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Gillian awoke drowsily from her light sleep to her phone ringing. She knew that by waking up and picking up the phone, it was going to be an awkward day. She hesitated then answered it in a crisp, non-drowsy voice she could muster up.

"Gillian Foster" She realized it was Cal. She didn't even look at the caller I.D. She inwardly laughed at herself.

"Hey, Luv. We need you in as soon as possible! We need your expertise with a new case."

"Okay. I will be in soon." Gillian hung up the phone and fell back into her cozy bed. It was warm and it was her little sanctuary. Silently cursing to herself she dragged her body out of bed and went to the shower to turn it on. She looked into the mirror and whispered "You can do it!" She turned and went to take her shower. It took her about thirty minutes to get ready to face the world. She was armed with a cheery yellow dress, her briefcase and a fruit cup for breakfast.

On her way to the office, she stopped by Starbucks to get a coffee to officially perk her up. She was slower than usual coming to work. When she parked her car, Gillian sat in her car and slowly ate her fruit cup. She took one last look in the rear-view mirror and grabbed her briefcase and stepped out of her car. She walked into the building saying, "hello" to the door man. Instead of heading to the elevators, she turned towards the stairs. She walked through the doors of the Lightman Group with heavy anticipation. She noticed that for being so early in the morning, there were a lot of people there.

Gillian whispered "Weird," under her breath. She went into her office to put her stuff away. Before she walked out, she straightened her dress, puffed out her chest ready to get this day over, quickly.

She walked the little way to Cal's office and opened the door expecting to see him and Ben working over the new case. Instead she saw Cal looking over the new case with Zoe. She was wearing a nice suit with just enough cleavage to still look professional. Cal was more absorbed into what was happening on the screen. She plastered a smile and walked in and greeted Zoe with a "Hello" and a quick handshake. Cal only smiled and went back to the video. There was a little girl on it that had the saddest look on her face.

"What is going on?" Gillian asked looking at Cal.

"We have this girl claiming she killed her father." Zoe interrupted, wanting to get started with the case. "But she won't say anything else. Not how or why."

Gillian looked flabbergasted and stared at Cal then to Zoe. "This girl looks to be not much older than ten –"

"Seven, in fact." Cal finally said looking at Gillian with the kindest eyes. She had a hard time looking at his eyes. She looked slightly ashamed. He hesitated before he said, "She needs our help, Gillian. Look…" He went back to his computer to rewind the footage. "This is footage from the police station." It was slightly fuzzy in black and white but the sound was clear. The detective came in with a coffee cup in one hand and a water bottle in the other. The time stamp read 02:38 early this morning.

The detective looked up at the girl, gave her the bottle of water and asked "What is your name?"

"Callie Watson. I live at 1356 Westingham Road in Virginia." For it being so late in the night, the girl seemed quite alert.

"You told the cop at the front desk that you killed someone. You know playing a prank on the police is not funny. You can get in trouble. Someone as young as you should not be lying—"

"I AM NOT LYING! I KILLED MY FATHER! I KILLED HIM!" She slowly got up and started punching her fists on the table. Gillian was not expecting this. Apparently neither did the detective. He got up and immediately looked at the two-way mirror. Then, without warning the girl started banging her head against the wall still shouting "I KILLED HIM!" Once the detective got to her she was lying still. At this point, Cal stopped the video. He rewound it again, except he stopped it at the point where Callie started to scream. He looked up to Gillian with almost a regretful face. It took a second for Gillian to see what was happening on Callie's face. Then she gasped for her breath. Cal nodded his head. "You notice it too." She was speechless. Zoe looked up confused, having been answering e-mails on her phone, and said, "Wait, what do you see? Did or did she not kill her father?"