I woke up and yawned stretching my arms way over my head. I smiled down to the blonde now snuggling into my hip, he was still fast asleep and I took the opportunity to jump into the shower. His bathroom was large and fairly famine. He had pink towels, a pink shower curtain, strawberry body soap, bubble gum flavored tooth paste, and a pink luffa. "oh there is no way in hell" I shook my head, no wonder he'd been moping so long this room is the very essence of sakura. I stepped out of the bathroom and wandered to the living room to find gaara on the couch eating lucky charms.

"Good morning…" he said not turning to me. I was happy he wasn't look toward me for I was lacking a bra this morning. "Y-yeah morning" I said back, grabbing my purse from the side of the couch I rushed back into uzumaki's room. Naruto was still asleep but from what I could tell battling an invasion of evil ramen stealing ninja's. "Don't! Not the miso ramen anything but the miso!" he yelled out and rolled over. I giggled he was such a little kid. I grabbed my bra and threw it on the grabbed a t-shirt from his closet and some pants. I knew the pants wouldn't stay up so I rummaged around looking for a belt. Instead I settled for some string and tied the pants to me. I walked back into the living room and stopped before I got to the door. "would you mind telling naruto I'll be back around noon I really don't want to shower in that bathroom" I told gaara. He nodded his head in fixed on his tv show. I smiled and hurried out the door.


I woke up and noticed the warmth of hinata's body was no longer with me and got up. I walked into the living room in hopes of finding her. To my surprise the only person I found was a red head who had consumed the bulk of my cereal. "Gaara, what are you doing here?" I asked rubbing my eyes. I wouldn't have been so surprised if it hadn't been for the fact that it was Monday and suna was 3 hours away with all the morning traffic almost 5. "I was out of cereal" his eyes never left the screen. I shook my head, gaara was a rational guy he knew that wasn't gonna fly. "you got scared didn't you? Got scared and ran away." I looked at him waiting for his head to turn so I could see the fear in his eyes. He didn't turn his head. "hinata's gonna be back at noon.". I sighed and heated up some coffee from last night. I tapped my foot and the black and white tile waiting to hear the ding from the microwave. "Naruto, Do you remember in the 10th grade when our teacher had her baby and my sister would always be baby sitting her?" Gaara asked me. It was weird, gaara wasn't usually the one to reminisce. "yeah" I answered getting my coffee from the microwave.

"one time she came over our house for the whole day, it was an hour before lunch and temari found out the baby didn't have any formula so she told me to watch her while she ran to the super market. Well about 10 minutes in the baby started crying, I picked her up checked her diaper, put her in her swing. Nothing worked she just cried and cried and cried. Finally temari got home, she instantly picked her up rocked her back and forth and hummed to her. The baby stopped crying in 20 seconds flat." He told me shaking his head. "um okay…"

"the point is naruto I didn't know how to calm her down, I was ready to yell. What if I can't make my own kid happy? My voice isn't friendly, my smiles creepy and what if she hate me?" he asked hands combing through his hair. "gaara it'll be your kid, you'll have that father instinct kick in and everything will be fine." I told him. He nodded and turned back to the tv.

I smiled as the bell ran and I walked over to the door. "breakfast anyone" Hinata said holding up a bag of cinnamon rolls.

sorry this is so short and late! i thought giving you something was better then nothing though :/