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Okay, I'm out with another one!!! Yaaaay!!! This one is very different from TDTF, it's gonna be a little more...sexually based? I guess? Anyway, yeah, I wasn't so certain about putting this one out because technically it ties in with my SP series, and I haven't finished that one because NO ONE REVIEWS ON IT!!!!! That's where Stan's party comes in, where about three relationships were either created or destroyed in there. But enough about that! Anyway, read, enjoy, whatever. And while it says Tweek's P.O.V., it's not in first person, it's just him in third I guess. Whatever, it's easier for me to write like this.

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Chapter One
It Started With A Deal...

(Tweek's P.O.V.)



"Jesus, Tweek...ahh, G-God!" Craig grunted, gripping Tweek's thighs harder. His fingers bit into the milky flesh roughly. "You're so... f-fucking tight."

"You're g-gonna...leave...b-bruises." Tweek moaned, biting his fist to keep from crying out.

"Fuck the damn bruises." Craig muttered, thrusting harder. Tweek hit the unforgiving wall again, his blonde hair sticking to his sweaty face, gasping erratically. Tweek panted as Craig pounded him again and again, hitting his sweet spot.

"Ahh!" Tweek bit down harder, arching his back as Craig pushed in deeper, rocking him back and forth.

"C-come...on..." Craig growled, reaching over to grab Tweek's erection.

"Oh f-fucking Christ!!" Tweek cried out, his nails biting into his palms as the heat grew in his belly. The dark-haired Craig thrust into him, pumping him with his fist, until Tweek couldn't take it anymore. He clenched around Craig, and came with a cry, spilling his seed all over the wall. Craig came a few moments later, and Tweek felt him inside, filling him up as he kept moving, trying to prolong his orgasm. Panting, the raven draped himself over Tweek, his hands moving up to grip to the blonde's hips for balance, leaving the twitchy blonde to clutch onto the wall for support. After a moment, he drew back, pulling out of him, and Tweek slid down slowly to the floor. Tweek heard Craig zipping up his pants.

"Fuck, Tweek, that was good." Strong hands pulled him up and turned his around, Tweek leaning against the wall, carefully to avoid the splotch on it and pulling down weakly on his shirt. Craig helped him, pulling up his underwear and loose jeans, fastening them closed.

"You need to get a damn belt or something." Craig noted, looking down at Tweek's waist, where his jeans hung low on his slender hips. "You can see the bruises on your hips."

Tweek said nothing, still breathing heavily, his perpetual twitching slowing down a bit. He tugged his ill-buttoned shirt over his pants, hiding the purple marks.

"I-I like my -ngh- pants. It's w-what I -erk- wear."

Craig rolled his eyes, saying nothing. He glanced at his watch, then pulled out a cigarette from his pocket, sticking it in his mouth. "Don't got much time left before the bell rings." He took out a lighter, flicking it on, holding the flame next to the stick until it was aflame. Waving the fire out so it wouldn't burn, he sucked in, the end glowing cherry-red. Craig held the smoke in for a bit, blowing it out in a perfect smoke ring. He offered it to Tweek.

"Wanna smoke?"

Tweek shook his head, sliding down tiredly next to him.

"Smoking's b-bad for you."

"Drinking coffee until you're twitching like you're on crack is bad for you." Craig took in Tweek's flushed face, his trembling legs. "Man, you're like a fucking virgin. It's not the first time we've done this."

Tweek let out a moan, glancing wearily at Craig.

"Ugh, I-I'll never get used...to this -hgk- feeling. Wear a f-freaking -nghh- condom n-next time."

Craig snorted, taking another drag. "Fuck that. Condoms kill half the feeling."

"I f-feel sore...and weird...I -ngk- want coffee." Tweek whined after a pause. "So s-shut up. Either th-that or -hgh- get me s-some." He leaned over, laying on his side.

"You and your fucking coffee."

"You and y-your fucking ci-cigarettes." Tweek shot back. Craig flipped him off. The bell rang in the distance, and Craig stood up, putting out his cigarette on the ground.

"Lunch is over. Come on."

Tweek moaned again. "I-I'm -ngk- skipping."

Craig grinned. Leaning down, he patted Tweek's flushed cheek before standing up again.

"Whatever you want, Tweekers."

Craig walked off, leaving Tweek twitching on the ground. Tweek curled into a ball. Craig had really fucked him hard today. His butt was sore as hell, and his legs felt like rubber. He sighed. Not that Craig actually listened when Tweek told him to go easier on him. He wished he had brought his thermos along, but Craig had dragged him off so quickly when lunch had started he hadn't had the chance. He'd have to remember next time to keep a tighter grip on it. Tweek groaned. And there would be a next time, because if Tweek didn't comply, everyone would find out his secret.

Ever since Tweek could remember, he and Craig had been friends. They grew up together, hung out together, played videogames together. Their big fight in the third grade had only served to bring them closer; after their stay in the hospital they had started hanging out together, for no real reason other than the companionship. Tweek had liked Craig because he put up with his twitching and paranoia without complaint or insult, and Craig had liked Tweek because...well, he didn't really know why Craig had hung around him or anything, but it wasn't like he was complaining. He had gotten a friend, that that was all he had needed.

At 13, they had drunk their first beer together, on a dare from the other guys at a party. They both puked. And drank another.

At 15, they had smoked their first cigarette together. Tweek, fully topped up on coffee, had coughed so much he'd thrown up. The experience had traumatized him enough that he never smoked another one. Craig, on the other hand, had taken a liking to it.

They weren't as close as Stan and Kyle, but they had been through their ups and downs, and for them, that was enough. It was an easy familiarity, and they fit well together in Tweek's eyes; Craig, the moody sarcastic loner, and Tweek, the jacked-up, highly paranoid coffee-addict. Tweek had liked it this way. Everything had been so simple.

Their strange compromise had begun almost a month earlier, when Stan had played host to a party in his parent's absence.

The party had been huge; the beer flowing freely, and the punch heavily spiked. Tweek had gone, gotten drunk as fuck, then completely stoned, thanks to the marijuana that had been passed around. Not that he usually smoked weed or did drugs of any kind, but Craig was there and he hated looking like a pussy in front of the stoic raven. Craig was always so strong and Tweek wasn't, haunted as he as by his fears of pretty much everything and everyone, always twitching, always spazzing out. So he had tried, tried oh so hard to throw away those fears and paranoia he hated but could never get away from. And after a couple of drinks, it wasn't so hard anymore. He had thrown caution to the wind, until everything blurred and ran together like the waters of a river. And it had been so amazing.

Until he had woken up the next morning in his bedroom, next to Craig. Naked.

Never before had he had a panic attack like that. It was lucky his parents weren't home at that time, being off at some coffee convention in Denver, otherwise his first scream would have sent them running to his room immediately after calling the police. It had taken Craig almost twenty minutes trying to calm him down, but how could he stay calm? He had just given up his virginity to his best friend, drunk, and by the way his ass was hurting, he had been on the bottom!! Tweek had practically destroyed his room in his panic attack, ripping down posters, throwing books and yanking so hard on his hair he had actually torn some out. His screams had gone somewhere along the line of, "OH MY FUCKING SWEET JESUS, WHAT DID I DO?!?!?" His thoughts had been frantic. Craig was his only friend, the only one who had never called him a freak, never pushed him around, never ignored him, the only one who actually tried to help him calm down and succeeded. What would he do if he lost him?! Who would help him? Who would bring him coffee when he ran out and was freaking out? Who would roll his eyes whenever he complained about the underwear gnomes?!

Craig had finally lost his patience after putting on his pants and tackled him to the ground, covering his mouth and hissing that if he didn't shut up that instant, he would tie him up and leave him for the gnomes to take him. That had shut Tweek up immediately. Then Craig had gotten up, put on the rest of his clothes, and left. Just like that. No other words, no apologies, no excuses, nothing. Tweek hadn't really been surprised. Craig had never been one for fumbling apologies or hesitant words. But it would have been nice to at least hear an explanation! Or at least to get some help with the clean-up...

It would have been an understatement to say that their relationship was tense after that. For almost a full week Tweek avoided Craig like the plague. Even more than that actually, because it was really hard to come across the Black Plague anyway nowadays. But still.

Tweek had missed his best friend, after all, he really didn't have anyone else, but he just couldn't do it. He just couldn't handle or face the pressure of confronting what had happened that night. He was afraid Craig would hate him, would look down on him for being 'easy' or something. He didn't want to lose his only friend. So he voluntarily became a loner for a while, and unsurprisingly, it wasn't that hard. He'd never really had any friends to begin with. How could he, with his random screeching and obscene paranoia? Of course, the only thing that made it hard was Craig, but that was who he was hiding from, so it couldn't be helped. Craig was avoided, his phone calls ignored and venturing out of his house became taboo. And Tweek struggled to control the panic attacks that Craig had been so good at calming down.

But obviously, Tweek hadn't taken into account Craig's determination. Or his impatience.

So it was only fate when Craig had kidnapped him before school and held him hostage in a rarely-used bathroom on the second floor. And while Tweek was a strong little freak when he was scared, Craig had the strength of a grizzly, and the tenacity to match. The late bell had rung, and it was only then that the raven-haired boy had released him. Tweek, obviously, had bolted, but Craig, in all his infinite wisdom, had locked the bathroom door. Scrabbling blindly at the lock in his panic, Tweek had been an easy target to catch again, Craig pulling him down until both of them were sitting. Tweek was hyperventilating by now, too terrified to even think about the disgusting germs and bacteria that were surely crawling and slathering their general nastiness on the floor. Ewww.

Craig had held his hands firmly, probably because Tweek wanted nothing more than to yank at his hair until all the pressure was gone. Craig's voice had been calm, low and soothing.

"Breathe, Tweek. Just breathe."

It was the type of voice someone would use to calm down a frightened animal, and the first thing Tweek had taught Craig he needed to calm down. The soft command was imperative to cut through the first layer of debilitating fear that came with a panic attack, and Tweek needed it, whether someone said it to him or the little voice in his head said it. It was something the blonde had depended on for years. So it was obviously something Craig was used to employing.

And even though his chest hurt, and his skin tingled like bugs crawled on it and he felt like puking, Tweek had done his best to calm down so his heart wouldn't explode and kill him. Then Craig had held his slender, almost anorexic, wrists in one hand, reaching up to pat his hair calmly. This was the second part of the ritual he used: contact. Unrushed, gentle, trustable human contact.

Then Craig had reached over, picking up the hunter green thermos Tweek had dropped in his panic, handing it to Tweek. The final step: coffee. The hot liquid that Tweek depended on like a life-giving substance from God. Tweek was almost back to his normal twitching, and Craig had deemed it safe enough to let go of the blonde's wrists so he could gulp it down.

Tweek still felt the flutterings of panic embedded deeply in his stomach as he hid his face with messy hair. It was his newest worst nightmare: confrontation by Craig. He didn't want to bring this up, didn't want to face it, he just wanted to get away. He's rather still be lonely avoiding Craig and nurture the false hope that his best friend didn't hate him than actually have it be true and hearing it from him. Craig spoke.

"You don't have to worry about it, Tweek. I know you're stressing over it. Isn't that why you were avoiding me?" Even though it was said as a question, the way Craig used it left no room to answer. He was just saying an observed statement. Well, duh, Tweek chided himself mentally. It wasn't as if he had tried to make it inconspicuous or anything. Craig continued.

"I'll forget it if you want me to. After all, it was just sex, right?" Tweek looked up to find Craig staring at him with fathomless dark sea eyes, his expression unreadable as he waited for Tweek to answer. And the blonde had felt a great burden lift from his chest. Craig was trying to make him feel better by downplaying it. He was still his friend, he didn't hate him or anything. He didn't think he was a whore. Of course, a small part of him said, maybe he just really doesn't care. After all, this is Craig we're talking about. Y'know, the guy with supposedly no emotions except anger? Don't be stupid. Tweek mentally shook the thought away. He does have emotions. I've seen him happy and everything too. He just doesn't show it a lot. Sure, Craig would never admit to be stressed about that night, but he wasn't the type of guy to do that. But whatever reason it was, Tweek was just glad he had his best friend back. He had nodded, relief etched clearly on his face. Craig had stared at him for a while, then patted his hair again, asking on what the underwear gnomes had been doing lately. Tweek had immediately launched into a fully detailed report on their movements, latest sightings and what Tweek was certain they were planning: world domination by underwear hostage.

Craig just sat there, listening, silently nodding along in that way of his and rolling his eyes whenever Tweek said something particularly paranoid.

And that was how they spent first period: being friends again. And Tweek had been so happy with it. Until the noir-haired boy had found out his secret.

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