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Our souls are united

'United At Last'

As I run through the trees, arms killing, legs hurting, but there was no stopping me, I had to keep going, for Pikachu's sake. My hair hanging loosely with nothing to really hold it back as it sways while I run. My dark, brown boots hit the ground with every step I took as well as my dark green top with three buttons going down the top of it flapping away as I run. I pant and pant but keep running. Sprinting and dodging trees as I go, while the machine behind me easily just walks through the trees, I can't help but see my journey end on the same day it started.

My newest partner Piplup, running for its life with his newest friend, Pikachu. What these people want with Pikachu? I don't know, and I pray I don't stick around to find out. As a run, and run, and run, the faster my heart races. I look ahead to find an opening where the Pokémon and me stopped. We only halted because,

It was a dead end

My eyes widened as I hear a horrendous noise behind be and swiftly turn to find the gigantic robot machine towering over me. My hand to my mouth as a gasp comes out with nothing more. Piplup staring with worry while Pikachu eyed at the machine with disgust. All I could feel was fear powering over me as I stared at the robot with a huge 'R' on it's front. As I stare, a robotic arm comes at me, trying to knock me off my feet, only for me to dodge and jump back. The arm kept coming at me, trying to knock me off balance, along with it trying to hit Piplup and Pikachu.

I dodge each hit, when I thought it had ended I only heard a squeal of shock and looked up to one of the spare arms to find Pikachu grasped in it's hand, firmly and tightly as he tried to wriggle out, however this was not seeming to be the best way out.

"Pikachu!" I scream out as the poor creature squeals trying to get out of its grasp. I could only watch in terror.

"Haha! Let's take out the twerpette now!" I was mixed with fascination and confusion when the Meowth shouted it, I mean…it actually…TALKED?!

"Talk to the fist twerpette!" the women with long pink hair shouted as the fist came down. I screeched as I jumped out of the way, avoiding the metal hand before shouting,

"Piplup! Use Bubble!"

"Piplup!" the blue penguin squealed before taking it's mark and sending out some forceful bubbles. However, once the bubbles touched the surface of the robot, they only burst with no scratch and leaving a laughing Team Rocket.

"Don't waste your time twerpette!" the blue haired man shouted from the control room of the robot. I couldn't help but stare in disgust at them. Who does that? Steal Pokémon and think they can get away with it? Looks like my question has been answered. I looked to Piplup, who seemed quite frustrated before it ran in to attack the machine.

"Piplup, wait!" I shrieked as I ran after it

"Oh please, just like a twerp!" the pink haired women yelled and with that an arm from the robot swiftly pushed out to hit Piplup! I quickly run up to the creature, helping it up as it continues to glare.

"Ah, a flying wimp!" the purple haired man squealed as Piplup got back on his feet. I watched as the little one growled at the sight of the three criminals. Not just because of what they did, but what they said to him. Piplup was anything but a wimp and all I could do was stand there and take it.

"Now time to give you some flying lessons!" yelled the talking Meowth as four mechanical arms came out and attempted to come and hit us. I dodged everyone as well a Piplup jumping over the arms of machinery. However, while dodging I managed to trip causing my to fall forward. In the process I think I had twisted my ankle and I looked up towards the robot. My eyes widened with terror as I felt my heart race and my pulse beginning to rise.

"Time to take out the trash!" the Meowth squealed as it pressed a button causing an arm to come at me. I scream as I look away with my hand on my head, trying to protect myself…

"Aipom! Use Swift! Starly, Whirlwind! " a voice shouted from behind and with that a beautiful collage of stars and a gust of wind came to knock against the robot, causing the arms to fling backwards and the whole thing to fall. I turned my head to find a boy launch out of the forest into the opening, one with a red hat and black hair around my age. I then heard Pikachu's squeal, causing me to look up at him. Pikachu's eyes were truly bright with hope and love at the boy with the cap. So I'm guessing he knows him…

"Oh no! It's the old twerp!" screamed all of them as they looked to him.

"PIKACHU!" The boy screamed before running towards the robot.

"Wait! It's too dangerous!" I scream, but from the look of determination in his face, he wasn't going to listen to me. However, metal arms swept down, pushing the boy over onto his side with a huge thud as he landed on the ground. A look of shock came over my face as I ran to him, getting down on my knees checking if he was okay. I put my hands on his shoulders and turn him around with my blue eyes greeting his brown ones. Never in my life had I ever seen…

"Haha! Face it twerp! You're never gonna defeat us!" the woman in the control room shouted. With this, the raven - haired boy pushed himself up with his arms to face the lady and growled, appalled at what she had said.

All I could do was watch and wait with a hint of worry stinging my eyes, "Are you okay?" I asked.

The boy finally looked back to me, before toothy grin crossed his face, "Yeah I'm good, it'll take more then that to bring me down!" he said before shooting up and running towards the robot once again. I couldn't help but be surprised at his sudden actions and emotion, from disgust to happiness in such a short amount of time? Strange, something told me this boy would be something new…

"Looks like someone hasn't learnt their lesson!" the purple haired man snarled as he pushed a button, another swing of the mechanic arm, missing the raven-head as he sprung on the tree nearest to him and then pounce on the mechanic arm that held Pikachu! A gasp could be heard from me as I looked at how dangerously high he was as I looked up to the boy that was climbing up the arm to reach his beloved friend.

"Arg! Stupid twerp!" The pink haired woman screamed as arms swung it's way to the boy climbing up the arm, however, he only seemed to dodge them as he got to his friend before grinning at the yellow mouse.

I could only look up and smile. The two…they seemed to have…such a bond. A bond that clicked perfectly into place. He smiles lovingly at the creature, saying things that seemed to make it beam at the trainer. I was too far away to hear but…

"Aipom, Starly! Distract Team Rocket!" with his instantly shout the purple monkey Pokémon and the small bird attacked the robot. All you could then see was the arms and legs swinging around, trying to hit the creatures that showed no mercy. I couldn't help but giggle at the faces these 'Team Rocket' fellow used. All panicked and confused. Who knew criminals could be such buffoons!

"TAKE THAT!" The Meowth squeals, sending one mechanic arm to the Starly that lingered near its core. Fortunately, the swing missed the Starly, but it seemed that the arm smashed into the robot itself! Causing sparks and such to flee the broken area. My eyes widened as I realised the thing was about to blow! I gasped and looked up to the boy who was still trying to get Pikachu out. The boy obviously heard the commotion only for him to look at me.

"GET OUTTA HERE!" He shouted at me as I started to walk backwards, picking up Piplup in the process.

"Oh crap! Oh crap!" I could hear Team Rocket squeal as they panicking inside the robot. I swiftly hid behind a tree. Only seconds later I heard a huge blow, I closed my eyes as I sunk down to the ground with Piplup in my arms, squeezing tightly.

"WE'RE BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" was the only yelling I heard before the clitter, clatter of metal parts fell. I opened my eyes. A huge pile of metal scrapes, top to bottom as I stood up with eyes full of shock. Putting Piplup down, I started to look around the scraps.

I hold my hand to my heart as I lean over the heap of junk and start to scan it, trying to find any signs of human relation. I jump as I hear a moan right in the middle of the pile and eye carefully at the area; metal starting to jiggle about as I wonder how a boy survived all that weight on him, let alone trying to get out. A hand reveals itself as it rises upwards, for a head to follow with a cap on. I can't help but grin as I find the two rising out of the metal scraps with both of them looking happy as can be. The boy wraps his arms around Pikachu, sharing a well-deserved hug. I then start stepping over the bits of metal and walk towards the boy. When I finally reach him I put my hand out. He looked at me, a smile that made a thousand light bolts go off as a shiver went down my spin. Not a scary one, but a pleasurable one. Saying 'no need to worry'.

After helping him up I lead him to the clear opening where nothing but trees surrounded us. As I let go of his hand, the Pikachu he loved travels up his arm. Pikachu starts doing pointing to me with a grin planted across his face. It squeals as it looks at me with gratitude. I then turn to the boy.

The raven-head stares blankly into my eyes, his black, wild hair under his red cap. Brown, loving eyes that dug deep into me, looking deep into my heart, my love, my soul, the thing that kept me breathing, breathless whispers of charity that kept me able to stand on my own two feet to keep looking at him; the eyes of a saviourthat seem to sweep me off my feet. Oh how unique and wonderful this moment was.

"Thank you." He says to me with the most precious voice a girl could hear, I smile back as I tucked my loose strands behind my ears.

"It was nothing..." I whispered.

"My names Ash, again, thank you so much for getting Pikachu back for me." He says as his hand goes to his right shoulder where the yellow creature stood. It purrs as it's trainer strokes it's cheek and starts to rub its head against the boy's cheek.

I giggle before saying, "Again, it was nothing."

"It wasn't nothing, it meant the world to me." He said, I looked up to him only to feel my cheeks heat up as he takes my hand with a loving smile complimenting the contact. Suddenly he started to tremble and he let go only for him to collapse onto the ground, Pikachu jumped off and stared at his trainer with worry, as so did I. He was hurt from all that rubble, or even the punch he got from that machine. I leaned down again to see his eyes squinted.

"We need to get you to Nurse Joy!" I said as I help the boy only his feet, letting him lean on me. Pikachu nods, as well as Ash before I start walking down the easiest path out of here.

"Is he okay?" I ask as soon as Nurse Joy comes out.

"He is fine, just a scratch and bruise and things like that, I just bandaged him up and he can get going." She gave that famous smile of hers and walked off back to reception. Pikachu sat on my shoulder while Piplup was in his poke ball.

I sighed as I looked to Pikachu, "You okay sweet cheeks?"

The Pokémon looks at me with a shy smile, "Pika."

"Good, good." I say before looking back to the doors that separated patients to the lobby.

I sat down on the couch in the middle of the lobby with Pikachu jumping off my shoulder and lying down on the couch. I smiled at the creature before stroking the Pokémon's back. Its well brushed fur goes through my fingers as it's breathing heavies, showing he is going into a deep slumber. It must be nice to have a magnificent creature like that…

"Funny, he always seems to electrocute people when they stroke him like that," I swear my heart jumped at the sudden sentence and I turned to find Ash, one of his hands behind his back while the other arm lingers at his side. He smiles before saying, "Unless he really gets to know them, so I am guessing you guys got along without me." He finished before sitting on the other side of the couch and stroked Pikachu's cheeks, one hand still behind his back.

"I guess we got a little close." I whispered, keeping my eyes on the sleeping being.

"Hm, I guess this time he left me behind. Lucky thing must have been getting spoilt!" he chuckled, as so did I at his statement.

"True that!" I replied before finally glancing up at him.

"So, I wanted to say thank you, not only did you save Pikachu, you took me here. By the way, where am I?" he asked.

"Twinleaf Town."

"Ah." he said.

Silence, not an awkward one though. I look down to my hand that were crossed, trying not to pay attention to the boy next to me. Ash. A simple but unusual name, it was quite, different. I liked it, something I would remember easily.

"Are you a coordinator?" he asked suddenly, I looked up to him, surprised he could tell so easily...

"Yeah, how did you guess?" I showed a curious grin that set a blush across his face, which in fact, made me giggle.

"Lucky guess..." he said, breaking off near the end to turn his head away from me. I made an 'o' shape with my mouth, looking at him anxiously before shrugging and turning away.

Silence once again, not a peep of sound, if you take away the slight snoring from Pikachu. I chuckled self consciously and turned my head to find Ash, looking at me in quite confusion, before a gleaming smile crossed his face.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Nothing, just thought of something funny..." A lie, but it was an exception. I looked to the yellow creature, still in a deep slumber. I don't blame him though. These last few hours have been anything but restful. I put my hand on his fur and stroke him softly again, I loved doing that, running my fingers through his fur.

"You're good for him." Ash said as I looked up.


"I mean, he seems so calm around you, and I'll tell you, he is usually anything but that." he chuckled, as well as I.

"Well, he's a lovely Pokemon, you're very lucky." I said before looking down the the creature again.

"Yeah, I know," I saw his hand starting to stroke Pikachu's tail, "Again...thank you, I don't know what I would have done if you weren't there to help him."

"Actually," I stopped stroking him, and with that, Ash stopped to look up at me, "I need to thank you for saving me from almost getting crushed."

"It's the least I could do..." he replied, "Oh, I need to get to Sandgem Town!" He quickly sprints up his eyes full of warning. I sprint up too, wondering what was going on.

"Sorry, I need to go," he quickly carries Pikachu in his arms before glancing at me, "I'm so sorry I had to rush off, I have something to do that a friend wanted me to do there and…"

"Calm down! It's fine! We are all busy at some points!" I interrupted him, calming him down.

He sighs, "It would have been nice getting to know you."

"Oh hush up, we will probably see each other at some time." I said to him while he chuckled.

"I really hope I do, I mean…meeting you again." He huskily said, almost out of breath.

"That…would be nice."


He smiled before almost turning away, before looking like he remembered something, "How rude of me," my eyebrow arched with confusion as he looked at me and he puts Pikachu back on the couch, "What's your name miss?"

"My name is Dawn."

He smiled even more lovingly and brightly, "Dawn…beautiful name," he said and with this a blush covered my face as I tried to hide myself by turning away, however, he grabs my hand and twist me around again, for me, once again, staring into his brown, gorgeous eyes, "Please take this."

He then places a stem in my hand, surrounded by beautiful Phlox, the flower. Oh, how I remember these flowers so well, I used to be surrounded by them back at him, with the pinks and purples and even some white ones. Either way, they were all beautiful.

"It seems like you know this flower, a Phlox?" he asked, assuring I know what I was looking at.

I looked at him, smiling, "Yes, I do."

"Ever heard of, the language of flowers?" I looked to him, confused before replying.

"No, as much as I do love flowers, I have never heard of it." I said, examining the flower again.

"Well, the language of flowers, is like the meaning of each flower, meaning like…" he starts to look around, until he spots something "like palm leaves! "

I couldn't help but giggle at his random outburst, "Palm leaves?"

"Yeah, they mean victory and success, that's why they use them in bouquets, you know, since you give them as a congratulation gift or a good luck gift; you know, stuff like that!" he explained.

"Oh I see" I said, breaking off a bit at the end. No wonder. Hm, it was quite strange, but…beautiful.

The language of flowers…

"Do you know what this means," he asked pointing to the flower in my hand only for my eyebrow, again, to arch up with confusion, earning a chuckle from him, "It means 'our souls are united'."

I shot my head up at him, with my head tilting side ways for obvious reasons.


"Do me a favour, and treasure it, press it in a book or something, cherish it, preserve it." For once in a while, I smiled at him, not a 'smile for the sake of it' kind of smile, but a loving, caring, thankful smile.

"I promise to, as long as you promise not to forget me."

"You don't need to worry about that." He whispers before picking Pikachu up and walking away. I watch him as he leaves, his silent footsteps against the tile floor until they come to a halt to let the automatic doors open. He looks back to wave at me before walking out of the door.

Hm…Phlox, the flower for us to Unite…

Something told me, this wasn't the last I'd be seeing him.

A perfect picture of him in my head, pure, loving smile with graceful lips and cherished eyes that were breathtaking. I bite the bottom of my lip, twirling the flower in my fingers before looking at the pink, small and delicate thing.

Our souls…united…

The Phlox has been set…

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