You can never say never.

When I first held that frail little body in these dirtied arms of mine I Promised to never let anyone hurt him, I held his tiny frame close to my ear to listen to his heart beat in sync with my own, I held his chest close to my own and swore to never forget the look in his eyes, of love and of forgiveness. a forgiveness I swore to never ask for.

You can never say never.

As I sat in the back of a dank little cop car I stared in horror though re-enforced glass as my little boy was lead away by strangers in dark black and blue suits. Each matching the dark bruising his battered little body. faces of onlookers buzzing about the scene, swarming like flies, melting into disgusted sneers or knowing indifference, but I could see, all I could care for was those haunted little eyes bathed in endless cerulean hues, staring into my own flat hazel with looks of confusion, fear and hurt. I whispered silent prayers that my baby would be safe now. I pleaded that he would forget this face of mine. Begged that he would grow strong and happy. No more monsters, no more darkness just that beautiful light he is blessed with. As my baby turns away and into the arms of a nameless uniform I see for the last time those beautiful blue eyes, but I see no more fear, no more hurt just forgiveness. I could no longer see my little boy for the world became blurred with endless tears. It was then I swore again to never let him hurt again. I swore that those eyes would never again stare at me the way they had.

You can never say never

I ran blindly down the cramped corridor far past the other survivor's word of warning, kasumi was close by me. I felt tears of overwhelming relief and the tiniest bit of happiness flood down my dirt marred cheeks. A short laugh escaped from my cracked lips in pure joy, the very notion of being alive uplifted my whole body as if it rose with wings, my hands strained outward and arms spread wide. Words of utter joy tumbled from my lips.

And then it all stopped.

for what seemed like forever in the space of a second, I looked in pure horror at the three crumbled stone figures sprawled out like distorted shadows on the tiled floor below, a tiny stone figure laid between two others, arms stretched out wide dusty stone fingers grasping at nothing.

What was once hair of honey blonde now ashen grey, shielded what was surely once two cerulean orbs wide and naïve. For once I knew they would hold no forgiveness no hurt or fear.

For once I knew they would hold nothing, but all I could do was cry.

You can never say never.