Love is Blood Deep 19

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Harry sat against the wall waiting…everything was ready, now all that was needed was the key characters.

He had spent the last week damaging the runes but it had taken that long to even make a small dent… His body was to abused and hurt and with the risk to his baby…Harry wouldn't do it, he couldn't risk it.

The picture Seth had left his was safely hidden away within the potions box and while he did this, something told his brother was protecting him somewhere.

Maybe it had to do with the fact that Albus hadn't come up or the add way better food was being sent to him but he knew, he was being helped.


An urgent whisper drug him from his thoughts as he looked at the window to see Renia, her large form comforting as he smiled softly at her, ignoring his body's protests as he stood.

"Ren! It's wonderful to see you again but if you could go ahead and free me now that would be lovely."

His smile was dark and Renia could suddenly see exactly how this young boy could handle so much darkness in his life and remain so untainted…his own darkness swallowed up everything else around him.

"Sure thing darling."

She disappeared from the window and suddenly, a phoenix flew in. Harry instantly recognized this as the dark phoenix Damon had once brought to meet them. Now, to Harry at least, this was his savior.

"I am Fakir. Please stand back young lord, I am going to melt the bars."

Harry had no problem following those words as he slumped back against the wall, Miko staying next to him. The raven haired boy was expecting some showy blast of power from the dark creature as he stared intently but instead, all he saw was a soft lilac light and suddenly, the bars disintegrated.

Alarms sounded in their heads as the runes left announced the removal of the bars and Harry used an unknown strength to push off the wall and rush to the unbarred window on the other side of the tower.

"Jump Harry!"

Harry froze though, turning to grab Miko even as Albus rushed up the steps.

"Miko! You have to fly, please fly!"

The door flew open, Seth and Albus rushing in as the dark dragon leapt from the window, large black wings springing from his back.


Harry looked between Renia outside the window, Seth at the door and the brick that hid the photo and the potions.

"Seth! Come with me, escape with me please!"

Harry never thought he would ask his hated twin to come with him but here he was, begging his brother to jump out a tower window to freedom with him. Everyone was shocked but Seth just shook his head, a pained smile on his face as he mouthed words to Harry so no one could hear him.

'Too much has happened. Go now, don't worry about me be free Harry and remember….I will always both love and hate you.'

Harry nodded tightly, both at the statement and in agreement to their love/hate relationship before throwing himself out the window…just as a spell hit him in the back. His head snapped around to see Seth grabbing Albus's arm which held a wand and shouting for them to "Get Harry out of here!"

And then everything went black…


Line Break


Tom seethed.

The mission to save Harry had been started 2 hours ago and yet no one had returned. The only thing keeping him from storming around the throne room and probably calling in a few of the lesser death eaters to kill was the little sleeping angel in his lap.

For her, he would be patient and do his best to not worry…

An hour later, his patience was rewarded with the doors flying open and revealing the founders, a dark child and Renia followed up by Fakir and Fion….Harry was slumped over his cat's back.


Tom lifted Mira gently and handed her off to Bella before rushing to the side of his injured lover.

"We don't know what's wrong with him but he won't wake up. He was hit with a spell as he dove from the tower and since then, has been unconscious."

Tom lifted the injured body of his beloved carefully, noting the added weight of almost four months of pregnancy.

"Cissa, Lucius, come with me. Bella, watch Amira and the rest of you? Get out of my sight."

The last was growled out, his anger finally boiling over as he carried Harry to their rooms and laid him down upon the cool comforter. He quickly took scissors to the back of the simple white shirt Harry wore and stared heatedly at the burned flesh…

Mors Amplexu

The words were singed across his beloved's back and instantly Tom knew the spell that had been cast.

"I'll kill him…" was the quiet whisper that left his lips.

Lucius was the first to speak up.

"What does this mean Tom…"

The man did not turn to face them, nor did he look anywhere other than at that wounded boy.

"It means that he is trapped in a sleep similar to death until we can break the curse… He won't change though his pregnancy should continue as normal…"

As Cissa went to place a hand on the Lord, Tom finally cracked, tears slipping down his face as he leaned over his lover and calling out for him.

"Harry…come back…please come back to me my love…"

Fion, her form completely enlarged to that of an adult, stepped forward. Her ethereal beauty nothing in Tom's eyes compared to Harry even as she turned him to her.

"He is a dragon! Have faith in him Tom Riddle. I will heal his body and give him strength until he awakens to have faith Tom for I do not care if I die saving my master."

Tom glared at the girl but it was weak compared to her determination and Tom had no choice other than to nod. For now, all he could do was plan their counter attack while his lover slept.

Storming out of the room, he headed off to his study to try and pull himself together, all the while he prayed that Harry made a swift recover and they could see the birth of their second child together…

"He will get better right Fion?"

Cissa's voice trembled as Lucius wrapped his friend in a hug, her tears spilling over as she looked down at her black haired son.

Fion's eyes darkened slightly as she looked over the boy's body and nodded.

"I am sure it will work…even if I die, I will make sure it works."

With that, she lay down next to the boy and grasped his hand, melding her power with his as sleep over took her. Lucius led Cissa out and looked at the people standing outside the door before shaking his head.

"Harry has been put under a sleep curse 'Mors Amplexu' and until we can break it, he will may in a never changing sleep."

Draco broke down and cried, holding onto his twin lovers while a dark skinned boy stepped forward, previously clouded eyes clear as water now.

"I will help heal him…he saved me and it is the least I can do to help him."

The boy pushed past the two Malfoy's and disappeared into the room while Lucius turned to Rowena.


"Miko, the dark dragon prince who had been captured by Albus and brainwashed. I undid the binds on his mind and he remembers most of his time with Harry. I am sure between him and Fion they can save Harry, do not fear Lucius, your son will be well."

Lucius nodded before sighing tiredly.

"I am more worried about Tom…he is not handling this well and I am scared he will do something foolish."

Everyone nodded slowly as their thoughts turned to the older man.

"Godric, Sal, go talk to Tom. I am going to do everything I can to get into that child's mind and drag him out. Helga, go look up this spell and bring me the conclusion of your research."

Each did as they were bid, Helga heading to the library, Rowena into the room while Godric and Sal headed after the angered Lord. The remaining group pondered over who had the harder job of the founders.

When Sal came up to the door first, he didn't bother knocking. Instead, choosing to channel his inner Gryffindor as he banged open the door and stormed in, Godric eagerly falling into step behind the other.

Tom looked up at them from his desk, the room in shambles around him.

"Tom, you need to be strong right now. For your daughter's sake."

The glare he got was one that could have rivaled Salazar's own in Godric's mind but he didn't say anything, only chiming in when it looked like Tom was about ready to hex them.

"Tom, Sal is right. Amira is going to need you while we all work to bring Harry around. Have faith in Harry at least, even if you can't put any in us but don't give up all hope."

Sal glanced at the Gryffindor, slightly amused that everyone seemed to be channeling each other's houses since that had to be the most intelligent thing Godric had ever said.

"Don't give in just because bad shit keeps happening! You'll see Tom, everything is gonna be fine in the end and me and Sal will so prove it to you!"

And then Sal took back his last mental statement, maybe the boy was just hyper…

Tom on the other hand sighed and stood, putting the room back in order slowly as he spoke.

"I understand…I understand! But dammit! It's hard…and I hate it…I hate them all for letting this happen and I can't stand it. It feels like I am slipping the longer he is away from me and soon…I feel I won't be able to stop myself from killing the next person to piss me off."

Sal and Godric looked at each other before back at Tom.

"That's because of the mating. You just need to channel that energy and use it to the best of your ability. I would suggest using it to plot against Albus Dumbledore."

Tom nodded tiredly and waved them off, saying he was going to get some sleep before dealing with anything…if he could sleep with his mind so filled with worry for his little love.


Line Break


A punch landed square on Albus's face as Seth snarled at him and the last of the rescuers escaped out the window.

"You bastard! I am so sick and tired of losing my family and loved ones and this all happened because of you! If you had never come into our house that night and told our parents I was the boy who lived and corrupted them, this never would have happened!"

Seth wasn't expecting the body bind that struck him, sending him harshly to the floor as the hated old man stood and brushed himself off, a sick glint in his eyes.

"Why my boy, if I hadn't done that, they would have known you were a weakling! Barely more than a squib you are. You can defeat them all though if you let me help you out…weather you want my help or not."

The old, cold hand that touched his cheek made him recoil in disgust while Albus just laughed and dove into the boy's mind. Final words flitted through his thoughts before everything went black, filled with hatred by the old man's tricks and he lost all sense of himself.

Harry….I'm sorry

Albus took total control as an ear splitting shriek rose up in the night from that tower cell. It was the final call of Seth Potter, the twin of Harry Potter.

As the sound grew softer and drew to an end, all that remained was Seth Potter, mortal enemy of Harry Malfoy-Riddle and the Dark Side….and for once, Albus Dumbledore won at something with Harry unconscious and Seth turned against all feelings for his brother.




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