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'Noooooooooooooo' 'You promised you wouldn't hurt him. I'm sorry Zan, I'm so.sorry. I didn't mean to. I'm so.sorry. Help me Zan. Help me. Zaaaaannnnnn.' 'Izzy. Wake up.' Isabel woke to see Max beside her, 'you're ok Izzy. I'm here. What happened?' 'I don't know. I just..I cant explain it.' She replied 'I'll be ok' 'Are you sure?' a worried Max asked. 'Yeah I'm sure. So are we meeting the gang at the crashdown?' 'Yeah we are, I'm going right now. Are you coming?' 'I think so. Yeah I'll be there in 20 minutes I want to have a shower first.' 'Ok' Max left Isabel in deep thought, 'should I tell them? Is it important? Why me?'


'Ok so Liz tell me who is it Johnny Depp or Keanu Reeves?' Maria quizzed 'Umm.both' Liz replied while cleaning a table. 'You can't choose both. That's cheating' Maria exclaimed. 'Yes I can. Now you Michael or Brad Pitt?' Liz challenged. 'Hey that is so totally unfair. I never mentioned Max. How can you make me choose?' wailed Maria 'Hey I never said you couldn't bring Max into this. So whos it going to be?' 'Well I guess it has to be my useless yet wonderful boyfriend' she replied after deep thought. 'Did I just hear you ladies complementing me?' A sarcastic Michael quizzed. Maria turned around startled but pleased to find him standing there. 'When did you walk in?' 'Oh just at the part where you where talking about how useful I am! So tell me again why are we dating?' 'Oh shut up Michael' Maria said playfully as she kissed him. 'I remember now. So where are Max and Izzy?' Michael asked as he pulled away from Maria. 'I'm here and Izzy should be coming with Kyle in 15 minutes. Hi Liz.' Replied Max as he entered the crashdown. 'Hey' Liz replied as she walked up to kiss him. Pulling away Max told the rest of the group about how worried he was about Isabel. ' She woke up this morning screaming Zan's name. But she wouldn't tell me anything.' 'Maybe she couldn't remember. That's possible isn't it?' Maria asked 'It is but I have a feeling she's holding out on us.' Max replied.


Isabel walks into her room to find Alex sitting on her bed. 'Alex! H.H.Ho.w? How can you be here?' she asked in a shocked state. 'Hi Isabel. I've missed you. I've not got to long but I need to tell you that you haven't yet defeated the skins. The dreams you've been having are signs. You've got to go to Sunnydale. Maria's cousin, Xander, lives there. Tell your parents it's a road trip.' He starts to fade 'I love you Isabel. Tell the gang I said hi. I'll always watch over you!' 'No' she screamed 'I love you Alex, don't go. I have so much to tell you. Alex I need you here with me.' 'I am with you Isabel. Always.' He fades and we hear always being echoed. 'ALEXXX' Isabel sobs knowing she has once again lost the man she loved.


Isabel rushes in looking flushed. 'Its Alex' Kyle rushes to her 'Izzy are you ok?' 'I'm ok. Its Alex. I saw him.' Looking concerned Max gets up 'Izzy. Alex is gone. You can't have seen him.' 'Max I saw him. He told me that the skins are in Sunnydale. We have to go now!' she replied Maria looked shocked 'Sunnydale? Are you sure? Its just that that's where.' 'Xander lives?' Isabel finished for her 'I know Alex told me,' 'I believe her' Liz looked very convinced ' only me and Alex know Xander' 'OK, so what are we waiting for lets go!' Michael said impulsively 'It is summer break so lets take a road trip. I'm sure Xander will be pleased to see you Maria.' 'Yeah he will be. I haven't seen him in like 5 years. Its your call Max.' Maria looked at Max. Max sat in deep thought. He looked up to see all eyes on him. ' Ok lets go. But remember this is not a holiday it's a war.' 'OK Maxwell, you really have to take it easy. Lets go show those skins who's boss.' Michael replied all fired up at the prospect of leaving Roswell for a while.