On Monday, Axel called Roxas. By now, Roxas just unlocked the door when Axel called, and the other man did the same…if in fact he ever locked his door at all. Roxas still hadn't found out.

When the redhead walked in with a cheerful "Hi," Roxas barely had time to look up from the couch where he was shutting down his laptop. Without breaking stride, Axel reached the couch and plopped down, pulling Roxas against himself in one smooth motion and kissing him, deep and delicious and not stopping for anything. Within a minute, Roxas had crawled into Axel's lap to more comfortably make out while Axel's hands explored his ass again. Roxas let his own hands get tangled in long red spikes and tried not to pull too hard.

Axel was still cupping Roxas' ass when the redhead purred against his lips, "I like this. Anyone else touches this," a gentle squeeze, "I really will kill them." His lazy smile made Roxas smile back.

"I better not tell you then."

Axel stiffened at once, eyes sharpening and brows coming down. "He didn't…did he? He better not have…"

"Oh no no!" Roxas quickly amended. "Don't worry, he didn't, I was just…saying…" The body underneath him relaxed, Axel's smile returning.

"That's OK then." Their mouths connected again, exploring slowly and sensually. They tried to stop after a while – they put in a movie, but ended up in each other's arms, ignoring it. Eventually, they turned it off and just started talking, and that seemed to work better. Axel's current job with a home improvement project and a little of Roxas' writing ideas and a bunch of nothing much – conversation turned out to be the only thing that could interrupt their more erotic activities.


On Tuesday, Roxas called Axel on his lunch break.

"Hey, are you gonna be home around 5:30?"

"Yes, Dear." This in a falsetto.

Blue eyes rolled, but Roxas couldn't stop the grin. "Good. Bake me a pie, Woman, and I'll see you then."

Axel was laughing when he hung up.

Roxas' legs were delighted to stop at the third floor that afternoon. The blond didn't even bother going upstairs to change. Green eyes sparkled up at him from Axel's couch, running over the suit Roxas wore before breathing appreciatively, "Damn."

Arching an eyebrow, Roxas lowered his voice comically, "Honey, I'm home!"

Snorting at the joke, Axel rose and just pounced. Roxas was pinned to the wall and his mouth thoroughly ravished. Then he was stumbling backward a step at a time while Axel shoved his jacket off his shoulders…and then he was falling onto the couch while fumbling fingers loosened and tugged off his tie.

"Sexy nuisance," the taller man growled as he tossed the tie and set to work on Roxas' shirt buttons and made the blond moan as his neck was attacked by that pleasuring mouth…

But Roxas wasn't the only one who lost his shirt that day. Axel's came off too, in a fit of passionate necking, and Roxas enjoyed discovering a tattoo on the other man's shoulder blade – that kooky band logo again, the one that looked like some kind of mutant guitar-cross – and the top of yet another tattoo peeking from under the front of Axel's jeans. Axel grinned and pulled the denim down teasingly, revealing more of his hip and most of a red and black spiked wheel design. Roxas growled his appreciation and grabbed the man again.

They both kept it above the belt, however, and eventually slowed down. Roxas was lying on the couch and letting his hand trace the ink on the redhead's shoulder blade; Axel lay between his legs, face near the blond's stomach. Roxas nearly died of laughter when Axel planted a fingertip on one of his nipples and held it down, speaking in an overly-serious tone, "Kirk to Enterprise…beam me up, Scotty."

When he could breathe again – cheeks sore from laughing so hard – Roxas pinched Axel's nose and tried to sound stern. "Where's my pie, Woman?"

Axel kissed him hard and served him ice cream.


Wednesday and Thursday Axel had a job from mid-afternoon to late in the evening, and they didn't see each other. Roxas sat and tried to write through the long, dull hours before bed, thinking very little about his novel. Plotting other sorts of plots instead.

On Friday, Roxas called Axel again, and again, his legs were pleased to take him to the third floor instead of the fourth. Axel was waiting in the doorway, watching the stairwell. His eyes were a complex blend of delight and mischief and admiration and impatience.

"Aw, damn. No suit today?"

A snort. "Casual Friday."

"Ah." Axel nodded, moving aside for Roxas to enter the apartment, and eyeing him approvingly. Apparently the dark jeans and turtleneck sweater pleased him too. Enough, at least, that the redhead was unceremoniously kicking the door shut as soon as Roxas was through it and enveloping the smaller young man in a rib-cracking embrace while he kissed Roxas just about everywhere at once. The blond couldn't help laughing happily.

"OK, OK, I missed you too, Axel. But back off a second."

Axel did, but he looked like someone had just kicked his puppy. Exaggerated hurt and shock stretched green eyes wide. "You want this," he swept a hand from shoulders to somewhere below his hips, "to back off?"

It's OK, you can do this… Roxas smiled meaningfully. "No…I want this," he reached out to touch Axel, running his hand down the front of the man's body, feeling the firm muscles under fabric and under his fingertips as he paused for emphasis, "to show me the bedroom."

Expression altering, softening, Axel smiled again, slight surprise mingled with avid interest. "Oh? What do you wanna see my bedroom for?"

Taking a deep breath, Roxas smiled softly, trying not to blush, widening his blue eyes innocently. "I need to borrow your bed."

For a long moment, Axel just grinned at him, his expressing full of, No way. Then, without further ado, he bent, scooped Roxas up, and staggered and grunted a little as Roxas yelped, startled, and clung to Axel's neck to keep from falling. Then it was less than a dozen fast, stomping paces to the bedroom, which Roxas barely got to see before he was dumped on his back on Axel's bed. Catching his breath, the blond looked up to see the other man just standing there, burning eyes pinning him. Big hands twitched, then bunched into fists, but Axel didn't move…just breathed a little heavily, "There. It's all yours."

"OK." Roxas took a deep breath, glancing around the small, slightly-messy room as he sat up. "OK, thanks…" Uncertain blue eyes glanced back at Axel, who was still just waiting…watching him. "Um…" Damn, don't blush…damnit! He reached forward, taking Axel's hand carefully and tugging. "Now I need to borrow you…"

Silently, the man slid forward, lowering himself rapidly and sitting beside Roxas on the bed, eyes never wavering from his face, the intense curiosity in them building. It was making Roxas even more nervous, and he was pretty sure he was blushing for real now, and couldn't make it stop. Don't back out now… Releasing the man's hand, Roxas moved his touch to the hem of Axel's shirt, fingering the material a moment before he lifted. Axel's arms went over his head as Roxas took his shirt off for him, leaning close as it came free so that he could press a few soft kisses to the redhead's collarbone. Then his hands were spreading over what had to be the sexiest chest he'd ever seen, pushing gently, making Axel lay back.

Then Roxas straightened, feeling green eyes still watching him expectantly, and moved his hands to the hem of his sweater, lifting it slowly as Axel watched. The turtleneck came off – turning inside out and almost getting stuck on Roxas' head in the process – and the blond quickly yanked his shoes and tossed them, then leaned over a now-grinning redhead.

One big hand came up to play in his tousled, messed-up hair as Axel relaxed, lying there lazily with Roxas above him. "You," he murmured, "are just the sexiest little mystery I've ever met."

"Oh?" Roxas smirked. "What's so mysterious about this?" On those words, he moved to fully bridge over Axel, then lowered himself, pressing bare chests together, hips grinding lightly as his lips hovered close to Axel's, so close…

Close enough to feel warm breath as Axel purred, "Just…how you can act so shy and seem sorta repressed, and still get kinda aggressive like this when I don't expect it." Without quite meaning to interrupt, Roxas let his lips connect with the redhead's in a soft caress that lasted a minute or two. When they parted, he thought maybe he should reply, but Axel spoke instead. "I like this about you."

Heart thumping hard, Roxas tried to act casual. "Yeah?" He smiled, moving against Axel and dipping his head to the side, mouthing the man's neck slowly. "I thought…you only liked…my ass…"

"I am a big fan of your ass," the man replied with exaggerated seriousness…then kissed Roxas again, smiling and flicking his tongue past the blond's lips. Hands moved down to the ass in question, rubbing firmly. "It is definitely an ass like no other. My hands are enchanted, I'll have you know."

Still a little too red in the face, Roxas teased, "Is that why you're talking so damn much?"

Green eyes blinked at him, startled…then smirking, then innocent. "Why, did you have something else for me to do?"

Roxas shivered, grin sharp as his fingers tangled and fisted in long red hair. "Hell yeah."

And Axel just smiled and accepted the sudden, forceful kiss, Roxas shuddering with the feeling of Yes, yes, finally and the taste, again the taste of Axel and the warmth of his mouth that made the blond so hungry, just craving for more and more and more

He couldn't get enough. He couldn't taste Axel enough, couldn't touch Axel enough – his hands were roaming everywhere – couldn't smell enough of the man's scent, even in his bed. The heat was climbing and that was fine – Roxas was very, very ready to sweat. For the first time, he started to let his voice out, too. He'd always been afraid to moan…nervous about what would happen if he let himself, not ready yet… But not anymore. Not today.

"Ummmnnn, ahhh…" Axel's hands had moved from fondling his ass through the jeans, and now his fingers were making a point of pressing hard and deep, low…in just the right spot. "Axelll, nnn…" Then, one hand left his ass, heated fingertips just brushing skin, trailing up the line of Roxas' spine, making his back arch and his skin prickle and his lips break away from Axel's. "Ahhh!" His hips had automatically pressed downward too, and Roxas was thrilled and unbearably aroused to feel his growing erection pressing against a similar bulge in Axel's pants.

The sound of a hiss escaping Axel caught Roxas' attention, and he had to grin upon looking down to see the other man biting his lip. He leaned down, but kept his crotch pressed firmly against Axel's. "Hey," Roxas muttered, "don't do that…" He pressed a kiss to those lips, delicately tugging with his teeth to free the lip Axel had been biting.

"Fuck," the man muttered against his mouth, "you really…ungh!"

"Yes?" Roxas asked innocently, grinding his hips once…twice…again…and again, setting up a constant rhythm, rubbing and thrusting their clothed erections together.

The deep voice that thrilled him groaned, and Roxas couldn't quite believe how arousing that sound was. "You turn me on so bad…Roxas…"

Still thrusting, still watching Axel, Roxas arched an eyebrow. "Bad?"

The redhead humphed. "Bad as in good. So hey," he was struggling the casual words out with a hoarse, throaty voice, and Roxas suddenly stopped his movement as the hand on his back moved around…cupping and squeezing his groin. "Am I gonna get to see this today or what?"

Struggling to keep his elbows from giving out and sending him face-planting into Axel's chest, Roxas whimpered. "Uh, um…" He swallowed to get his voice back, Axel's hand beginning to knead and making it nearly impossible to think. "Yeah…yes…I mean, if you want…" Oh hell, stop blushing, damnit… He just knew his face was flaming.

A snort. "Uh, yeah. Duh. What, did you think you were the only one trying to size up the other guy's pants?"

Spluttering, Roxas tried to come up with an answer for that…and failed. And then Axel gave him another one of those heart-and-body-melting grins, and he was smiling back automatically, muttering through his grin, "God, you're embarrassing sometimes…"

A stunning wink. "And you're a tease. Sometimes." The cupping hand shifted, tugging at the button of Roxas' pants. "C'mon now. Off." If Roxas thought he'd seen Axel's wicked look before…he changed his mind. That had probably been just…naughty. This was wicked.

Suddenly, all the resolve he'd built up before coming here, all the determination and plans…just sort of wavered and shrank back inside Roxas. Overcome by nervousness, he shook his head, moving to tug at Axel's pants instead to divert attention. "N-no…you first…" He had the button popped before Axel stopped him, still grinning maddeningly.

"Why me first? What's the matter, huh? Shy all of a sudden?" His head ducked automatically as Roxas felt his face burning with heat even more. Axel's response…was to laugh. Loudly. And…carefree. Happy.

"Awww, come on Baby. There's nothing to be shy about. We can just compare and see who's bigger…"

Roxas cut him off with a slap to a tattooed bicep and a horrified cry, "Axel!" The redhead went into a fit of very high-pitched chuckles.

But then, as Roxas started to sit back, pulling away, Axel quickly calmed down. "No, no, come on." Roxas felt his arms trapped as he was pulled back down onto Axel. "Aw, don't be mad…I'm sorry, you're just so fuckin cute right now, I can't help it." Roxas tried to glare, unconvinced, but Axel just smiled wider. "Shhh, hey, don't look like that. C'mere, I'll make it better, OK?"

Still skeptical, Roxas nevertheless allowed the man to take hold of his face, pulling him down into another long, slow, comforting kiss. Kissing Axel was just becoming so familiar and lovely…relaxation washed over Roxas, gradually easing his tense body until he was just lying limply on top of Axel. He was keenly aware of the movements of the man's hands, but…just not concerned enough to be alarmed by them. Even when they started carefully fumbling at two zippers pinned between their bodies…Roxas just gently shifted, lifting his backside to allow Axel room to operate. He was more involved in the kiss, anyway – couldn't be bothered to remember his fears. Axel…just had that effect on him.

And then the pressure of his pants was released and the fabric shoved a little aside, and after a bit more fumbling, hot, hard flesh pressed against his own and Roxas shuddered at the sinfully perfect feeling and gasped into Axel's mouth and rocked his body and nearly died of the pleasure that motion sent snapping through his body.

So he did it again. Harder. And again and again, faster…and a big hand closed around both of them, squeezing him against Axel and creating hot pressure all around him and then stroking, stroking…and Axel was thrusting too, and Roxas couldn't even concentrate on kissing anymore. His face was just pressed into the crook of Axel's neck as he threw himself into the pleasure, forgetting whatever it was that had been scary, just about going out of his mind because it felt so fucking amazing and it was Axel, Axel, nobody ever felt as good as him, ever, oh God, Axel!

Unthinking, mind erased by pleasure, Roxas felt his body tighten and release, and he rode out the best orgasm he could ever remember having – eyes shut, mouth open, a long moan of Axel's name the only thought he had to voice. He was only half aware of the redhead following shortly behind him.

Then Roxas was panting, rolling off the other man and attempting to collect himself and recover. His mind was drifting back to him slowly…when it suddenly returned all at once as Axel chuckled.

"Heh heh heh…well, that was quick…" Roxas glanced over, eyes wide, to see a familiar smirk and catch a teasing wink as Axel watched him.

"I…uh…" Oh shit oh shit oh shit please don't think I'm bad in bed, please don't change your mind about me, shit!

"Well," Axel half-shrugged, "I guess you didn't really leave me hangin either, so I can't complain."

"I…I'm sorry!" Roxas' eyes screwed shut and his hands flew to cover his face. "I…I wasn't really trying to hold out, honest, I promise I can last longer usually, I'm really…!"

"Oh shut up," Axel interrupted, laughing outright. "You dork, I wasn't being critical. I was just teasing, geez." Roxas dared a nervous glance to try to verify the truth from Axel's face. It was beaming at him. "Anyway, I was right after, so what are you freaking out about? Haven't you figured out how hot you are yet?"

"Uh…" Whatever reply Roxas might have come up with was cut off by a very sudden but very soft kiss.

When Axel pulled back, eyes looking adoringly right into Roxas', making the blond breathless, he whispered, "…I'm definitely bigger than you, though."

Unfortunately, Roxas let out a very unmanly wail at that.

"You…! You big…idiot!" Sitting up with a jerk, he finally got his first good look…and it was true. Although… "It's just because you're huge in general, you fucking giant! Look! In proportion to your body size…I bet we're about the same!" Then he noticed something else – a rather large mess all over Axel's toned abdomen. "Ah! Oh shit, um…I'm sorry! I got it all over you and everything…"

Completely unconcerned green eyes glanced down. "Hmm, so we did. Oh well." Not having tissues handy, and the nearest clothing – that wasn't Roxas' – being out of reach on the floor, Axel just grabbed a pillow and wiped himself off, dismissing it with, "I'll just throw the pillowcase in the wash."

"Ah." That was all Roxas managed.

The pillow hit the floor, for now, and Axel looked up again, following the path of Roxas' eyes, his face then melting into another naughty grin. "Wanna see the rest of this one now?" Just when his cheeks had been starting to return to a normal color… "Here." Axel pulled the front of his pants further down, exposing the tattoo that started above his hip and ended at the top of his thigh – two of those spiked wheels, overlapping.

And of course, Roxas' eyes stayed very obediently on the tattoo as he murmured, "Mmm, nice…" He wasn't looking at anything else nearby. Of course not.

If only Axel would have believed that. "It is, isn't it?" His grin was devilishly sharp, watching Roxas stare.

"Yeah…" Roxas breathed, still not aware that he'd been caught.

"Pfffft." The sound of Axel blowing out a breath and laughing finally caught Roxas' attention. As he turned to look at Axel, the man was leaning up, bracing himself on an elbow and reaching for him. Roxas felt the warmth of that hand on his face, so surprisingly tender, and laughter filled those beautiful green eyes… "God damn, you have no idea how adorable you are. What the hell do you see in a guy like me, anyway?"

Everything! You…your smile…your personality, the way you just…just…made us friends so effortlessly…

But before Roxas could finish forming his scattered thoughts to answer, Axel continued. "Come on, get your clothes back on." Hands tugged his pants back up around his hips for him. "Get dressed before I can't take it anymore and I throw you down and ravish you for being too sexy, Neighbor."

He considered resisting, but Roxas decided that maybe this should be enough for today, even if his libido begged to differ. So…he and Axel got dressed. Then, hand in hand, they left the bedroom. In fact, they left the apartment – Roxas led the way up to his own apartment, luring Axel with the promise of homemade spaghetti. And Axel was highly complementary – "Benissimo, amoré mio!" spoken with exuberant hand gestures – and Roxas turned quite red because he could guess what amoré mio meant and Axel hadn't said that yet…neither of them had.

And then the two of them spent the whole evening on the couch, mostly discussing the relative merits of various video games and movies, and occasionally getting distracted by each other's lips. And Axel's parting words at the door – after another particularly tender kiss – were quick and to the point and accompanied by a wink.

"I'm taking you out to dinner tomorrow. G'night."


Roxas did not agonize over what to wear for dinner Saturday night. He merely took his time, considered various options, and went over his final decision…a few times. Just to be sure. That wasn't the same as agonizing. Not at all.

Just like seeing Axel in a dark green button down and black slacks, hair combed carefully for once…didn't make Roxas stare, stomach practicing a whole new series of Olympic gymnastics. Not at all.

Dinner, of course, was lovely. Not that Roxas needed a nice restaurant or candlelight or for Axel to hold his hand almost the whole time, but…it wasn't bad either. Not bad at all… Roxas was beginning to understand the pattern of Axel's behavior, beginning to learn to go with the flow. Beginning to see how Axel let his actions speak first, before he actually said anything.

And he didn't say anything much even now. Except over dessert, perhaps, when a conversation about family members very suddenly seemed to get sidetracked.

"Did you know," the redhead began, intentionally making eye contact, "that the divorce rate is thirty percent lower for couples who were friends first, and who maintain a healthy friendship throughout their marriages?"

"Uh…" Roxas blinked. "No? I didn't…" He expected Axel to elaborate – at least explain his point – but the man just smiled and kept looking at him. "…Sooo, what are you saying?" The blond felt the corners of his own mouth twitching up a little, a small shiver on the back of his neck whispering one possible idea…

"Oh, nothing." Axel shrugged happily. "Just saying."

After dinner they returned home, and by the mutual agreement of each young man's legs, headed for Axel's apartment. There, by the mutual agreement of each young man's libido, they spent a good bit of time on the couch…passionately kissing and caressing each other, then slowly taking turns unbuttoning shirts and unbuckling belts. Roxas' hand took hold of Axel, while Axel's hand pleasured him in return, and, true to Roxas' word, it did last a good bit longer than the day before. Sweating, nearly writhing in the burning heat Axel made him feel, Roxas still managed to hold on, perhaps just because he didn't want it to end. When it finally did, in fact, it was Axel who throbbed hard in Roxas' hand and lost control with very little warning, coming first with a moan that, to Roxas, would never be matched by any other sound in the world, ever. It was perfect.

They just lay there after that, reclining on the couch, and as much as they could never seem to tire of conversation…silence, somehow, could mean just as much. Or…almost.

"I'm always amazed," Roxas began quietly, after a while, "at how carefree you can be. How you just…made us friends so effortlessly. I don't know how you do it…make me smile when I should really be getting offended by the familiarity…if it was anyone else. It's just…your personality I guess. It relaxes me somehow. I really…love that about you."

His first answer was a long gaze from soft, smiling green eyes. His second answer was a sweet kiss, chaste and tender, on the corner of his mouth. And his third answer, spoken softly, was more of an afterthought to the other two.

"What a fascinating puzzle you are, my little mystery."


Sunday was a snowy February day, and Roxas was trying to write while waiting for a phone call. Axel's final word the night before had been, "You're busy tomorrow," so Roxas supposed he'd be calling at some point. He was a little surprised, then, by the out-of-the-blue knock on his door.

His jaw hung open in shock at the sight that met his eyes when he opened the door.

Axel. Standing there. With a rose in his mouth, a box of chocolates under one arm, what looked like a giant pink and red card under the other, a teddy bear on the floor in front of him, a lit candle in one hand, and a velvet jewelry box in the other.


"Woksas," Axel mumbled around the rose, a huge grin making it even harder to speak, "Pweaf be my vawenpine?"

February…14th…right… The blond gaped. Remembering that it was Valentine's Day wasn't helping him come up with something to say to the ridiculous redhead, and there was a long pause, while Roxas opened and closed his mouth repeatedly…and Axel stood there, grinning and waiting.

"What…is all this…for?" Roxas finally managed, bewildered.

"Wew, I gwad you afked," Axel cheerfully began. "Dif if for womanpic candowight dinnow." He handed Roxas the candle and promptly used his free hand to pluck the rose from his mouth. "This is one-twelfth of a dozen red roses because it has been exactly twelve days since our first kiss and also it's cheaper and everywhere is sold out of roses right now." The rose was shoved into Roxas' free hand. "This is a card because you're supposed to send cards for this kinda thing, and this is a teddy bear for you to snuggle when I'm not there and it even smells like me!" With a quick motion, the redhead grabbed the bear and – to Roxas' shock – rubbed the damn thing right in his armpit just before dumping it and the card into his arms, almost catching the bear on fire on the candle. "And this is chocolates, because…come on. Chocolates." He made a quick "Duh" gesture and set the box unceremoniously on top of Roxas' head. "And this is a diamond ring!" The velvet box was shoved forward and held an inch from Roxas' nose.

Wide blue eyes just stared at Axel. "Really?"

"Well, no," the man admitted with a laugh, opening the box. "It's just a Mickey Mouse watch, see? I can't afford diamonds and I figured, a ring? Probably too soon."

"Oh…" Roxas swallowed, still stunned. "Wow…" Then after another long pause while Axel just grinned at him, he managed to begin reacting in somewhat of a daze. "Uh…thank you…come in?" Roxas moved to the side, heading straight for the coffee table to set things down.

Arms closed around him from behind as soon as he had, warm breath on his neck and a low voice… "So will you? Be my valentine…"

A shiver electrified Roxas' spine, a smile spreading his lips as he felt Axel begin to place barely-there kisses on his neck. "Mmmm," he paused, grinning, "I dunno. I don't think this is enough…where's the lingerie?"

Axel's head jumped up. "Shit! Didn't think of that!" Roxas burst out laughing.

"Well, what about the love lotion and condoms?" He teased.

Arms tightened around him, Axel's voice dropping instantly to an insinuating low purr. "In my back pocket."

Blue eyes widened and Roxas' breath caught, making his reply almost gasped, "R-really?"

"Check for yourself." There was no mistaking the curling sound of a grin in those words as Axel turned his head to nip at Roxas' ear.

Breathing in deeply, he twisted his arm around to fumble behind them, locating Axel's ass and the pockets of his jeans and… "Wow." He stared at the supplies in his hand. "You're serious."

"Hell yeah," the man growled, still smiling, and turned Roxas around to face him. "But we can treat it as a joke if you want to. No worries." Again…how does he do that? The tone was so light, so cheerful and free…it really would be absolutely fine, Roxas realized, if he said he wanted to wait.

Ha, yeah right. Like he was gonna say that.

And Axel's taste was delicious as always, wonderfully familiar now, and his mouth was so warm and responsive as Roxas crushed their bodies together and felt Axel move against him fluidly, arms pulling him closer and – as always – paying a little fond attention to his ass in the process. After a few minutes of that, Roxas was breaking away to growl lustfully, "Come with me."

"Where?" Axel grinned, following as he was dragged by the hand.

"I've got something to show you."

"What?" The man still sounded innocent, all smiles.

"My bed." Roxas was surprised when suddenly his hand was yanked as Axel stopped.

"Wait wait wait!" With a quick pull, he was pressed against Axel again. "You didn't answer my question yet."

"What question?" Roxas thought maybe there'd been a question…but Axel was so hot and they were so close and God he was holding condoms in his hand and their hips were pressed together and he was so, so aware of the front of Axel's jeans against his own, barely anything keeping their groins from touching… And he wanted it, he wanted them to touch and kiss and get naked and…

Axel laughed shortly at Roxas' glazed-over expression, then sobered, sweetly kissing his temple. "Will you be my valentine?" Green eyes watched him, sparkling, so tender…

"Hmmm," Roxas paused, mind coming back a little bit. "Like…valentine…for Valentine's Day? Or…"

"There's no expiration date on this valentine." His voice was so soft

"So I could call you my boyfriend?"

"Yes, please." Axel winked. Roxas grinned.

"Then…I'd be happy to be yours…since you're mine."

"I so totally am." And Axel kissed him, once. "Oh, and you should also know I'm in love with you already." His tone was so matter-of-fact, Roxas had to laugh.

"I know." He pressed closer. "I love you, too."

"Ah, good." Axel sighed, as if relieved, though his smile showed that he really hadn't been in any doubt. And then his mouth was back on Roxas' and it was such a perfect kiss, so smooth and affectionate and sweet, and balanced between the two of them, neither one forcing the other into submission…not yet. Not until the "I love you" kiss was over, followed by a short pause to make eye contact again…

The two young men collided passionately, their desires once again in perfect agreement – now was the time to kiss wildly again, to embrace and touch and stumble over each other's feet the last few paces to Roxas' bedroom. The blond's libido seconded the redhead's wholeheartedly – now was most definitely a perfect time to fumble and tug and tear at clothing – his own or Axel's or both, it didn't matter – blindly, sometimes to no effect, sometimes with great success. Now was ideal for letting the heat escalate rapidly, the voice moan in arousal, and the clothes disappear like the unwanted things they were. All of them – Roxas didn't feel shy or nervous this time. He was too busy tumbling backward onto his own bed with Axel, both of them tangled up in each other and lost in a fit of naked giggles and messy kisses.

And then they were laying side-by-side, both aroused, both breathing hard, eyes shining. Axel's hands were exploring his body, playful and pleasuring and hot, and green eyes glittered at him in the pause.

"Top or bottom?"

Roxas blinked. "Do you mean…like…like which position…?" His hands attempted to sketch what he couldn't quite speak – riding or lying down? "Or…"

"I mean," Axel chuckled, "who's entering."

He can't be serious… "You mean…like if I want to…?"

"Yeah." That incredible, easygoing grin again. "Do you want to take me, or be taken?"

"I…I could? You mean you'd …"

"Let you do me? Yeah, Roxas. Why not?" The blond gasped as the grinning redhead wrapped a hand around his erection. "We're the same, aren't we? You've got one of these too; why shouldn't you want to use it?"

Biting his lip, the blond moaned out an answer. "I just assumed…because…because you were always so interested in my ass…"

Axel laughed aloud, then leaned forward to nip at his earlobe. "I am interested in your ass. It's delightful. But I'm more interested in you, and I don't have a preference, so I'm asking what you want to do." Roxas swallowed uncertainly, trying to think, staring at Axel – his boyfriend – trying to tell if he was for real. He was grinning… "Look." …And plucking the condoms from Roxas' hand. "Two sizes, see?" Focusing his eyes, the blond blushed. Medium and…large. God. His boyfriend's voice was getting singsong, "Which dooo weee use? Which one, which one? Doo bee doo bee doo bee doo…" The Jeopardy song? Great.

"I…um…ah, shut up Axel, you're making me nervous!" He slapped the man's arm lightly and Axel quieted.

"Sorry." His grin went a little sheepish. "I'll just do this until you decide, then." And Roxas had to groan as Axel moved to his neck, mouthing over the skin, so hot and wet, making his whole body shiver with desire…

How the hell am I supposed to concentrate enough to decide anything like this? Oh…oh my God… "O-OK," he finally panted, after a few minutes of losing his mind. He'd just have to go with what he was most prepared for, and think about…other things…next time. "Nnnn, Axel…" His neck was released and Axel met his eyes, waiting politely. "Th-this time…um…" His breathing was so unsteady… "L-large…"

A gentle grin. "You sure?" Roxas just nodded, holding on to broad shoulders and trying not to faint with desire as the man tossed the other condom and…and tore the large one open with his teeth. And then, yet another surprise – Axel leaned forward, pecked a little kiss on the tip of Roxas' nose, and murmured, "Mysterious as always, my love."

Heat flushing more than just his face, Roxas smiled. "Can I…can I put it on for you?"

With only the slightest surprised hesitation, Axel was pulling away and rolling onto his back. "Absolutely sweetheart, go right ahead!"

Given such wholehearted permission, Roxas had to grin as he took the condom from Axel. And then he had to maintain control, with his lover's erection in his hands and Axel making little sounds of pleasure at his touch, and so much else driving him crazy with need until his body was screaming, Hurry, hurry, faster! Quick…Axel…I need him, I need it now!

He was moments away from lowering himself onto the man when the hot touch at his entrance had blue and green eyes locking, wide.


"We forgot…"



In spite of their desperate frustration, they both snorted in laughter at their synchronized cussing. And then, of course, changed positions in order to take care of that as quickly as possible.

Not that it was a chore, though. Before long, Axel's helpful fingers were slowing down, taking their time inside Roxas, the redhead muttering, "Fuck…how could I have forgotten this part?" Roxas, for his part, nearly came. He had to warn Axel – when he could speak again over his own gasping for air – to try to avoid that spot for now. His stamina was shuddering, weakening…longing to give out. He needed to hang on for…

Penetration. "Ahhh! Yeeeees! Ahhh, nnn Axel!" When Axel took him it was heaven. Arms wrapped around him from behind, cherishing him, touching him, as Axel's voice moaned low in his ear the whole way in. Roxas was supported on his knees, clinging to a pillow, which was probably a better idea than being on top this time, riding, because he just hadn't been expecting it to feel like this. If he'd been in any position to collapse, he would have. Definitely.

Axel was very, very gentle. Slow, rocking thrusts that went on for what felt like forever…Roxas couldn't believe how long his lover could keep that up without going wild. He couldn't believe how much begging it took to make Axel speed up, too – and that was only near the end, after Axel made him pinky-promise in the middle of sex that he didn't feel even the slightest bit of discomfort anymore. Roxas couldn't believe it…and he was laughing and moaning and smiling and dying as Axel kissed the back of his neck and his shoulders and thrust harder and kissed his throat and tugged his chin around to steal his lips and thrust faster and rubbed their tongues together with the same pulsing beat as their rocking bodies and his pumping hand around Roxas' arousal again and again and again and again

Until, with impeccable timing – which both would comment on afterward – they cried out together and came, releasing together, feeling each other, breathing each other, being each other. And then they lay still, so close together, and Roxas marveled at how heavenly a lot of sticky, sweaty skin could feel…when you're in love.

"Damn…that was awesome, huh? How'd we time it so good like that? Fuckin'…fate or something? Hey, where's your trash?"

"Over there," Roxas panted, glad it was close enough that Axel didn't have to get up to pitch the condom. "What, like, a fated moment for orgasm, or we're fated for each other?"

Axel laughed and pulled him close again. "I meant fated for each other, being such compatible neighbors and all…but I like the sound of a 'fated orgasm' so…both." It was hard to use the lips well in a kiss when neither young man could stop grinning, but…they tried.

"Hey, Axel?" Roxas was stroking a sweaty green Celtic cross.

"Yes, Lover?" Axel was playing with damp blond strands.

"You're spending the night." It wasn't a question.

"Kay." He just smiled.


Roxas' lease expired in December. At that time, he and Axel made a joint trip to the rental office to sign a new lease, smiling complacently at the skeptical stare of the secretary, who wondered if they didn't want to move into a two-bedroom apartment, rather than Axel's one. Axel grinned, but he had promised to be good, so he didn't say anything horrifyingly personal, just politely insisted that he'd like Roxas added to his lease as a cosigner.

All of Axel's friends came over for a moving party, though by that time there was really only the furniture to remove, since most of Roxas' stuff had been gradually filtering downstairs for the past ten months. Marluxia took Roxas' bed, since they didn't need two, and Demyx took Roxas' couch – since they didn't have room for two – even though Roxas' couch was nicer than Axel's and they would have rather given Axel's piece of crap away, but Roxas said he felt bad about giving Demyx a couch that was so…stained. And Axel said OK, they could keep his stained couch for sentimental reasons. Nobody wanted Roxas' old TV.

Roxas wore a Mickey Mouse watch to work every day, and his boss backed off once the blond let it be generally known that he was very much taken…though the eye-raping never really stopped, but Roxas could live with that.

Axel picked up a book for the first time since high school – Roxas' novel. He asked a lot of questions about what various words meant, but he liked the story a lot, and Roxas lowered the vocabulary level, which turned out to be one of the reasons it was accepted for publication a year later.

They stayed on the third floor for a long time, years in fact…until Axel finished building their house.

Roxas' legs were very, very OK with this.


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