Mighty Duck (Animated)

A Field of Love-minds

Ch. 1 Go figure

The day had stated out much like any other day in Anaheim, California. She had woken up after a highly rare and relatively peaceful night's sleep. For many, this would be the first sign of a good day about to begin. Feeling well rested, she soon had been able to go through her one-hour morning workout, which, again rarely, ran smoothly and without any forms of interruptions. Heck, it was turning out to be such a good day that she had even been able to get in and out of the shower without conflict from any of her friends and associates. It was such a shocker that she had to pause to remember the last time that had ever happened. It never did. There was even enough time to enjoy her favorite breakfast. A very highly rare event indeed, considering what normally went on around the Pond. Yep, it had been turning out into a very typical, quiet morning. So why the heck was Mallory McMallard, Top Ace Commando and Weapon specialist of the Ducaine Military Forces, felt that something was wrong?

Nothing had seemed to be out of the ordinary as she instinctively scanned her surroundings. There hadn't been any signs of trouble from the Saurians in over two weeks, nor had there been trouble from the common variety crooks around the city. Wildwing had been keeping public appearances, stunts and photo shoots to a reasonable minimum, much to their manager's dismay. How her strong, level headed leader had been able to fend off the money loving human and his schemes, she may never know. It was a feat she could not help but admire in the white drake. Stars, they even had recently finished and won their final Hockey game of the season not two days ago and had just begun a well-earned off season vacation. No, there was absolutely no reason that would cause the commando girl to feel this edgy sensation in her stomach. It was just a normal, peaceful and quiet morn…

'Wait. Peaceful…? And Quiet?!' Immediately the military red-head took a more alert survey of her surroundings. Duke, the ducks' former Master Thief and expert swordsman, was reading the recent newspaper while enjoy his ritual second cup of black coffee. 'How in the world can he stomach that stuff without cream?' Tanya, their technician expert and inventor, was working on some new plans of some kind while eating her morning bagel with jam. 'She really should eat better. She'll burn out of energy on the ice in the first hour.' Grin, the team muscle and resident pacifist, was deep into his mid-morning meditation in the corner of the room. 'That can't be good for his legs in the long run.' Wildwing, their team captain and golden masked leader, had just now walked in with a check board in hand and was no doubt reading over the weekly schedule for hockey practice. 'On top of everything as always. Hmm, is there nothing he can't do?' That just left Nosedive who…

That was when it had hit her. Her uninterrupted workout session, the non-incidental usage of the showers, breakfast… the quiet! All of it… Everything pointed to only one possible explanation. Nosedive Flashblade, the Mighty Ducks' left wingman, sharp shooter, and obnoxious teenage member, was nowhere to be found. A peaceful morning and no Nosedive could only equal one and one thing only… A perfect prank set up.

'Ah crud!' Almost immediately the red headed duck went into a defensive stance. Watching and waiting for whatever horrifically obnoxious joke was sure to come. The only question that remained was: Where would it come from? "You alright there sweetheart?" Duke asked once he noticed the redhead seemed to be acting paranoid.

"It's quiet… Too quiet." Mallory stated as she continued to survey her surroundings carefully for the elusive blonde drake. How in the world that obnoxious pain in the neck could continuality stay elusive was beyond her comprehension. "Where's Nosedive?"

"Oh, the kid?" The grey mallard gave a small, understanding chuckle along with a nod. Things were a little quiet that morning. "He's in his room with his pals." He glanced back at his paper as he continued his conversation. "Been, there since yesterday afternoon."

'Is he serious?' The redhead raised an eyebrow at the former thief's casual manner. "Are you trying to tell me…" Surely he had realized the impossibility of what he had just said, didn't he? "That there has been three, wild teenagers…" Surely given the situation, and whom they were discussing, he would have realized the absurdity of what he was claiming. "In the same room together… for an entire night…" Surely, the grey mallard knew better than this. "Without anyone, hearing a word out of them since?"

The former master thief fell very silent for a moment. Allowing everything that had just been said to sink fully into his mind before speaking again. "…Maybe we should check up on them." Mallory agreed with a grunt and followed Duke out of the kitchen and into the hallway and she made sure to stand right behind him the entire way.


Pond: Bedroom Hallways

As the two Mighty Ducks made their way down the hallway towards the team's sleeping quarters, they began to hear some odd muffled sounds. The closer they got to their youngest member's room the louder the noise got and the more suspicious they both became. It was an odd sound pattern that rose and fell at a quick and steady pace and had what sounded like voice talking mixed into it. It didn't take long for Duke and Mallory to recognized the noise as muffled music coming directly from the blonde drake's room. When the Pond was first modified into a base for their cause, it was agreed that each room was to have a soundproof level depending on each teammate's want of privacy. Nosedive, still being the Puckwold's equivalent of a teenager, was giving a high level soundproof room for three reasons: 1.) He was the only teenager on the team. 2.) Wildwing had advised it for everyone else's benefit. Finally, being the rebel youth that he was, he enjoyed very, VERY loud music.

"Watch the screen, not your feet!" Mookie, one of Nosedive's best human friends, could be heard loud enough over the music as the other two ducks approached the room with caution. Chances were that they were being lead right into a prank.

"I got it! I got it!" The second voice belonged to Thrash, Nosedive's other best human friend, was also heard over the music. As the ex-thief and military commando pressed against the door they could hear movement inside and the sounds of someone jumping around franticly. "Aw man, it's speeding up!!"

"Tag out, man!" Nosedive own voice finally rang above the noise and through the door as he called to his best friend. The negative sound of points being lost clashed with the rhythm of the music that was playing. "Tag out!!"

Figuring that knocking would go unheard, Duke decided to try and open the door to see what was going on. To his surprised it was unlocked and slide open easily. Both he and Mallory were practically knocked right off their boots by a blast of loud dancing music as they bared witness to Nosedive tagging and switching places with Thrash. With a short hop, the blonde drake was on the electronic pad on the floor and broke out into a frenzy of quick and precise dance moves. The positive sounds of points being won chimed along with every 'Perfect' and 'Excellent' statement that shone on the wide screen in front of him.

As the skillfully displayed body movement continued without faltering Thrash and Mookie eagerly cheered their friend. "Whoo! Go Dive! Go Dive! Go Dive!" They both call on in unison as their champion pulled victory from the jaws of defeat.

Both Mallory and Duke only stood there at the door in what had to be gaping awe. Never before had they seen their youngest member move so nimbly. His usual layback demeanor had been replaced by a honed vigor of purpose. His steps were precise and quick and revealed a stamina he only tended to show on the ice or on the battle field. While Duke looked on in amusement, Mallory took in the scene around them with extreme displeasure. The room was in complete disorder! There were candy wrappers of every sort on the floor, empty pizza boxes near what could only be described as a nest of pillows and blankets, empty soda cans and two litter bottles laid among the mass of napkins, paper plates, and piles of movies stacked around the game console. 'There is no possible way that lazy, immature, unprofessional, pest could be related to Wildwing!' Compared to the way she knew their strict 'by the book' leader kept his personal quarters, it was an absolute sty! She could only be thankful for the fact that no one outside the pond, present company excluded, could see this.

Wildwing had earn a respectful reputation for being a strong, fair, and level headed leader among not just the team, but in the eyes of their fans and the citizens of this planet. His very demeanor all but screamed perfect and professional in everything he did! Or at least it did in Mallory's eyes. In the passing year she had fought alongside the proud Flashblade drake, the military girl had developed an attraction towards him. Of course, out of respect, she kept such thoughts to herself so as to avoid any awkwardness between herself and her superior. After all it was bad enough that their worst enemies knew of her team captain having a younger sibling within the ranks, not to mention that there were reasons that courtship within a team had always been strictly advised against. However, with such an excellent example of drake-hood, one would think that such perfect characteristic traits would run in the family! The blatant display of laziness reflex back not just on the team, but their leader!

Back up and temper flaring the red headed duck raised her voice loudly at the leader of the awl group. "Nosedive, you insufferable pain in the pin feathers, turn that racket down!!" Duke, being so close to the verbal explosion, had backed away startled by his shorter companion outburst. "And pick this place up! It's disgusting!!"

"Hey, chill out there, man!" Thrash had called back as he diverted his attention between the yelling female duck and the glass screen in front of his pal. "We'll clean it up in a minute!"

"Yeah!" Mookie added as she eyed the rapidly raising score on the upper right hand corner of the TV set. "Dive's totally about to annihilate his old record! Just give him a sec!"

"What he's got to do is clean up this mess!" Mallory retorted as she stomped right up behind the dancing fool, being mindful of keeping a safe enough distance from his flying arms and rapid turns. "This is completely unacceptable! How can you live like this, you're Wildwing's brother for crying out loud!" Naturally, to her complete fury, all her yelling and scolding had only succeeded in being ignored by the distracted duck.

The load music had been easily heard from down the hallways towards the other bunks with the door open. "What the feathers is going on in here?" The voice of the team's captain startled both the ex-master thief and the military commando as he had came up behind them. His signature golden mask that had adored his face that morning had been removed to reveal his still relatively young face and strong bill. His strong blue eyes had widen for an instant at the sight of his brother's room before frowning a little in annoyance at find the source of the loud disturbance echoing throughout their home. The red haired female duck couldn't help but smirk at the perfectly understandable reaction. 'Perfect! Someone who can bring that annoying pain in the neck under control!' If anyone could put a stop to this, it would be Wildwing. "DIVE!!" The white drake yelled over the noise as best he could to get his younger brother's attention. "I thought I told you to keep it down or keep the door closed!!"

"Hey, the door was closed, dude!!" Thrash had argued over the music as he alien friend continued to rack up points by the dozens without missing a beat.

"Fer sure, man!" Mookie seconded her best friend's claim as she crossed her arm in front of her, eyes narrowed and frown at the feathered authoritative figures. "Like you guys seriously need to learn to knock."

'Did that little punk just sass Wildwing?!' Mallory thought aggregately as she glared at teens. It was bad enough her team captain had to deal with the insubordination of his own brother, but these society outcasts?! That was completely unacceptable! "Like you'd be able to hear anything over this racket!" Given her military persona, the female mallard stomped right up to the Mohawk teen, green eyes blazing, and startling her into retreating a few steps. "Now turn it down or I will!!"

"Okay, okay, jeez…" The teenage girl mumbled under her breath as she went over to the wide screen TV and manually turned down the volume. "Don't have a cow." If this is how the other ducks tended to react to a little music, then it's no wonder why her best alien friend went out as much as he did.

"It's cool Mook." Thrash waved off the stuffy attitude the adults brought into the scene. He never could figure out why they had to be so uptight all the time. "Not like it'll break Dive's maximum focus."

As if to prove his statement, the human society rebel brought all the attention back to the dancing blonde drake, whom had continued at his pace without pause. Nosedive's blue eyes were completely focused on the screen and the floating arrows, much like how they tended to look when he had the puck and was moving in to score a goal. He had tuned out all the voices and background noise around him and had his hearing narrow in only on the music playing so as not to lose the beat. Apart from stomping down on the right pads at the right time, the blonde duck was also moving his upper body in rhythm.

"Unbelievable." Duke, whom had never known the much younger drake to be serious about anything, could only marvel at how seriously he took to this odd video game. "I've never seen the Kid move like that before." The grey mallard couldn't had help but be impressed at the extra tricks the blonde male duck added to moves.

"What? That?" The older Flashblade brother had shrugged in broad shoulders and grinned at the bouncing duck in front of him in response. "Heh, Dive used to be one of the best ice dancers in school before the invasion." Seeing his younger brother twist and twirl around in that fashion brought back some fond memories of his childhood on Puckworld. "We used to hit the figure skating clubs together after hockey practice to help better develop our balance and stamina."

"Figure skating?" Mallory couldn't help but stared at her captain with some bewilderment. This was a completely unexpected confession. 'Wildwing knows how to figure skate?' Most other drakes would had never admit to such a thing.

"Our mom's idea." Wildwing explained as he followed his brother's movements and tried to picture how he might attempt such odd stances on the ice. Knowing Dive as well as he did, he foresaw plenty of bruising before their off season vacation was through. "She figured there was no reason for us not to be tough and graceful on the ice."

Upon hearing about his mother, the younger Flashblade brother chimed in to the conversation during a crisscross mixed with a twirl. "That's how she caught Dad's eye, right Big Bro?"

"Heh-heh, right Baby Bro." That feathery tale of romance had been a favorite to the brothers growing up. The white drake could remember the story of their parents meeting as clearly as if it was told yesterday. "Mom could easily land a quadruple axel on one blade and check a drake twice her size into the boards." The young leader had to sigh happily at the memories of time they had caught their parents during their lovey-dovey moments. Nosedive, being so young at the time and not liking the idea of playing with girls much less kissing one, had always come tattling to him about it. "Old Dad fell for her like a ton of pucks."

'So… the Flashblade drakes are impressed with ice dancing and hockey skills…' Seeing an opportunity raising, the red headed female duck had taken note of this newly discovered information and stored it away for future use. This just might be the way to catch the white drake's eye without resorting to a direct and awkward action. "If only he'd put as much energy into his training sessions."

Stating those words out loud had earned her the attention of the very bane of her existence. "Aw, what's the matter?" With a mid air turn the teen had now been facing the arrivals while still keeping step and pace with the game. Proof, that he had most likely mastered the steps long ago and had practiced often. "Don't tell me the big bad Commando gal is afraid of a little dancing."

"Afraid? Please." Although seeing this sample of how well the younger brother was at this particular activity, gave her some insight on how much better his older brother would be. It was actually somewhat intimidating, but she would never admit it. "Dancing is a waste of time."

"Waste of time?" If the statement had caused the blonde drake's steps to falter in any way, non had been able to notice. Although he did switch from his hands back to his feet once again. "Mallie-mallie-mallie-mal, I don't think you realize the advantage that can be gain through the 'Art of Dance'!"

"The 'Art of Dance'?" The redhead raised a brow at the unbelievable corny statement. How in the world could this duck be related to her noble captain? Seriously, he had to have been adopted. "Did you just make that up?"

"Not at all." During the conversation, Dive had continued to execute his coordinated movements without losing time or showing any trace of windedness. "It's been around for like hundreds of years." Wanting to make his dancing ever more exciting, the blonde drake decided to drop down and execute the next set of moves on his hands with his legs in the air. "Honest."

"Oh I'm so sure." The military red head had been glad that she had something to say after seeing the stunt. She had to admit the timing, balance and speed used to carrying it out was impressive. If it had been altered properly it could have been used as an effective defense maneuver in the right situation. However, considering who was performing the stunt, it appeared far too random. That and the fact that he had showing off. Obviously the only reason he could pull it off at all was because of his is youth.

Nosedive could only frown at his shorter teammate. 'Sheech, does she always have to be so serious?' Of all the female ducks the young drake had met, Mallory McMallard had to have been the most uptight chick his ever tangled with. Even some of his old school teachers were more reasonable than she had tended to be at times. Then again, that trait had made it all the more fun to see if he could get a reaction out of her with his pranks. Which, of course, he always did. "Ah, you're just mad' cause I can out dance ya anytime, anyplace, and anywhere, Girly-girl."

"Give me a break!" The utter arrogance of the blonde feathered teenager had never ceased to amaze her. You'd think he'd been in a school yard and the rest of them were his fans. "You think you're a better dancer than me?"

His response had been made with the narrowing of his blue eyes and a teasing smirk on his bill. He could already tell by how her eyes had darkened that her temper had build up another notch. "I don't think, Mal. I know, and for three good reasons."

Although she knew better than to add more fuel to the fire, the female duck hadn't been able to prevent the question from escaping her mouth. "Which are?"

"One, I'm laid back and you're a stiff." As he spoke, Nosedive allowed gravity to have his way with him so he could land on a crab-walk stance. "Two, I'm a fun-loving, wacky guy and you're a gun-hol gal." He had positioned his hands underneath him so he could swing his legs under him in a circle, making sure to hit the right and left sided arrows. "And three, I'm cool and level headed, while you're a grade-A hothead." Finally he had tossed his legs upward with enough force to pull him up into a short arch and land in a crouched stance, then hoped one more time to straighten out.

The entire routine had left the feather female temporary speechless for the moment. For the amount of time it took the younger duck to explain his ridicules point, the feathered female had a good view of the length of his torso during his crab position. She had the time to notice the full flexibility of his hips as he had swung his legs under his body not to mention the strength and balance of his legs. She had even seen the well-toned abdomen that had peeked out from under his shirt during the flying arch.

'Where had all that been hiding?' All at once, she caught herself and shook off the completely random thought. "Aah, you are such a pain!" Mallory had scoffed loudly as she did an about face and headed towards the door. She didn't have time for this nonsense. She had some training to do before hockey practice. Know her leader's scheduling as well as she did, she should have a solid two hours to see how much she remembered about ice-skating and figure out how she could perfect it for Wildwing's approval. Truth be told, it had been a very long time since she went out dancing herself, and she had never really took part in actual ice-skating before, but how much different could it really be from hockey skating?

However, before Mallory had even reached the door, Nosedive had quickly tagged Mookie in and used his well-toned agility to pretty much somersault in front of the military girl. "Na-ah." The mischievous grin had been on his beak, which automatically spelled trouble for whomever it was shot at. Instinctively the Mallory tried to sidestep around the taller teen and had been blocked yet again with a fancy slide of his own. "No go." Another quick attempted side step and another block by some smooth, yet random, dance move. "Denied."

"Get out of my way, Nosedive!" The fiery red head snapped sharply at the taller duck blocking her path. Oh how this immature individual infuriated her all the time!

"Make me." Almost instinctively, the younger Flashblade leaned left out of the way of a right shoulder jab that would have normally shoved him off his feet. 'Ha-ha, typical Mal-Mal. So predictable.' Without giving his teammate time to retaliate, Dive caught Mal's wrist, pulled her forward, and quickly pulled her arm upward so that was forced to spin around twice until she had her back to the young drake. At that point Nosedive's free arm snaked around her waist and pulled her close so as to help keep her balance while still holding onto her captured hand. The position would have been very intimate looking to those around them, if it coupling wasn't so absurd. "Ha-ha, still think dancing a waste of time?"

"Alright that's it!" Temper already lost, the shorter female stomped down hard in attempt to get the drake to release her. Except Nosedive expected as much and moved his feet back, turning the attempt at injury into a comical Tango. "Look here you little maggot!" The military mallard had soon managed to turn to chop at the blonde teen's neck, only to have her hand caught, fingers laced, into a grapple hold along with the other. "I've had just about enough of you and your insubordinate childish antics!"

"Whoa! Whoa, take is easy you two!" Duke quickly got in between the two younger ducks before the usual wrestling match began. Although it would had been interesting to see how long the Kid's dancing could hold out against Mal's Kung-fu.

"For sure, man, can't we just finish the game?" Mookie asked while Thrash was coming to the end of his turn on the mat. Try as her friend might, he just didn't have the same speed and stamina as her alien duck friend. "It's your turn Dive."

As if being told the magic words, the blonde feathered teen had released his hold on the hands the commando duck, dropped the stance and had started making his way back towards his friends. "You got it, Mookie."

'Wha-?' Mallory had almost stumbled when she had been suddenly set free. This had been the first time the feather teenager had actually faced her instead of running behind his brother. He had her trapped… and now he had just walked away?! "Hold on!" Still flustered and angry at being made a fool of in front of her crush, she was itching for a fight to regain some footing. "You think you can just walk away like nothing happened?!"

"Yeah, pretty much." Came the response.

"Wha-?!" She couldn't believe it. He really was just going to walk away. "You can't-!

"Let it go, Mallory." Wildwing came forward and had placed a hand on her shoulder to stop her advance. Unknowing of the inner shiver he had caused from the physical contact. "My brother's the most unpredictable duck I know. Moods just run off him like water off a d… never mind."

"Yeah, right now the Kid's in more of a mood to dance rather than pick a fight." The elder grey mallard commented as the watched the youngest of the team once again took to the mat with his ever-present youthful vigor. "Hmm, I think I'll take a crack at that next." Might as well see if he still had his moves from his youth. "You coming, Fearless Leader?"

The white drake took another minute to study the activity his brother had taken part in. "Heh, why not?" The idea of doing something from his past life sounded like a welcome relief from the many burdens for the role he had to play on a daily bassis. "It has been pretty slow and this ought to ensure we all get a good warm up before practice."

'Turning a waste of time into something productive.' Mallory sigh in admiration as the broad shoulder mallard took a position around the floor mat around the group of spectators. 'Wildwing you truly are perfect.' Although she would have preferred to stay and see her leader out do his argent younger brother, she knew that had been the best time to slip out and get on the ice rink to start training and develop what skills she had in ice skating. The sooner she figured out the perfect routine to work at the better her chances of impressing Wildwing would be. So during the next tag in for the mat, the military redhead exited the room.