Just in case y'all are iiiiiiiiinterested...this is a little preview for the sequel I have planned.

Yes, there is a sequel, whether y'all want it or not. Muahahaha. Don't worry, though. I won't have it up for a bit…maybe never if I get no support...I'm gonna leave y'all to steeeeeewwww….XD

Sneak Peek at R/R

Tweek froze, the knife dropping from his grasp to clatter on the cutting board as his hands flew up to his head, clutching it tightly. A strangled gurgling noise came from the depths of the blond's throat as he fell forward onto his knees, his fingers tangling viciously into his hair. A croak stumbled from his twisted mouth.


The raven had stood paralyzed when Tweek's strange fit had commenced, but now he darted forward, taking the shuddering Tweek into his arms.

"Tweek! Tweek, what's wrong, what happened? Tweek! Dammit, Tweek, answer me!"

The coffee-addict clutched onto Craig tightly, turning his face toward him, his expression agonized and pained as he panted for breath.

"C-Craig...it...it hurts..." the smaller male whimpered pitifully, "Nghhh...m-my head, it h-h-hurts..."

A spasm hit Tweek's body, cutting him off, and he jerked erratically, his legs kicking the floor. Craig did his best to keep him still, unable to think about doing anything else. He needed to call an ambulance, the police, someone, but his cell phone was on the other counter, and he didn't want to, couldn't, leave Tweek long enough to go and get it. Silent panic was running through his head as he held Tweek's arrhythmic body.

The blonde moaned once, a strained, horrible sound, then froze completely, going limp. His eyes became blank, flat, and he quivered in little, tiny shallow breaths. He was still. Craig's heart nearly stopped, terrible images flashing through his head of a similar event a year ago.


At his voice, Tweek suddenly heaved in a great deep breath, his body becoming rigid and eyes focusing once more. But was Craig imagining it, or was the look in them...different? The coffee-lover looked around, relaxed, and then looked up at Craig, loosening one hand's grip off of the raven's shirt to gently touch the other's cheek. He smiled.

"Hi, Craig."