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Spot didn't remember how Kya had wound up as a newsie staying at the lodging house and completely loyal to him. He remembered fighting someone, but really, he fought people daily. Why should he bother to remember one?

But how she had showed up was beyond the point. Right now, he just needed her to do something for him. A matter of revenge, really. Jack Kelly had beaten him at a game of poker a few nights ago, and he would use one of his favorite newsies to get his revenge.

You guessed it. Kya was going to Manhattan.

On a mission.

A rather dangerous mission.

Luckily, none of the Manhattan newsies had ever met or even heard of Kya. She was the ultimate secret weapon. And luckily, she was a very talented actress. And even more luckily, she agreed that this would be the perfect revenge, though, to Spot's annoyance, she kept referring to it as a "prank". As if any prank in history had ever been this well thought out!

Because this plan was genious. It was almost impossible and that was what would make it so much more satisfying.

Kya was going to steal Jack Kelly's bandana.