was in shock.

The scoundrel started tearing my rags of clothes of me, ripping the seams clean of the stitches.

This time I screamed, I grabbed a vase and tried to smash it in to his head but I missed making it crash to the floor.

That made him livid; he started beating me with the cane, I screamed even louder making him hit me even harder.

I took a glace above me, I noticed the door was open and Sir Cooper staring at the commotion.

He pressed his forefinger to his lips, picked up a cane, sneakily crept up on the fiend and hit him over the head knocking him out cold.

Sir Cooper looked at me with apologetic eyes; he picked me up bridal style and carried me out of the manor house.