It's been 7 years since the western ball. Rin, Shippo, Maru, Toga, and Sakura have grown allot since then. Rin is now 16 along with Shippo.

Maru is almost 9 years old and the twins are 7. I can not believe how much they have grown over the past 7 years. Our lives have been very busy.

Mom and Andrew had their wedding 6 and half years ago and my Mother looked gorgeous in her wedding gown.

Takaya and Taylor have a beautiful baby girl which they named Hope. Inuyasha and Mikomi have a new baby girl named Kate, and Miroku and Sango have a new baby boy they named Jethro.

Everything gets so hectic around here. Inutaisho and Jen renewed their matting vows and they act like love birds all the time. Now I know what Sesshomaru and I look like.

I just found out not long ago that I am pregnant. The well now lets my family pass threw any time and I gave them each a charm that way when they come back I know.

Both of the twins have their own swords and Sesshomaru is training them both, and they are both very good.

Inuyasha and Mikomi have their own castle not far from our own. Miroku, Sango and their children live in the demon slayers village.

I look at Sesshomaru who is lying beside me in our bed. Everything around us is just so perfect and great. I say.

"I love you so much Sesshomaru"

"I love you too my Kagome"

We look into each other's eyes and seal our love with a kiss.

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