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Chapter 07: Confrontations

Sora grumbled as they began planning another plan to get Xerxes into jail.

"Since Roxas had some business to take care of, I guess I'll tag along." Van said, adding another stick figure in Sora's 'artistic' drawing.

"I'm coming along as well." Vanitas said, earning handful of eyes staring at him. "This is my problem as well. I also need to deal with it."

"But-"Sora said, but Vanitas butted in. "Sora. I'm being serious here."

Vanitas glared into Sora dark blue orbs, trying to express his feelings through his gaze. Sora could only sigh in defeat.


"Ok, now the plan is finalised. Firstly, we have to get Vanitas discharged." Leon said as he stood up, "I'm going to the reception to ask for permission."

"Ok." Sora said, nodding in agreement.

Roxas half-heartily listened to the complaints and grumbled of his red-haired old friend. Every now and then, his gaze drifted to the direction of the hospital, his mind wandering away from the conversation, and was consumed by the thoughts of Sora.

"Sora…" Roxas whispered before he was whacked on the head.

"ROXAS! You listening? Don't you think Saix was being UNFAIR?" Axel shouted before he broke out in tears.

"I'm not going to fall for your crocodile tears." Roxas muttered, glancing at the direction of the hospital for the last time before he faced Axel again. "Was what you told me over the phone true?"

Axel immediately stopped his little act.

"Yeah. Apparently there is someone going around using our names. Demyx went investigating about this matter, and apparently Marluxia Is behind this scheme."

"What's his motive?" Roxas replied.

Axel fell silent for a moment, gazing at the young children before he continued. "Xemnas. And her."

"Does he know…?"

"Don't worry, he still hasn't found out her location yet. " Axel replied quickly, and then smiled. "We're making sure nothing happens to her."

Roxas smiled in relief. "Thank god."

Axel immediately continued. "Roxas, we need your help. We need to stop Marluxia before he does something stupid."

"Ok." The reply was also immediate.

Axel smiled as he stood up. "Let's go."

Roxas nodded before he gazed at his sea salt ice-cream. He smiled as the words 'WINNER' slowly engulf his mind.

He smiled as he got up.

I'll keep this so I can get a free one later.

Sora gulped as he stared at the apartment in front of him. It was a huge sight to see. Newspapers and magazines were stuffed in the mail box as the rusted door looked it would collapse anytime soon. The stairs they climbed up before they reached the door was squeaky and some were even wobbly. It was obvious the whole apartment had low maintenance and it's was also obvious that the ray for the rent was extremely cheap.

Vanitas immediately opened the door, revealing a pigsty that one cannot comprehend. The horrible stench was the first thing everyone noticed as the stench worse than vomit filled the fresh air that was surrounding them before. Clothes of all sorts could be seen lying in the most absurd places and all the boxes from the take-away was lying in a heap in the kitchen. The rubbish bin was overflowing with revolting tissues and pieces of moulded bread laid around the table with water that is not clear, but greenish yellow.

Sora glanced around the rotting wood barely supporting the structure of the building and the cobwebs building up in all corners of the house. He carefully trod his way around the house, trying to find any signs of Xerxes.

"Vanitas….how the hell did you live in this place?" Sora grumbled in disgust, nearly stepping on a rotten banana lying in the middle of nowhere.

"Don't ask me. It just happens." Vanitas grumbled.

Leon just stood outside. "I'll be here, if something happens."

Vanitas signalled Sora and Ven to a room.

"He's usually there with some whore he found on the road." Vanitas grumbled before he opened the door, revealing Xerxes and a slut-looking woman next to him, only wearing her lingerie. She immediately grabbed her clothes and ran off.

"That chick was pretty hot." Vanitas whistled as he watched the prostitute run off, bumping into Ven on the way. "Better than the other whores you pick up, Xerxes."

Xerxes immediately perked up, glaring at Vanitas. "So you're still alive, you lowlife."

"Talk about yourself." Vanitas growled.

Xerxes just spat at him before he switched his glare to Sora, who was equally glaring back at him.

"Well, look who decided to appear. Sora." Xerxes stood up as he hissed Sora's name in disgust.

"What is wrong with him?" Ven growled as he watched the glaring battle between Sora and Xerxes.

Vanitas just continued watching the drama.

"Xerxes. It's about time you take your punishment." Sora growled, trying to restrain himself from hitting the man in front of him.

Xerxes replied by giving a punch into Sora's face. In second, Sora was on the floor, cringing from the pain.

"Sora!" Ven gasped as he ran to Sora, helping him sit up.

"Xerxes!" Vanitas growled as he grabbed his collar. "How many times do I have to tell you? Don't fucking touch Sora."

Xerxes began laughing hysterically and pushed Vanitas away.

"Damn you. Vanitas, Sora. Because of you two, I could be living a different life right now. Without you two, I would never lose my money, and Iris wouldn't betray me. If it wasn't for you, I could be living a peaceful life in a mansion, not in this crappy apartment." Xerxes bellowed, grabbed a Swiss knife in his pocket. "You know, I'm so glad I carry this around… it makes me a lot more relieved. And this as well."

Xerxes pulled out a gun, the same gun from 8 years ago and aimed it at Vanitas.

"You fucking make me sick." Vanitas charged towards him. He lifted his knee high, knocking the gun off Xerxes' hand and elbowed him into the wall.

"YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Xerxes shouted as he grabbed the Swiss knife and stabbed it into Vanitas.

Cries of shock filled the room as Vanitas stepped back, collapsing on his knees.

"Vanitas!" Ven cried as he grabbed Vanitas' body, preventing it from falling.

Xerxes immediately grabbed the gun that was dropped on the ground and pointed it at Vanitas.

Sora immediately moved to grab the gun, but Xerxes was faster. Using his gun, he shot a few bullets, one narrowly missing Vanitas, but the others scrapped Vanitas's body.

"Don't move." Xerxes whispered as he glared at the stunned brunet, his eyes widening at the sight of his brother and the blood coming out from the place he was stabbed.

"We need to take him to the hospital quick." Ven whispered, putting pressure on the wound, attempting to stop the flow of blood.

"You two were mistakes. I should have never had you. You're a piece of shit. You don't deserve to live, you fag. Don't you dare come near me…" Xerxes cackled as Sora's face whitened, watching his brother slowly dying away

Then the string of patience broke.

"Sora." A deep commanding voice growled.

Sora looked around, trying to find the source. He glanced at Ven and gasped. Ven was glaring at Xerxes. His eyes narrowed as he gently placed Vanitas on the floor.

"You bastard…." The voice growled, almost like a hungry beast before Ven disappeared.

"What?" Xerxes said. Sora, using this chance, made his way to Vanitas and check on his condition.

"Vanitas, you still there?" Sora whispered as he lifted Vanitas up. Vanitas slowly opened his eyes before he pointed to Xerxes' direction. Sora followed the direction to see Ven pointing the gun at Xerxes.

"How-"Sora whispered before Ven spoke.

"Aren't you the filthy one here?" Ven growled, never breaking the eye contact from Xerxes, who was now kneeling stupefied. "You're a sad cause, losing your way through life. So what? You lost your money, but you know that it was completely your fault. Didn't you also take responsibility in looking after Vanitas and Sora when their mother was pregnant? You sick bastard. Looking at you makes me sick. Did you have fun fucking every girl you saw? Did you have fun drinking, smoking and even taking drugs? You're the sad cause, going violent literally every day. Have you thought of karma?" Ven growled, each word coated with venom. "WELL HAVE YOU?"

Sora and Vanitas watched as their 'father' whimpered from the intimidating aura Ven was releasing. Ven was trembling, you could tell, but his face was serious and you could tell he was extremely angry by the way Xerxes was acting. Ven continuously bit his lip, his eyes narrowing when Xerxes made a single sound.

"Why don't you get it?" Ven whispered as tears formed in his aqua blue orbs. Xerxes just stared as Ven dropped the gun, smiling as he heard it connect with the ground. His sweaty hands reached out for the gun before it was kicked away, out of his reach.

Ven grabbed Xerxes' collar and pulled him up.

"Why don't you get it? Why don't you understand other people's feelings? Why did you stray from your path? Why did you make so many mistakes in your life? Why? Why? Why?" Ven continued shouting in his face, the tears blurring his vision.

"You think I didn't understand anything?" Xerxes managed to whisper. "I always wanted to redeem myself. To Iris and my kids… but I prevented myself from it. I wanted to think this was a dream. I wanted to go back to the past, where I was still a loving dad…"

Droplets of water fell down Xerxes face as he continued, "I ran away from reality, from my life by doing the most ridiculous things. I lost hope in redeeming myself. I lost all my connection. My wife didn't want me, my relatives said I was a disgrace, and Vanitas only followed me with the thought he could protect his brother and mother like that. I know all those stuff…but I never got the courage…the courage to apologise….

"I pitied myself the whole time. I thought of myself as a man who should never lived, and I released all my anger on Vanitas, who was always around me. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm such a sad excuse of a father. I don't deserve to live. I should have killed myself!" Xerxes sobbed as he hiccupped on his words. Ven let him go as Xerxes slid down onto the ground. "Boy, you're right. I'm a sad cause. A sick bastard. I'm filthy…"

Vanitas grumbled as he pulled out the knife near his tummy, ripped a bit of his shirt and tied it around his wounded area, wincing in pain at the same time.

"Vanitas!" Sora hissed. Vanitas just flashed a small smile before he began walking to Xerxes. "You finally realised you're a dick."

Xerxes immediately faced his son, who was smirking at him. Vanitas turned around and signalled Sora to come.

"Don't we deserve an apology from you?" Vanitas said as he stared at Xerxes.

"Vanitas…" Ven smiled, wiping the tears that continuously flow down his cheek.

Xerxes kneeled down and bowed. "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry for all the pain I inflicted on you. I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused. I'm sorry for the violence I started. I'm sorry for everything I caused!"

"Xerxes." Sora whispered. Xerxes automatically looking up, only to see a fist flying towards him.


Sora sighed as walked towards Xerxes. "I'm not ready to forgive you yet."

Vanitas chuckled in replied. "You just beat me in a few seconds."

Sora just did the 'victory' sign before he faced Xerxes, who was massaging his nose, in which Sora broke.

"But I know one thing you can do, to make me forgive you." Sora said, his eyes glaring down at Xerxes who kneel before him again.

"I'll do anything!" Xerxes replied.

"Repay for your sins." Sora said, and then walked off, leaving them alone.

"Huh?" Xerxes said before he heard the sound of the police siren.

"Well you have you answer now." Vanitas said pointing to the direction of the front door. "You should admit to your sins to the police, and then your sentence may be shorter."

Xerxes just sat there, dazed, then Ven kneeled next to him and whispered, "Go. You want to redeem yourself after the countless years of being filthy, right? Be reformed as a new 'Xerxes'. Be the new Xerxes who has the confidence and the will to undo everything he's done." Ven smiled.

"Thanks….boy." Xerxes said as he got up.

"My name is Ventus. Ven for short." Ven said as he, too, got up.

"Alright Ven, I hope we get to meet again. I'm going to turn myself over to the police." Xerxes said as he followed Sora's direction.

Vanitas watched his father walk out of sight before he collapse.

"VANITAS!" Ven shouted as he picked up Vanitas from the floor.

But by then, everything went black in his mind.

Roxas sighed as he gazed at the building before him. A huge building, grand and exquisite, with many windows placed on it. There is a car park placed next to it, with many different colour and sorts of car scattered in the car park, like a chessboard. The building reaches up to the sky.

"How the hell did you get an apartment in one of the grandest apartment around here?" Roxas grumbled as he mentally admired the beauty of the building.

"Hey, we're not that poor! Beside we have connections." Axel chuckled at him before he walked into the building, winking at the females passing by.

"Still a playboy as ever." Roxas sniggered as Axel headed to the elevator.

"It makes life interesting." Axel said.

"How?" Roxas retorted, watching Axel press the level 10 button.

"You're too young Roxas. Too young… or too gay." Axel chuckled as he ran out of the elevator once the doors open before Roxas could kill him.

"Why you!"


In the end Axel got kicked by Roxas.

"Ok we're here." Axel said, a smile plastered on his face as he greeted the familiar faces.

"Hey, Saix! Demyx! I'm back!" Axel said as he waltzed in. "Where's Zexion? Whoa! Even Xigbar, Xaldin and Luxord are here!"

"How many times do I have to tell you that my name is Isa!"

"Well Saix was your alias."

"Shut up Demyx."

Roxas chuckled as he watched the nostalgic scene before him.

"Ok, let's start the meeting, shall we?" Axel said, "Still, where's Zexion?"

"Spying." Saix said before he continued his argument with Demyx.

"Ah-ha." Axel said as he and Roxas took a place in the living room.

"Ok, now Roxas is here, let's begin the meeting." Axel said before he grabbed the unopened beer.

"So much for a meeting." Roxas grunted in replied, resting his chin on his palm and watch everyone calm down.

"Looks like you still have one hell of a mouth, Roxas." Xigbar chuckled as he continued the game of 'Old Maid' with Luxord and Xaldin."

"Ok, we're really starting the meeting. " Saix said as he grabbed a whiteboard out of nowhere and placed it on the table.

"Firstly, Marluxia's motive." Saix wrote on the whiteboard.

"Ansem and…" Axel started.

"Xion." Roxas finished.

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