Bound By Sin – A Supernatural Fanfic

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Jocassee Island, South Carolina, July 17th 1973

"Guys, come on! I... I don't think we should be here!", the blonde girl said while she tried to catch up with the group of five. "I think –" She cried out in surprise as her foot got stuck under some tree root and made her trip. "Guys, wait!", she yelled and rubbed her aching ankle. Two of the boys had already stopped and were pointing their flashlights at her, concern as well as annoyance glistening in their eyes. "You alright there?", one of them asked. He walked towards her and put out his hand to help her up. "Thanks, Jeff", she said once she was back on her feet. "But I'm not alright. Something's wrong. Something's out here!"

"Oh, come on, Leyla! Pull yourself together!", the other boy snorted and turned away from her, hurrying after the others. "There's nothing out here other than your vivid imagination!"

Jeff gave her his "He is right"-look, but he was still enough of a gentleman to light her way this time. Leyla wanted to believe him and Joe, but she just couldn't help it: all her senses seemed to be screaming at her, trying to persuade her to leave this island as fast as humanly possible. On the other hand, she didn't want to disappoint the others. It was the first time she had been asked to come to one of their private parties, and she had to be an idiot not to accept the invitation, even if this event would take place on an abandoned island inside some eerie ruins. Finally, she had been given a chance to prove herself! Therefore, she decided to simply shut her mouth and to ignore the anxiety that had tried to take the best of her ever since they had set foot on the island.

After a few more minutes, which seemed like hours to her, they reached their destination: the ruins of an old stone church. Leyla didn't know much about the history of this place; something about a fire and some old settlement. And some suicides that had taken place on this island, which had resulted in a single "Keep out"-sign outside the ruins. It didn't interest her either. The only thing that mattered right now was to show Robert that she was worthy of being a part of his clique. And so far, she hadn't done a very convincing job.

Leyla gazed at the broken walls of the old church, at the bricks lying scattered around and at the stone benches still standing inside the ruins like silent witnesses to the ravages of time. This place really spooked her out... She couldn't help but wonder whether some of those who had been sitting on these very benches still where right here, with her and the others. She didn't believe in ghosts, not until now, anyway, but somehow a tickling sensation had filled her body from the moment she got here, like an icy finger reaching right into her and touching her heart.

"We need some firewood", Robert said, interrupting her thoughts. "Isn't this place just awesome?" She hadn't even noticed him approaching her, but she managed not to jump in surprise at his sudden appearance. She forced a smile on her lips and answered: "Yeah, it really is."

"Here", he said, handing her his flashlight. "Help the others gather some firewood, me and Jeff'll take care of setting up camp."

Leyla nodded, placed her backpack on the ground and walked slowly back into the forest, still ignoring her inward voice that told her to get the hell out of here. Before long, she could hear music coming from the ruins, Whiskey in the Jar, Thin Lizzy, Robert's favorite song. Someone laughed out loud, beer bottles were opened. Leyla smiled, pleased with herself for once in her life. She had done it. She was actually out here with Robert and his friends. The thought alone made her feel almost high and she didn't even think about the darkness around her anymore. Even her thoughts about the island were gone for a moment.

Her flashlight hit some branches lying on the ground and she reached out for them, gathering an armful of wood before returning to camp. The tape recorder was still playing, Vagabond of the Western World, and Leyla moved her hips to the rhythm of the song, singing: "Oh baby blue, oh blue eyes, oh baby blue, oh blue eyes ...". Then she noticed something strange. No one else was singing. No one was laughing, no one was making the slightest sound. She could see the flickering shadows of the camp fire right outside the ruins, the tape recorder was standing beside it, a few bottles were lying around. But apart from that, there was no sign of the others.

Leyla ran towards the camp, carelessly throwing the wood she had gathered on the ground beside the fire. "Robert?", she called out, "Jeff? Joe?".

No answer.

"Guys? Where are you?"

Still nothing.

In a matter of seconds, every thought she had had about this island, these ruins and ghosts came back to her, but she still refused to believe that this was more than a boyish prank, and so she screamed hysterically: "Guys, come back! This isn't funny!". Moving around in a half circle, she used the flashlight to lighten up the trees and bushes, but she couldn't see further than a few yards before the light was devoured by blackness. Leyla turned around and concentrated her attention on the ruins of the old church behind her, nervously illuminating every corner of the old stone building. That was when she discovered Robert. He was lying beneath the broad stone portal, one of the few parts of the church still in one piece, and he wasn't moving. Neither were Jeff and the others, who were placed right beside their friend.

"Oh... oh my God!", Leyla shrieked and, ignoring any caution she might had had, jumped right across a low part of the wall, running towards Robert as fast as her legs would carry her. "Oh my God, Robert! Robert!", she repeated again and again as she knelt down beside him, grabbed his shoulder and shook him. Nothing happened. Was he... dead? Leyla took a deep breath, then she reached for his wrist and tried to take his pulse. She could feel it instantly, calm and steady, but he just wouldn't wake up. "Robert, please!", she pleaded, "Wake up!".

She couldn't recall, how long she had sat beside him, trying to remember anything she had learned about first aid, trying to understand what had happened to him and the others, when, suddenly, she heard his voice. It was quiet, though somehow insisting at the same time, but she was unable to comprehend a word of what he was saying. "R-robert?", she whispered, and then she heard it again, stronger this time, accompanied by other voices. She thought she could hear Jeff's voice too now, its volume increasing with each passing second. She looked down at them, but their faces where pale and showed no sign of life. Still the choir of voices grew louder and louder, culminating in a thundering crescendo that made Leyla feel as if her head was about to explode. There where other voices too, now, voices she had never heard before, speaking in the same strange tongue Robert and the others were using.

"Stop it!", she yelled in a desperate attempt to drown out the sound around her, but the voices didn't stop. They seemed to be approaching her from every side, surrounding her, stealing her breath, trying to suffocate her.

"NOOOO!", she screamed at the top of her lungs. Somehow she managed to scramble to her feet and to leave Robert's body. Gathering every grain of strength left inside of her, she forced herself to make another step away from Robert, and another one, until she finally had left the church, but still the voices followed her, seemed to fill her from the inside now. They were tearing at her, trying to pull her back. Her legs were moving on their own now, maybe fuelled by her survival instinct, she didn't know. All she knew was that she had to leave this place, leave the others, leave everything behind, in a desperate attempt to outrun the voices.

Leyla ran like she had never run before.