Love is blood deep

Summary: Harry Potter is a twin. His twin's name is Seth. Seth is the one thought to be the boy who lived. Dumbledore convinces the parents that Harry is barely a Squib and that he is the lesser. If only he knew that the dark lord knew better.

Warning!!!! James and Lily bashing, Ron bashing, evil Albus Good Voldie, Dark Harry!!!

Harry is 16 and Voldie is like 30ish.

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General PoV 1980

"James Potter I am going to throttle you!! I hate you and when I get out of here you will never even think of sex!!!"

James Potter was in the waiting room of a hospital while his wife birthed their son. He cringed as he heard her threats against his manhood.

"Damn Jamie, who'd of though you would be a parent!"

James's long time friends Sirius Black laughed at his friend's look of utter terror as they listened to the continuous death threats.

"James Potter, you can come in now." A nurse called. James, Sirius and their other friend Remus Lupin stood and entered the room to see a happy but tired looking Lily Potter and a nurse holding a little bundle in her arms.

James paused for a second…make those two little bundles in her arms.

"I had twins!?" James said excitedly. They heard Lily laugh.

"No, I had twins, you only helped create them."

James laughed at that and smiled as the nurse handed him one and Lily the other. James looked at his twin. The child had his mother's lovely red hair but his father's hazel eyes.

The child was chubby and kept murmuring until it started to wail. James walked over to Lily who gave him the other twin and took the crying babe so that she could nurse him.

James looked at the new child a gasped in shock at the eyes.

They were Lily's eyes but much brighter and intelligent looking. It felt as though the child was seeing through him. This boy also had his jet black hair but it was straighter and had a red tint that made it almost the color of drying blood.

Sirius looked over before snatching the bundle from James.

"I like this one Prongs! He is much quieter and cute as a button! Looks like he takes after the more aristocratic side but your other pup is noisy! I want to be the godfather of this one!"

Sirius said excitedly. Remus laughed but he had to admit that this pup seemed to be much sweeter whilst the other was already acting very needy. James huffed but smiled at the child.

The eyes disconcerted him but he would just have to get over it.

"This little one will be Harry James Potter and the other will be Seth Lily Potter." They had agreed on these names as their favourites.

1 year later

"Lily, take the boys and run!" James Potter yelled as the Dark Lord Voldemort walked through the ward.

Lily wanted to argue but knew that James was right and ran up the steps to the nursery. She grabbed Seth and ran to Harry's crib. Seth was screaming while Harry just sat in his crib and looked at the door.

His smiled scared lily slightly but she loved her boys and would not move. She heard a yell and a thud and knew her husband was dead.

She heard the steps creak and waited, back towards the door, for the murderer to enter.

Lily didn't have to wait long as the door flew open and a man in a dark cloak stepped forward.

"Mrs. Potter, hand over the children and you can live." A cold voice commanded. Lily shook her head with tears in her eyes.

"No, I won't give my babies to you, you monster!" the voice sighed and cast a stunner at her. She fell to the floor and he walked to the crib.

Seth started to scream and cry.

"What a brat. I barely feel any power from you at all." He turned from the noisy boy for Lord Voldemort was not heartless and would not kill such a weak child. He looked at the other and his breath hitched at the sight.

"You are the one aren't you? But you will not kill me, Severus was right, the seer was a fraud and the prophecy a fake. You won't kill me but I will mark you as my equal."

Voldemort placed his wand over the heart of the child and muttered a spell that left a rose bud scar in his chest. This would grow and bloom when the child was 16.

He looked at the other child and sighed.

"Just to make this trip worthwhile."

Voldemort cast the Avada Kadavra curse at the weaker red headed child but was shocked when the other stronger, child; the one he had marked as his, created a barrier around the other twin sent the curse back at Voldemort.

What shocked him more than this though was that the child, his mate, was crying silently as he watched Voldemort disintegrate.

Voldemort took one last look at the child's eyes and could tell why this happened. This little one was a seer, a real one, and apparently he had to do this. He knew this boy was a seer because of the tiny silver ring in his eyes that would be unnoticeable to anyone else.

He fled his body but vowed he would return for his little one.

Harry cried softly for the fate that the strange man had. This man would be hurt and had been hurt so much but he comforted himself with the thought that the man would return.

He looked at the older twin who had fainted from fear. He smiled when he saw the mark on the boy's head that was caused by the shield on his forehead. He lay down and waited as the house crumbled from all the dark magic and waited for his parents to awaken.

A few hours later, Albus Dumbledore walked into the house and revived James and Lily who rushed to their boys.

Albus saw the mark on Seth's head a grinned evilly. 'Tom bought the stupid lie and is gone. Now with Seth I will be able to rule the wizarding world.' He thought to himself.

"It seems Seth is the boy in the prophecy and has been marked as the Dark Lords equal. Harry on the other hand appears to be very weak and was saved by his brother." James readily agreed because the Harry's eyes still unnerved him while Lily was just worried about the cut and a little miffed with Harry that he wasn't strong and had caused his brother to have to protect him.

James smiled at his little Seth.

"You will do great things!" He looked at Harry.

"Lily, he is a disgrace to the Potter's but we will keep him. He must be good for something."

Lily agreed and healed her little one's cut before putting him in his own crib.

10 years later

Harry woke slowly as he remembered the dream of the night he earned his mark. It was one of his favourite dreams because he was able to see Voldemort in it. He rolled over and looked at the clock which read 5:30.

"Shit, mum is going to…"

He didn't finish as he was sucked into a vision.


"My lord, you have finally regained your strength." A man's voice said. Harry grinned as he watched the scene unfold.

"Yes, now we will get what is rightfully mine." Another voice, this one Harry remembered, said.

"Are we to get revenge?" Another voice Harry knew but had not heard since his father had almost killed him said. This belonged to his godfather who had gotten kicked out when he tried to help Harry with chores and then stop the resulting beating, Sirius Black.

"No, we will be going to get my little one; you will know soon enough Sirius." Harry smiled. So they are coming for him are they?

He felt the tug that told him the vision was over. 'Time for chores.' He though bitterly.

He came out of the vision just as the door to his cupboard flew open to reveal his irate mother.

"Get your filthy but down here and make your brother something to eat!" Lily screamed as she dragged him out of the room. Harry winced as the shoulder his father had wrenched got bumped.

Lily tossed him into the kitchen and he sighed before getting to work on breakfast. He made the customary eggs, bacon and toast with orange juice before bringing the tray out to the table.

His brother was there complaining about it taking so long. He sat the plates down and went back to the kitchen when he heard his brother call him.

"You didn't make any ham." He said snottily.

"You didn't ask for any." Harry retorted only to be hit in the face by his mother.

"You will not speak that way to your brother! Go make him ham, and no food for you!" Harry glared at her and retorted.

"Yeah, like you guys care if I starve!" He stormed into the kitchen and started to cook once more.

When he was done he was allowed to go back to his cupboard.

"Tomorrow is my birthday and today we should get our letters…Voldemort, I just want to go home." He said to no one. Harry felt a slight ach on his chest and pulled up his shirt to reveal the black rose that had started to bloom a few days earlier.

"So, it will be soon. Dobby!" Harry called for the little elf that he had befriended and would tend his wounds.

"Master Harry be needing Dobby?" Dobby asked.

"I need you to keep a pack for me and be ready for when we leave. He is coming soon and will need me to be ready." Dobby nodded and popped away.

Harry had been right about the letters when he walked out of the cupboard to start his chores. He was working on sweeping the floors when the owls came with the mail. Well one owl anyway. The other bird was a black raven.

Harry grabbed the letters and saw that the raven had the one for him.

"Mail's here!" He called and went to the kitchen where he knew his family was. He gave his dad the letter for his brother.

"This is for Seth. He got into Hogwarts." He saw his dad's grin when he heard the name before the man fixed him with a glare.

"What did you get boy?" He asked in a bored tone. Harry handed his letter over just as another owl flew in and dropped another letter in front of his father.

James ignored Harry's letter in favour of grabbing the other one. He growled when he saw what it was. Harry James Potter had been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"You will not be going to Hogwarts! You don't deserve it!" His father roared at Harry. Harry hid a smirk. This had worked out better than he could have hoped.

"I did get another letter." He said. His father rounded on him and smiled at him.

"Good, what school is it because that is where you will be going?" his father asked.

"It says that I got accepted to Draconic Academy." His father nodded. "We will go get school supplies in a few hours. If you are not ready then we will leave without you. Go to your room for now."

Harry nodded and rushed off with his letter in his hands.

He opened the letter as soon as he was alone.

Harry James Potter

You have been accepted to Draconic Academy for the fact of your creature blood and power.

This is a school where all creatures are treated equally and fairly. If you wish to attend then just tell the paper to bring you here and you will be portkeyed here instantly.

Books will be provided but you will be needed to bring a familiar, a wand and guardian beast if you have one. This can be found out at Gringotts.

Once you have these we suggest you come straight away for we know how you are treated and your father will not be happy after your trip to Gringotts.

Have a nice day and we will see you soon.

Elimir Sande

Harry grinned. This would be fun!

An hour later he and his family were heading to Diagon Ally.

"Harry, you get your own supplies and we will meet you later." His father ordered and walked away leaving Harry to fend for himself.

Harry just smirked and went straight to Gringotts.

"Hello, you must be Mister Potter. I have been waiting." Harry looked around the bank and found an old goblin standing in front of him.

"Yes I am. I need money and a blood test to find out my Guardian Beast." He told the old goblin.

"I am Darknail, follow me."

He led Harry to a back office and told him to sit before leaving to gather the required items.

Darknail came back with a black paper, potion and platinum dagger.

"I want you to drink the potion, slice you palm and place it on the parchment. This will tell us everything you need to know."

Harry nodded and gulped the potion and waited 15 minutes. He knew it was time when he felt his magic spiralling around him. He then took the dagger and cut an x in his palm before pressing it to the paper. He removed it when the paper flash gold then turned white as red writing flowed over the page.

Dark nail took it to read.

Harry James Potter

Creature: Dragon

Heir to:



Black (Blood adopted)




Guardian Beast: Found in Ravenclaw vault, found in Gryffindor vault.

Bond: Unannounced as of yet.

Harry grinned.

"You can take over all but the Black and Potter vaults. This makes you almost the richest wizard in the world." Harry nodded.

"Then would you mind taking me to the vaults that have my beasts?" Darknail nodded and they got in the cart that would take them to the founder's vaults. They stopped and Ravenclaw first.

"You will find your first beast in here." Harry nodded and entered the vault after taking the sack that he could collect his coins in.

As he entered the vault he felt a cold breeze wash over him and heard a voice.

"You must be my heir. Well then, you are here for the beast but you must find the way to awaken her." He smirked as he heard the challenge.

He held his hands in front of him and let his magic flow over everything. Once he felt the beasts aura he searched for a matching one in all the stuff. Finally he found what he was looking for and called it to himself.

He looked at what appeared in his hands. It was a leather collar that was studded with amethysts. He walked over to where he had felt the beast.

He heard the voice again as he neared the slumbering mass.

"Put a drop of blood on the front stone. If it turns into a ruby then you really are my heir and I will give you your guardian beast.

A dagger appeared in his palm and he pricked his finger. The blood dripped onto the stone which did turn into a ruby and he proceeded to go up to the beast.

His grin grew when he saw what the beast was. It was a large black cat with huge dragon wings out behind it. He reached out and buckled it around the cat's neck.

The cat opened her eyes slowly. She had large violet eyes.

"You are my ward. My name is Renia but you can call me Ren. I'm a demon cat and was charged to protect those that are my mistress's heirs."

Harry smiled and the large cat nuzzled against him.

"You have been injured. I have the ability to heal my wards so it will be fine but I am also to defend you from those that hurt you. It will not happen again. Come now child, we must collect your other Guardian beast."

Harry nodded but was shocked when Ren forced him onto her back to settle between her wings.

Darknail met them and smiled at the sight of the large cat with the small boy upon her back.

"It is good to see you awake again, Renia." The cat grinned at the goblin and nodded her head.

They walked down to the next vault that was Gryffindor.

"Don't forget your gold this time." Harry nodded to the goblin and climbed off of Renia's back. He entered the place and instantly saw what the beast he was looking for was.

In a stall was a huge jet black horse with large wings that were exactly like Renia's and a red mane and tail. The horse was asleep and he waited for the voice he knew would come.

"Wow, I though you would never come Kiddo! Now all you have to do is find the gem that will fit into his chest plate. This gem is unique to you and will have your magic signature on it."

Harry smiled and cast out his magic to find his match. His match appeared in the form a large garnet. He walked over to the beast and heard the voice once more.

"A garnet huh? Well good for you kiddo that is a great stone. These gems are to tell him what kind of beast you need." Harry nodded and placed the stone into the hole on the breast of the beast.

He slowly opened flame red eyes.

"You are to be my ward. Well I am Damon. I am a warrior beast that is to protect you from harm." Harry nodded.

"I am Harry Potter and I will be happy to be in your and Renia's care!" he cheered happily.

Harry gathered some gold and he and Damon walked out.

"Take me back to the surface world so that I can buy my familiar." Darknail nodded but handed Harry a platinum chain leash to hook onto Renia's color and a woven gold lead to wrap around Damon's neck.

Darknail took them up and let them out the back with directions to a good pet shop and to Ollivander's.

Harry decided to get his Familiar first. The shop that he was sent to was kind of shady but he liked the feel of it. He entered with Renia on his heels. Damon had opted to stand outside to keep harm away.

"Hello, you are a very special little boy aren't ya?" Harry turned and saw a tall man with black hair and a rather scary look in his eyes.

"I am Rabastan Lestrange and you are my lords little one! Well I was told not to take you so I won't but I know what you want."

Renia was not attacking so this man was not a threat so Harry followed the man till he stopped at a cage of reptiles.

"Pick a pretty one and go get your wand. You can have it for free!"

Harry nodded and Rabastan walked away.

Harry looked through the creatures before spotting a lovely black snake with gold markings.

"Hello pretty, would you like to come with me?" He asked the lovely snake.

She lifted her head and slithered up to him.

"You speak child. I will be happy to be in your care. My name is Siska."

Harry grinned and let the large snake wrap around his neck.

"Come Renia, lets us go get my wand." He exited the shop feeling very happy. If only he knew that people thought these pets were dark and thought him to be a dark wizard.

He found Ollivander's and entered the dusty shop.

"I knew you would be coming to see me. You are looking for your wand and I already have it."

He handed Harry a dusty case. Harry opened it and smiled when he saw the elegant Purple Heart wood. He removed it and gave it a flick. Silver sparks flew from the tip to say that it worked.

"The core is phoenix tail feather with basilisk blood. It is very strong, very dark and very protective of its owner. This is usually found to be what an abused child would have and what the dark lords' love should have."

Harry smiled at the man and paid for the wand before heading to the place where he would meet his family.

He was early and the meeting place was right in front of the quidditch store so Harry browsed before buying a firebolt. He also bought a trunk there which he shrunk and slipped into his pocket along with the broom.

He waited only another 5 minutes for his family. They showed up but stopped dead when they saw the creatures. His father stormed up and yelled "Home, Now!" Harry almost laughed at the face he made.

Harry let Renia teleport him home with Damon and they only had to wait a minute for his family to arrive. Harry quickly accioed his acceptance letter just before his father got there.

"Where in bloody hell did you get such dark creatures!?" His father screamed. James went to grab him but Renia jumped in front of Harry.

"You will not harm the boy! He is our ward and you, who has no claim to the vaults of old for your blood was to diluted, cannot stop us from defending him." His mother screeched in outrage.

"He is just a squib!" She yelled.

Damon answered that one.

"No, Seth is a squib. Harry Potter is the strongest wizard other than Voldemort himself on this planet. He is the Boy who lived! You can go on with whatever you want but we are going to the academy and you will not stop us!"

Damon placed a wing around Harry and Renia her tail around her arm just as Harry activated the portkey.

Harry felt the pull at his stomach and knew it had worked.

"You can open your eyes, Harry." Renia told him.

Harry did as told and smiled at the shocked look on the woman in front of his face.

"Well you must be Harry Potter! I have been waiting for you. My name is Narcissa Malfoy and I am the headmistress of Draconic Academy."

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