I know I'm not suppose to love Exo. But I do. I know I'm suppose to love Jules but I don't. As far as I'm concerned my hybrid bitch of a demi-sister can have him. Which technically wouldn't be against the bond because the bond states that a Todd has to be promised to a de Laval. It doesn't say me. So Cally and Jules could get bonded which means Exo and I could be together.

The problem is that Daddy wants me to be promised to Jules because he already went and promised sweet little Cally to someone else. A few months ago I still loved Jules. Of course this was before Cally got my best friend staked, before I knew Jules was a fucking cheater, and before I knew that Cally was my demi-sister. It was also before I fell in love with Exo and before my mother was killed.

I am Lilith Todd and I was a princess, well not exactly but I acted like one. I had the perfect life, the perfect friends, the perfect mate. Then Cally came along and messed it all up. After all of that I should thank her, I mean it all made me realize my love for Exo. But will I thank her? No, I won't.

It's been a week since the hybrid bitch ( Did you seriously think I was going to stop calling her that ? ) moved in. Which makes it a week and a half since Exo and I had our moment. Our moment of lust. I can still feel his lips on mine. And I still wish we wouldn't have stooped, I wish Xander was like me and didn't give a fuck about Jules. But he does because their cousins and all. But still Cally is my demi-sister and I wish she was dead. Exo is just a better being then I am.

I'll have Exo if it's the last thing I ever do, I will have him. He will be mine. If I have to kill Jules to have Exo I will. If I have to kill Daddy I will. Nothing is going to get in my way. I'll have him or I will get staked trying.