WARNING: Er... rambling on about random stuff?

Rated: T for language (later on) and other stuff that'll happen in the future, don't want to spoil :D

Chapter 01: What I'll Call A Prolouge

It was when I was thirteen that I realised I was gay. Yes, gay. For those who don't know what it means, it meant being a homosexual person, or so what the dictionary tells me.

It all started when I was in year 7. It was like any typical day. Trying to get to class on time. Giving teachers lame excuses if you're late. Bringing IPods to class and listen to it. Hanging around with a bunch of new friends you made.

It was about the end of the year when I first saw him. Yep the guy of my dreams. The big hot-shot in the school.

Leonhart. SORA Leonhart.

I was just chatting to my best bud, Hayner that I knew since I was a kid when the teacher asked for our attention. And then when Sora walked into the class, I fell in love.

Yes, you may think 'Oh god, how lame, it won't last long.' But it's the truth.

I fell for him hard.

His smooth and silky chocolate brown hair spiking up in different directions His cerulean blue eyes glowing with gleefulness as he smiled. Oh god. His smile. An angelic smile that took hold of anyone's heart within milliseconds. Kind of like Medusa and turning people into stone. Yeah, that kind of concept.

Anyway as he walked into our class and introduced him, before I could even talk, the girls began squealing and tried to drag them into their friendship group. And guess which group he ended up in? The 'Popular Group' consisting of all the most popular people in the school.

Well isn't this a typical romance story.

That is a place that'll I can never approach. I mean it has all the hot jocks like that Silent Riku, which somehow attracted 99% of the school's girl population into loving him. Well maybe not that extreme.

Oh well, but now I guess you understand the sad situation I'm in. I'm practically a NOBODY in his life. A NOBODY I repeat.

Well if you're reading this, I guess I can be thankful since I can release the pain I feel in my heart. Well that was three years ago, and if you're so good in maths that you can add numbers you can probably work out how old I am now. The answer is sixteen. Actually fifteen turning sixteen is more exactly but who cares. Maths is not exactly my forte.

Three years passed so quickly and before I knew it, I was a year ten. Life passes so quickly and within those three years, all I've ever done was watch him from a distance. I mean I'm like a nobody to him, though that thought still hurts me a little. But, its reality and I can't run away from it. Well apart from my love life, I'm pretty much satisfied with everything else. I got great teachers for all of my subjects...actually a majority of it. I have a goddamn witch for geography who thinks its science and keeps dragging us to do science experiments instead of geography, which ticks me off since Geography is a subject you can sleep through. Science is also chaotic since this bald head man name 'Xehanort' keeps rambling on about heart and how it works. Dude we already know that a heart has fours chambers and blood goes through it to get oxygen, and we know what a freakin' heart looks like since we dissected it about 1 MILLION TIMES! And then for Maths we have this wizard-like dude, who looks wise, but is in fact a completely wuss. He has no class-control what-so-ever and hides behind the table when the situation gets out of hand. Not like I care. Everything is probably as ridiculous as the few classes I mentioned... so I guess a majority of my class is complete shit. Apart from Art. It is probably the only class I pay attention to. We have this very nice teacher who recently graduated out of Uni and began teaching. She is such a great who allows IPods to be used and gives us help when we need to draw something difficult, but somehow all the guys, especially Hayner rambles on about how hot she was, not I was interested in girls then, but I kept laughing, since I thought Hayner's mind was already occupied with Olette.

Well that should be enough of School Life, should I tell you about my private life?

Well, my family consist of Terra, Aqua, Ventus (Ven for short) and me. Well technically Aqua is not related to us by blood, but she's Terra's girlfriend so I guess she's part of the family. If you're wondering why we don't have any parents, well they all died. It started off when Terra's mother died, so his father got married to our mother. But she dies later on, like when Ven and I were 5, leaving my dad behind again. Then he overworked, trying to look after us, so he died of exhaustion. That was when Terra was 16 and Ven and I were 8. Back then, our uncle Cid decided to take us in, until Terra reached 18. After that, Terra became our guardian and looked after us ever since, occasionally borrowing help from Uncle Cid very now and then. Did I also mention that Ven and I were twins? Don't think so, I think it was obvious. I literally look like a clone of Ven, apart from our personality. Ven is more outgoing and cheerful, like Sora, while I was more...reserved. What the annoying part is that sometimes I have weird people jumping on top of me shouting out 'VEN' and literally clobber me. That was painful. So we decided wear something to differentiate each other. I wore a black wristband while he wore a white one.

My friends... are crazy. They are the craziest bunch I ever befriended. Hayner loves picking fights with Seifer and his gang and somehow drags me into fighting alongside him. He's probably the most rash out of us. Olette is the serious one out of all of us. She has a thing for homework. She loves making us do our work so well we get A's. If we don't...you don't want to know what happens next. Pence, my dear friend Pence. He's amazing. Always somehow gets the latest gossip of the school, loves taking photos of random thing. Like a pencil... But he's a great pal to hang around with.

By the way, I better warn you guys before it's too late, but you probably don't want to hang around with me too much. I used to be part of this gang called Organisation 13. Well it's actually 14, but everyone likes saying 13 more since it sounds cooler. We used to beat other gangs up and do illegal stuff like smoking and drugs...well I didn't do the drug or smoking part since a friend of mine in the gang told me to value your health. What a hypocrite. Well I left it a long time ago since Ven said its bad news, but I'm still in touch with a few of them. So beware of me.

By the way, if you don't know, my name is Roxas. Roxas Begyndelse. And if you're wondering why I writing all of this down, well I guess I want someone to know my story of the reality.

Well, this is my story. And it is only the beginning.

Where should I start...yes, how about when I had my first encounter with Sora? That will be a great start.

YAY! I WROTE A NEW STORY. This story has been stuck in my head for ages for I decided to write it down. Hope you would like it. And Review please, always makes me day. If you're wondering how I got Roxas's surname, I translate 'Beginning' on Google translate to Danish, well it sounds fine at least.

I really should lay off Final Fantasy X. Been replaying it countless times, it's amazing I'm still not sick of it...:D