Hope you enjoy this story :)!


"You look so sexy babe!" my boyfriend exclaimed as I walked into the living room. "Thanks" I said smiling "lets go". I grabbed my purse and we headed out the door to his 08 Acura TL and got in driving of to ino's party. I was wearing a scarlet red tank corset and black skinny jeans with a chain belt and a studded belt crossing. My hair was down as usaul.

When we got there the party was already banging and I instantly made a B-line for the drinks. Spiked with something strong I hope. Just incase I poured vadoka in mine and began slipping away.

It wasn't long before faces began blurring and I lost all track of kiba. I was so wasted I just started swinging my head round and round my raven hair whiping around everywhere then everything went blank.

"Ughhhhhhhh" I opened my eyes to a dim lite room and looked around. I was in a bed with burnt orange sheets and loots of big orange pillows. My first thought oh shit please tell me i'm still a virgin!I sat up and through the blankets off me to find I was only in a big white shirt and my undergarments. " well atleast im not naked." I said shaking my head. " Don't worry we didn't have sex" I herd a males voice say. I looked over to see this gorgeous and I mean drop dead GORGEOUS Blondie looking back at me. " Thats good because I have a boyfriend." I said smiling. " I have a fiance." He said look at me seriously. " Well then this isn't good. You shouldn't be picking up collage students if your going to get married. Much less let them spend the night." I say getting up and searching for my clothes.

"There in the dryer it was raining last night and you were soaked. Fyi im in collage too second year. I'm guessing your a freshman huh? Most people know me by now and I didn't pick you up you came over to my house remember?" He said sitting down on the bed.

" No all I can remember is m,y boyfriend and vadoka" I said wisfully. He chuckled and said " I thought you were drunk last night when you called I mean its been ages since we last saw each other hinata-chan".

"who are you anyway?"I asked.

"Hinata i'm heart broken you don't remember your valentine!" He said looking hurt.

"Valentine I haven't had one of those since- Uzumaki!"

"Omigod naruto wow you've really grown up since fourth grade. How've you been." I said giving him a bear hug.

"Pretty good you'll never geuss my fiance though." he said.

"Who! Do tell!" I said eger to hear.

" Sakura haruno"